Rogue or Ranger: Which fares better through the expansions?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Fiyero, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. Fiyero Augur

    Which of the two would you say stays consistently strong through most expansions? I know Rangers are good in PoP, but how do they do beyond that?
  2. vylo Augur

    Ranger, and I say this as someone who mained a rogue for a long time and just finally gave up. ranger at least has relevant buffs. Rogues start garbage and end meh. I can't bring myself to play it any more, you just seem pointless.
  3. Gana Augur

    After maining a Rogue on Fippy, I can say that once you have your epic, you are fine. Never mained a Ranger, but that is what these servers are for.
  4. Sumonerr_Tunare Augur

  5. a_librarian Augur

    Rangers have a ton of cool tricks, I'd only go with rogue if you absolutely never want to be asked for buffs or have to worry about mana
  6. Nicorus Elder

    Rogues are at their absolute worst at the start of a fresh server, it gets better as time goes on, in kunark they hit their stride and are at worst decent from there forward. They have maybe the easiest epic too so that helps and lock pick is great in kunark. I feel like they get a bad rep because they really require a group, terrible in solo and really kinda useless in a duo too.
  7. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    Ranger has a great toolkit for soloing and can do a LOT with a cleric merc or a healer friend/box. Rogue might fare a bit better in raids in terms of parses but overall QoL it's not even close.
  8. Carlos Journeyman

    I hope it's not too late :

    With ranger you can play solo and relax when you want to take a break from peoples and still move forward with exp. There is also more quest available for weapons and gears. And yes ranger is stronger/constant class throughout the expansions. Don't mean rogue is not strong because they are very good if you are fully raid geared.

    With a rogue, you need to be more social. If you don't like to interact with other peoples this is not the best choice of class. Not far after you start with your rogue around lvl 20, join a guild. Once you get into a guild, continue to group with peoples from outside of your guild. Try to make friend with a druid, the synergy between the 2 class is great. Try to be friend with all adult/not ******** players on the server it's simple as that. Raid, get raid loot, and after that you will be good to solo a little bit and be more independant especially to get your own stuffs if you want to do tradeskill.

    Soloing your exp with your rogue will be possible up to lvl 14-15 and after that it get harder. Once you are fully raid geared it will be possible for you to solo or duo. You don't need a full group to get exp. If you have a tank, you and your druid friend you're gtg. If you start a human rogue, choose Qeynos starting area, this is where you will meet your druid friend.
  9. Sturn Augur

    I've leveled a rogue on a TLP a couple of times. Both times I didn't join a guild until I hit 40+. You must make friends, you must not be a jerk or really immature and it helps a lot if you offer to pull. Even with all of that, there will be down time. Use it to level pick lock or to work on the first parts of your epic or tradeskills, etc. I disagree on the soloing part. You can solo to 5 or 6 "easily" and then you will want to start grouping. Also don't be that 20+ rogue without a magic weapon. You can get one fairly easily in SRO from a named derv. Once you get to 46+ and Plane of Hate opens up, you will get geared up very easily as you will likely be the only rogue in the zone to grab all your planar armor. However, even when I was in full planar at lvl 50, I could barely solo an xp mob. Understand that if you go rogue, soloing will never be an efficient use of your time by any measure. Still, I always enjoyed playing one and in my opinion, they have the most OP power in the game at the start.
  10. Carlos Journeyman

    I forget to mention, rogue is a pure melee class and it's mean you go toe-to-toe with the mobs. Yes your job is too not get hit by the mobs in group situation etc. etc. But if you group all your exp, you will get to lvl 50 with a defensive skill of like 50/200 and from there it take forever to move that skill up and yes you will s**k at soloing. Make sure that you max defensive skill at every lvl (it's like swimming).
  11. Sturn Augur

    I've had no trouble maxing defensive skilled while being grouped all the way. You pull plenty of aggro from time to time such that you get skill ups without having to worry much about it. Also if you are the puller, you will get hit.

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