Rogue: Executioner's Disc vs Razor's Edge Disc.

Discussion in 'Melee' started by Brogett, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. Brogett Augur

    Executioners got a nerf with the patch:

    08/19/2015 - Slot 1 changed from 'Increase Hit Damage by 188%' to 'Increase Hit Damage by 138%'

    Slot 1: Increase Hit Damage by 138%
    Slot 2: Increase Min Hit Damage by 696%

    Razor's Edge
    Slot 1: Increase Spell Damage Taken by 1% to 25%
    Slot 2: Increase Hit Damage Taken by 15%
    Slot 4: Increase Accuracy by 10000%
    Slot 5: Increase Hit Damage Bonus by 587

    I was curious if they've become close to each other on dps yet. The answer is not quite. Quick parses only on a dummy with 3380 AC (lvl 111). Maybe raid level stuff.

    Executioner: /GU Combat Dummy Izah in 982s, 50237k @51158sdps --- Brogett 50237k@(51158dps in 982s)

    Razor's: /GU Combat Dummy Izah in 463s, 20696k @44700sdps --- Brogett 20696k@(44700dps in 463s)

    Getting close, but not quite. However consider that Razor's Edge stacks with a small remainder of Rogue's Fury AA (after TC/FS if you didn't waste time spamming to get them noticed and started up). It may also differ with ADPS buffs; I don't really know, but the top ones will be fading by then anyway. I had raid long duration buffs on only & self epic.

    Also Lethality was up permanently, as was Blade Fury, due to the non-fading mechanics. Anyway, it's viable to juggle these around a bit I think.
  2. Brohg Augur

    I think the Increase Min Hit Damage on that series of discs will keep them relevant for all classes that have them.
  3. Winnowyl Augur

    I'm horrible - I HATE using Razor's Edge. On raids, the AE's and Wild Ramps are too erratic for the most part. I can already get one rounded, no need to help them do it. Tho I *do* tend to run it for the first 4 mobs in Arx 4. If it's still running when the emotes start I drop it tho. In groups (I use the word loosely) I'm our tank. I duo with my RL boyfriend (druid) and we use 2 cleric mercs. It's a rare thing for us to have anyone else with us, and it's 300x more rare for that anyone to be an actual tank. So again, helping them kill me is just no. =\

    Tho Lethality being up while Exe is running is moot. They don't stack, so you won't actually get anything out of it.
  4. Esero Elder


    I like stacking Razor's with the last bit of Rogue's Fury when possible (stacks a bit better than Executioner's as you only get the boost to min hit dmg with Exe/RF stacked) but it's a bit too lengthy to bother with once Rogue's Fury drops .. now that it's closer though, I suppose an argument could be made.

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