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Discussion in 'Melee' started by Merker, May 20, 2019.

  1. Merker New Member


    I am a returning player having played a Rogue 'main', extensively from EQ's release in '99 until around 2004/2005.
    A lot has changed since those days but there are some things that baffle me as I lvl my new rogue.

    First, it was unheard of to solo a rogue, back in the day, past lvls 20-25 (it was suicide!). Second, it took a very very long time, even when grouped and raiding regularly, to lvl a rogue to 62 (took me a year and a half or better to lvl my main back then to lvl 57, but that was after several rebirths (and experiments) trying to get the right combo race/class/gear etc).
    Come back today and solo level my new rogue to 62 in three weeks. Crazy! That includes grinding lvl appropriate AAs and maxing them out (I currently have over 350assigned AA points at lvl 62). Now, I am not complaining, just giving some insight as to then and now.

    I am very familiar with this class and what really brings me here, to the forums, is that I am having a hard time understanding at least one thing. Why does a haste value above 150% trigger "Assassinate" (activated by the AA 'Anatomy', if I recall correctly) more often? It seems illogical to me that haste would trigger it more often. Perhaps an additional AA should be added to increase the trigger, but haste, itself, should not. On the other hand haste, aside from increasing DPS, should probably reduce the reuse timer on BS. Does anyone else think these changes would make more sense? Or has this rogue gotten dementia and gone crazy after all these years?!

    Just my thoughts. Thanks!
  2. Merker New Member

    I also, recall, back in the day, my lvl 50 rogue camping the Assassin's room for days on end, in Lwr Guk, to obtain the Mask of Deception. I also, remember, the terrifying trip to get to the Assassin's room, getting lost many times along the way. Then the grueling battle that ensued with the Ghoul Assassin, once he popped (all the while popping health potions to stay alive (mind you this was all done solo and before Mercs) only to find he didn't have the mask! Back to square one LOL. Now this may seem like such a waste of time to some, but these were the things that made EQ alluring, exciting and a blast. It was the challenge!

    My new rogue basically walked into Guk, a god, found the Assassin upon first entering the room, slaughtered him with no resistance and Mask was obtained (total time invested 10-15 minutes). I was shocked!

    Now, with that said, someone correct me if I am wrong, but weren't Dark Elves KoS to Qeynos guards, originally? Must be the liberal party has taken over in Qeynos today cause I can disguise myself as a Dark Elf and dance in front of the guards at the gate and they just look at me dumbfounded. Not sure if they are 'apprehensive' due to the fact I am disguised as a dark elf or that I can't dance for crap.

    Ughh where have the good ole days gone!? LOL
  3. Derka Augur

    If I am reading this right you are asking why haste makes assassinate proc more? I would wager a guess that more haste = more hits and it is a proc chance per hit. If you are hitting faster and more often then that is more chances for it to go off. Wait til you reach 225% haste and also get HHE (hundred hands effects) with high HDEX.
  4. Merker New Member

    That makes some sense Derka. It would make more sense if that were coupled with 'accuracy'. Maybe I will test that by trading out my current gear with something else affording less points to accuracy (if at all possible) and see if that has any effect.
  5. Derka Augur

    It is in a sense because accuracy controls how often you hit. One of your largest contributing factors to how many PPMs you get is HDEX. You have missed a lot in your 14 year absence and are quite restricted until you level up more. In the great mass killing nerf of February 2014 they changed how your assassinate works:
    - Rogue - Anatomy (Assassinate) - Changed all levels of this ability to function on enemies at the purchase level minus 1. Reduced the proc rate to approximately 2 per minute for a raid geared player.

    Now at your lower level you will feel that 2-3 PM. Once you hit 110 and are over 3000 dexterity you will more likely be in the 8-10+ range. I main a ranger so am in the same boat with Headshot. I wanted to do some testing to give you a better idea of what to expect at max level but my play time is almost nonexistent anymore.
  6. Moldar Augur

    Assasinate is based off of your backstab skill attacks (of which if your solo/moloing you get a chance to "riposte" with a backstab assuming you have the AA that allows you to do a minimum damage backstab front the front 180* arc of a mob.

    At some point I think (this kind of happened with Ranger "kick" skill attack haste affects the delay of how quickly you can use backstab so instead of being 10-seconds it is closer to 7/8-seconds just little things i have noticed I can't give you any parse / definitive information it is just simply my observation having gone from 1-110.
  7. Derka Augur

    That blew my mind about it being backstab based. Upon looking it up I see it can proc off of ranged attacks as well, would rogues use that in conjunction to proc more often? I dont play a rogue but have played with them often and have seen them proc just as much as headshot.
  8. Moldar Augur

    I forgot that they can also proc with throwing weapons; however, but I think they need to be in the rear 180* arc to do it - I could be wrong though.
  9. Belexes Augur

    Once you get the AA, rogues have a chance to perform a backstab from the front. It is called Chaotic Stab. You can assassinate from the front, though at a reduced rate.

    Yes, you can proc it by throwing piercing weps from behind.
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  10. Winnowyl Augur

    If you have the AA's for backstabbing from a riposte, you can also trigger an assassinate that way.
  11. Belexes Augur

    Yup, that way too

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