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Discussion in 'Melee' started by Myca775, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. Myca775 New Member

    So I've been playing this game since it's release, never complained but the following is a very small list of things that i feel should be changed. Thoughts?

    1. Change our backstab mod back to 15%
    You took it away years ago, is that extra 3% really going to make us "overpowered"?

    2. Remove the humanoid restriction so we can do max critical backstab on any mob 109 and below.
    Rogue's should be able to assassinate any living thing, Rangers/Berserkers should be able to Headshot/Decapitate anything with a HEAD.

    3. Change Venomous Spike Trap to be a 0.5 cast, laying the trap on ground is ok but casting time is way too long, yes I know I can hit hide while casting but a quick cast while surrounded by mobs would be more useful of an aoe snare. Same recast time is fine.

    I know the world will end if we got more than 1 trap active at a time so make the Smokegloom skull targetable so we can use Remove Trap on it just like we can remove VST.

    4. A class labeled as an "Assassin" one would think they would get SOME sort of tracking? its been 20 years, I don't want zone-wide but give us something.

    5. Smokegloom Rank III, is there a difference from Rank II? If not there should be, I can't find any info to verify, does III have a wider aoe? does it hit more mobs? mezz/blur mobs that I wasn't able to with Rank II? really not in the mood to spend hundreds of DKP on III if there's no difference. Just my thoughts, don't like being ripped off ya know.

    6. Remove Pet Discipline or someone please explain WHY rogue's have this and what item am i missing that allows me to summon a pet longer than half a second.

    7. AA to reduce Whisper Step recast

    Below is a list I know won't ever happen but wishful thinking I guess:
    8. Ability to Apply Poisons to arrowheads for other players or to just sell in Bazaar.
    For Example: Solusek Silver Tipped Arrowhead - Fire DD I know there are already effects on bows but having a second proc that can be changed just by changing arrows would be a benefit. I use daggers so maybe bow users don't see a use for this..

    9. AA to reduce Smokegloom timer, don't care if it's 200 AA per rank, 5 Ranks, 2 seconds each for total of 10 seconds.
    10. Epic 3.0
  2. Cragzop Augur

    4 - I could agree with this, but only in city zones...

    5 - resist mod goes up (physical -53 to -56). Only you can decide if that's good enough for you.

    6 - if you look at the aa, you see that it granted you the /pet swarm command. So if you have a swarm pet that is up, you can make a key macro with /pet swarm to switch targets. EVERYONE got this so you should just ignore. Like I do with 45 ranks of Enhanced Reformation on my wizard.
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  3. Folkken New Member

    Ctrl + F

    Leet track ability
  4. Myca775 New Member

    4. Only in city zones? that doesn't make any sense whatsoever, cause yes everyone can just use the Find button on map, but a real tracking ability I'd rather have that than Forage they gave us.

    5. eh maybe

    6. will ignore , useless AA.
  5. Crisqo New Member

    1) Make thief's eye permanent(like an aura)
    2) Assassinate should work on any type of mob (doubt this will change)
    3) Make Mrylokar's Rigor proc like Berserkers get to cast Battle Leap, and make it permanent as well
    4) MORE ranks of Burst of Power
  6. skabe Elder

    Sure if assassinate reverts to old damage and proc rate is fixed at 2 per min. Having an ability that can proc for up to 8 million damage 5 - 6 times per min (with enough HDex) against any mob would be just a little OP dont ya think?
  7. Myca775 New Member

    1. Yes or at least make it a mass buff for raids
    2. Yet I can assassinate the slimes in DH HA's , last I checked I was able to but that was awhile ago.
    How are goo's humanoid ? Is it cause there are human bones floating around in them?
    3. Yep
    4. Definitely
    5. Make Shared Stealth actually Rank 2 it says Tier 2 invis in description so that tells me it's suppose to be Rank 2, fine keep it at 18 second timer but it's been "broken" for quite a few patches so makes me feel it is intentional and not broken at all.
    6. Make the Smoke skull targetable so that I can use Remove Trap on it like I can with Venomous Spike Trap, yes I've already said this but I feel it would be awesome to be able to Set/Remove the traps when we need to and not sit there waiting for skull to vanish if I want to set the VST instead or just drop the skull elsewhere.
  8. Myca775 New Member

    Any mob that is 109 and below isn't OP, if we can do that damage on humanoid mobs 109 and lower already then why not ANY mob type <109 is my point? I am not suggesting assassinate do that kind of damage regardless of the mobs LEVEL, keep it 1 level below like it has been.

    Same for Rangers and Berserkers 109 and lower, as long as it has a head it should be able to be HS and Decapitated regardless of mob type
  9. Syylke_EMarr Augur

    "Tier 2 invisibility" refers to the fact that it gives the group the same effect as a Rogue's Shroud of Stealth, which is a higher tier of invisibility.
  10. Myca775 New Member

    So then I was correct that it is only Rank I of Shroud of Stealth cause it definitely isn't the same effect as my Rank II and if they are gonna keep it at Rank I then they should at least increase the duration.
  11. kyong Elder

    Break out our sneak attack from barrage timer....please.
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  12. Myca775 New Member

    YES! Good one, forgot about that.
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  13. Durris Journeyman

    Please give us some adps of some sorts to compete for spots in raids with Zerkers. my guild only wants to run 2 rogue 2 monk and 3 or 4 zerkers. i dont want to server change just to get a spot in raids.
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  14. Baydin New Member

    To clarify the Shared Stealth confusion: the bestowed invis is equivalent to rogue hide and will hide you from see invis mobs. BUT..... There are several caviats!!! It has the same level restrictions as rogue SoS. Significantly red mobs (>8 levels or so) will be immune to it. It also does not hide them from undead, that is specific to rogues. It also doesn't grant many of the benefits that rogues get which come from sneak. Also, there have been stacking issues when used in conjunction with other invis effects which have been shown to cause it to not take hold. Supposedly these were fixed. It certainly works better now than when it was first added, but as you can see, this is a long list of exceptions
  15. Kecpa Journeyman

    Hide has no level restrictions involving being seen through, if a mob has see invis they see through base hide. If you have SoS first rank and mobs have regular see invis they can't see you (and you get the special message about it). If you have the top rank of SoS you can only be seen by mobs that are flagged to see through the super-super invis (This is slightly weird in how it functions as it seems like it was implemented such that it works for current content mobs but stuff in older content that could see through regular SoS can still see through the top rank)

    Group members do not get the benefits of sneak because that's a different skill all together. In conjunction with hide all sneak does is makes us able to move while hidden (In this case, the shared stealth actually does give the same benefit). The other advantages of sneak cannot always be benefitted from with hide active anyway. For example, the faction setting to indifferent from behind doesn't work with hide active if the NPC doesn't have see invis (or see SoS).

    I know for a fact the top level of shared stealth grants SoS to all members of the party as I use it to get my alts through the mephits at the start of the fire missions in TBL that see invis.

    I cannot confirm nor deny the undead portion for group members though as I have had no need to use it in the game with my group so far.
  16. Myca775 New Member

    Doesn't work on undead, I went to HS , the golems in main room see both caster invis/ivu but when I hit mage with Shared Stealth golems couldn't see him but then I targeted an undead and assisted myself with mage and conned , it said mob can see me ready to attack.

    But mage has IVU so i guess it doesn't really matter, I mostly wanted to see if I could get past those first 2 golems, I can easily 2box them but sometimes I just don't want to bother so I am glad Shared Stealth at least works on them.

    I guess asking for an extended duration Shared Stealth Rank II that's the same level of invis I have would be too much, SoS a whole group to any named camp easily? yeah I suppose DBG wouldn't want that :) but seriously 18 seconds? at least add an AA to increase that timer in new expansion.
  17. Metapsyche Elder

    How about tying our covenant to something more reliable than procs? That seems like a handy upgrade. Tie it to backstabs and call it assassins creed? Lol
  18. skabe Elder

    You ever considered issue isn't your class capabilities but you ? Rogues I raid with are consistently in top 10 and frequently top 5. Competing with Wiz Zerker Ranger for top slots depending on fight or event.
  19. smash Augur

    Gotta agree with Skabe, rogues in excellent health and if you cannot get in because of so called "2 rogue" in raid, i seriously doubt that, but the raidleaders want the most skilled ones in raid, those that play so 1 +1 = 3.

    And imo, that you lack.

    My advice, work on improving your character.

    Be open for suggestions, practice practice, it pays off.
  20. Dewey Augur

    Shrugs at the thought of thieft eyes being permanent. It last for 10 minutes. Insta cast and can be used to get faction on mobs as it buffs others. I kind of like it the way it is.

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