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  1. Qalliel Journeyman

    Does anyone know with the recent changes to epics if a rogue can still turn in and recieve epic at lvl 40?
  2. Kumiko_Lockjaw Elder

    If you do it alone and have general's pouch + dagger + dagger, you must be lvl 50 to speak to Anson and pop Stanos.
    If you have someone else spawning Stanos for you and you just do the final turn in with sneak from behind, it should work with lvl 40. Someone on Mischief already told me, he did get his epic with 40.
    But i was not there watching.

  3. honker3576 New Member

    I completed epic on a level 36. You need a 50+ rogue to run around and get all the stuff to spawn General, and spawn Stanos for said turnins. Same with Vilnius the Small, you need a 50+ rogue to do the turnins for the Quill and Jagged dagger. But if you have the three final items, and a 50+ rogue to spawn Stanos one more time, you can directly give him the 3 items and get your epic, no sneak needed. I confirmed this on Test and did it myself.

    Now can you do this on a sub-lvl 35? I heard you can, but it's only hearsay. The general's pouch is tradeable, so you can give the Sealed Box to anyone who can sneak for the turnin, kill the boss, and parcel it to your rogue. Your baby rogue doesn't have to be the one in Kithikor.
  4. Quik Elder

    We have the people selling epics on Aradune and they always say you need to be 35+ to get the rogue epic turnin done
  5. Captain Video Augur

    If you post the exact same question in two different forums, you are guaranteed to get directly conflicting answers.