Rogue VS Zerker?

Discussion in 'Melee' started by ARCHIVED-BrotherMan144, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-BrotherMan144 Guest

    Trying to get my nephew into the game. I will be helping him leveling up and giving him one of my account to get a jumpstart on Vet AA etc. Trying to steer him towards a DPS toon to go along with my current setup of Sk, Bard, BST, Shm, Necro.
    Zerkers and Rogues seem to both blow up the DPS charts on raids passing 65k nightly on burns under 60 seconds. I use to bot both toons back in SOF and SOD (guild friends toons). But alot has changed in the past few years.
    Figure Rogue classicly has always been solid DPS plus a nice SOS (no invis pots needed). Plus cool Illisions clickys!
    Zerker, crit aura, one big 2 hander to pwn with from the back and side. Also warcry (not so cool compared to Kolos tho).
    From what I have been reading and remember both classes are alot like most EQ classes now. Gotta spam a few hotkeys or you will be subpar DPS.

    p.s. also may be starting a DPS toon with him to lvl up together. So whichever he picks I may pick the other anyhow!
  2. ARCHIVED-doktartp Guest

    serkers get a fade at 85, i never looked but i thought it doubled as an invis like bards get.

    You seem to have decent suport, have you asked your guildmates who blow up the charts what would be the best thing, or how much work that 65k burst is ?
  3. ARCHIVED-ralikar Guest

    The real question is which solos better or will he spend all his time grouping? If you have the crew, what will he do with his single toon on nights he is alone? Think zerkers solo/molo better but I'm not sure--I'll leave that to the dps community to answer. You want him to be able to head out and pick up some aas at 95 if he's having problems getting a group or can't play long.
    You could also ask him
    Big axe or
    sneaky, poisons, stealth...
    Depending on his age/skill you may just want rogue for stealth so he's not dying all over and can go anywhere to explore on his own for fun.
  4. ARCHIVED-Brogett Guest

    If he wants melee, monk is also viable and generally sturdier but a bit less dps. If he wants to be the peak of dps though berserker can pip rogues on short burns *IF* the optimal support is there (otherwise it comes down to your ADPS in group rather than the classes themselves). Longer duration fights it's pretty close call I think.
  5. ARCHIVED-HuacaWuaca Guest

    Berserkers and Rogues will fill the same DPS role. Just have him look at the other things each class brings to the table and figure out which he'd like more. Also, on the topic of who solos better, I think Berserkers do better with higher level mobs just due to being able to stun. But, rogues might be able to get faster XP due to assassinate on lower level mobs.
  6. ARCHIVED-Song Guest

    Also rogue have more survivability and need less AA to max his DPS than a zerk. On a solo point of view rogues are fine if you use all the tools we have (pull traps, slow poison, assassinate, stun, mez etc...)
  7. ARCHIVED-Gumlakx_Grendelson Guest

    As others have posted, either choice will work well. Of the 2 classes I think Rogues have more aspects to learn than the Berserker, which can be a plus. The Berserker should eventually be putting out big damage parses given a Bard, Shaman and Beastlord in the regular group.
  8. ARCHIVED-Borias Guest

    Zerkers are probably the worst class right outta the box. It takes a lot of levels and aa's 60+ levels, epic and 750+ aa's to even contend to the damage output of backstab.
    Zerkers prolly a lot better to molo with since dps is not regulated based on avoiding agro. In fact, Zerkers do more DPS when they tank.
    It is debatable who tanks better at lower levels, Zerkers can def hold agro w/ snare & stun. Their Hitpoints are on par w/ knight's but their AC on Rogues. whereas Rogues have more evasive skills and manuevers.
    Both Classes don't really have much to offer in the way of group utility, but you won't ever have to be a corpse dragging bot or lock smith while playing a zerker.
    Zerkers are probably the best snarers in the game. Snare as well as Stun is based on damage mitigation and not any kind of magical resistance. it is very reliable and insta cast, so if your group "snarer" missed their turn, you can jump in an instant and save the day.
    What zerker's lack in steady dps, they make up for in burst dps. but again, this comes with levels and aa's.

    If your trying to a kid onto Everquest, I would recommend a rogue over a zerker just because it is gunna take a while to see big numbers outta the zerker, almost tiring, but it does pay off.
  9. ARCHIVED-cvolson Guest

    I have leveled a Zerker to 85 with 1500+ AAs and my current Rogue to 86 with almost 1500 AAs. The Rogue is so much freaking fun it's crazy. It's even gotten me to re-sub all three of my accounts (for boxing). I bet he'd love the Rogue. It is probably the most strategic class in the game with their choices of poisons for each situation. And assassinate XP owns because it's so much fun one-rounding light blue mobs.
  10. ARCHIVED-drenath_aro Guest

    Borias wrote:
    A Rogue using agro poisons cranks out serious hate.
    With Misdirection, Rogue can more or less choose who keeps agro.

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