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Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Natal, Jan 20, 2020.

  1. Natal Augur

    I have encountered a problem with the amount of hate my merc rogue is generating. This started in the last week, it may be something that resulted from the Jan 15 patch, or it may be the result of maxing out all merc AAs (which happened for me just after the patch). Prior to this the amount of hate the merc generated was about the same as my real rogue (a little bit more actually). Because the patch and max AA happened at about the same time, I can't say for sure if either/both/none of those events has caused this, but it is definitely different now compared to a week ago.

    Right now when I have him up I can watch his hate % constantly increasing even though my TBL raid equiped warrior is throwing everything he has into hate generation, which makes it super hard to play when you are constantly having to aggressively fight for hate to the point of becoming a major distraction. The merc is in balanced mode, in burn mode it is even worse. At the moment the only way it is comfortable to play is to switch over the wizard merc instead.

    Was something changed in Jan 15 patch? Or has maxing merc AAs caused the hate reduction AA to stop working?
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  2. Ratalthor Developer

    Is this issue still happening for anybody?
  3. cadres Augur

    The rogue merc has always had a bonkers amount of aggro. In building them I had to have the aggro reducing AA way above the dmg AA to make the merc useable. Raid geared SK has trouble keeping aggro from them unless merc not sent in until mob at about 80%, even then aggro climbs alarmingly. Never played a rogue, but guildies tell me that they never need to use any aggro reduction anything when in 'normal' (vs burn) mode with a Sk tanking - not even close. There seems to be some variation between mercs that's not accountable by gear/AA lvl etc - for eg my shm's rogue merc is so bad it's unuseable, but the chanter rogue merc is not so bad
  4. Dropfast Augur

    This has been going on forever and it's not just the rogue merc but for all melee in general (pets as well). It's because of procs in general cause stupid amounts hate per damage done. I don't know the exact formulas but seems like proc damage does like 1000x more hate per damage than melee does. I've been asking for proc damage hate reducer AA for years now but it's always ignored. Being like everything from the last 8 years is procs, procs, procs, it's got completely out of control. That's why you see it so bad on your shaman merc. Roar / Lion proc makes their hate go bonkers.

    Granted melee damage should do a lot less than magical/proc damage, but it way out of proportion. On a raid burn I can have like 15-25 procs going. The amount of hate generated for damage done is so out of wack. Just have a Ranger or Bst do their force proc ability and see what happens >< For monks it's BP proc click or Five point palm and bam, your tanking.

    While I do think hate generation / being careful should be a part of the game, it's been slowly getting out of hand. What good is a DPS class if they can't even do their job because it almost guarantees they'll get agroo and die.

    I suggest a toggleable proc hate AA would be awesome. So when we want more agroo like out solo/boxing we have it. If were raiding or don't want it, turn it on. It doesn't have to be a huge amount of change but something would be nice.
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  5. minimind The Village Idiot

    I haven't gotten the new AAs nor tried the rogue merc since their addition, but prior to the new AAs being added, my regular group's SK could hold aggro off it without problem.

    That was, of course, after the major change that reduced rogue merc aggro. Prior to that reduction, the rogue merc could gank.
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  6. German Augur

    I've been using rogue mercs the last couple of weeks to fill in spots when crawling sleepers tomb. So long as its not on "burn" I have not had any issues with hate generation by them. Burn just seems to make them leeroy jenkins and charge mobs I flux staff into camp more than anything so I leave it on balanced. I've got the ToV and CoV TS war weapons dual wielding, no rune augs in them and too lazy to put in my dex aug set for an hours worth of clearing (I dont even have 19 proc augs in right now because again, not bothering with it for short runs).

    Im not really doing anything outside of hitting our current dragon blades disc and running confluent expanse for agro since usually three or four mobs come at a time. I'm probably generating plenty of hate with auto attack due to gear vs my merc so keep that in mind. I'll hit taunt once in a while if I dont have 100 on the mob.

    Not many AAs for the merc either and I dont think I have any agro reducing AAs for it yet. The merc may not be AAed enough to generate the hate others are seeing though. I think I have the cleric merc set equipped.
  7. Ratalthor Developer

    We've confirmed that there was initially a bug with rogue merc hate when this thread was originally posted that has been fixed.

    If you have additional comments or feedback on merc hate generation, please create a new thread in another forum section other than Bug Reports.

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