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  1. Maxxbuff1 Elder

    Let me start by saying, I am an enchanter to the core, but my alt is a rogue that I put a decent amount of time in to. I do not comb through all of the raw data as I do with my main.

    With that having been said, I hear about rogues being super dps that is OP. I have yet to see this on my character, or any rogues I've grouped with. Rangers, monks, and zerkers tend to destroy me on raid dps, no matter how long the fight. Even within the same group.

    My lineup:
    Pre-fight: poison(Vallon/Tallon/Arx/Etherbrewed), Dragorn warmask(benefit only), trophies/tribute
    Fight: Dagger gash+BS, glyph of cataclysm, second spire, rogue's fury, wide-eyed mark, epic, bp, dichotomic weapons, frienzied stabbing discipline, reefclaw blade, focused rampage, absorbing agent... followed by button mashing of barrage, hack, jugular, pinpoint, hidden blade, twisted shank, banestrike, envenomed, thief's vision, phantasmal assassin.

    When frienzied runs out, I hit shrouding>executioner's>artwork, knifeplay

    Any advice that can improve my dps would be welcomed. I am hanging out around 180k, that drops off drastically after the first minute.

    In terms of rogue dps, on most raids, I am not seeing any staggering numbers.

  2. Brohg Augur

    Daggerdash is a maybe, like if you have 25s warning the fight's about to begin. Otherwise I just leave it on the bench.

    Third Spire not Second
    TwistedChance not ShroudingSpeed
    RoF BP not CotF+
    Reefcrawler hold for Arcwork

    should not be mashed:
    Pinpoint make sure you're coordinating, two rogues for full coverage. Only mash after they're initially staggered.
    Absorbing Agent same deal. Three rogues for full coverage here.
    Wide-Eyed Mark lasts just two ticks, it takes 3 rogues to cover just the duration of their coordinated Frenzied Stabbings.
    ^^GINA helps a lot with these!

    Thief's Vision is only usefully clicked every 1.5mins
    Hidden Blade almost always stays up on its own, lots of rogues click it needed or not on the same button as Thief's Vision, though

    Rog dots (Hack, Jug, Shank) depend on if your guild has necromancers worth respecting. Mine does, so these are pretty uncool.

    Upgrade to Transfigerea when you can. Get +atk augs on slot3s, you're at 743/930

    Disc order looks wrong? Knifeplay should be when Rogue's Fury runs out, and you're missing Razor's Edge entirely.
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  3. Maxxbuff1 Elder

    Thank you for the help.
    I have Transigerea sitting in my bank. I will get the atk augs.
  4. knives New Member

    pre burn clicks : epic / rof bp / envenomed blades / reefcrawlers
    burn hotkey : 3rd spire / rogues fury / frenzied stabbing / dichotomic / hidden blade / glyph / rampage
    twisted chance - executioners - knifeplay - razors edge
    spam keys - barrage / dots / pet (if fllint is tanking)

    as brohg mentioned if you can coordinate do it
    rampage if single, focused if not
    reefcrawlers at start for raid buff benefit
    barrage after 3rd / rogues fury / dichotomic are running

    if your backstab aa's arent maxed / no epic, make frenzied 3rd burn behind executioners

    if your freshly rezzed hit razors edge

    as for the spammable buffs hidden blade / thiefs eye i highly suggest audio triggers of some sort so you know when things fade and not waste endurance, some raids drain endurance
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  5. Maxxbuff1 Elder

    Great information, all aa's and such are maxed. I added Razor's edge. Trying to get the type 3 atk augs as I type this.

    Thank you, once again.

    Question, Why give us shrouding speed if it isn't helpful? If that is the case, then the only real upgrade we got for TBM was dichotomic and hastened aa's.
  6. Songsa Augur

    Maybe because their knowledge of the class is very poor.
    Giving a new 20minute reuse disc (shrouding) on the same timer of a 10minute one (twisted chance) that is better is indeed a bit incomprehensible. But they at least should know it since beta as many people reported it at that time already.
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  7. Sheex Goodnight, Springton. There will be no encores.

    On the attack aug topic, anyone have a handy list for those? Need to get off my rear and get those done for my rogue and monk, but been lazy.

    Fanra's list is decent ( but I could swear there was a good board post about those or something
  8. Sirene_Fippy Okayest Bard


    Type 3 ATK augs:
    Jeweled Sentinel's Broken Aura - 30 ATK (Folly of Miragul's Ambition LDoN raid)
    The True Tears of Alaris - 21 ATK
    Shard of Guktan Hate - 20 ATK (The Rescue LDoN raid)
    Frozen Gem of Strength - 20 ATK (Frozen Nightmare LDoN raid - also has 35 AC aug)
    Ruby of Bloody Vengeance - 20 ATK (Scion Lair of Fury LDoN raid)
    The Tears of Alaris - 20 ATK
    Cold Slimestone of Fury - 20 ATK (1150 Adventure points - SRO)
    Pristine Limestone of Hatred - 20 ATK (1150 Adventure points - SRO)
    Polished Sandstone of Ire - 15 ATK (760 Adventure points - EC)
    Gravestone Fragment of Battle Mastery - 10 ATK (1150 Adventure points - BB)
    Translucent Ore of Courage - 10 ATK (760 Adventure points - EC)
    Dull Sandstone of Ire - 10 ATK (510 Adventure points - NRO)
    Scarred Limestone of Vengeance - 5 ATK (220 Adventure points - SRO)
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  9. Maxxbuff1 Elder

    ok, that is a lot of augs. Attack vs Backstab augs from void?
  10. Brohg Augur

    Tears is a major project (also the 21 version is unique in game, iirc. only one player has it and no one can get another), so ignore it for now.

    Using just the 20+ers gets you 150, which is most of your gap. Just pursue those.
  11. Bahdah Augur

    several people have the true tear, but the tear (+20) can still come across, but like brohg mentioned it is a big project and will take some time and effort to obtain
  12. Sheex Goodnight, Springton. There will be no encores.

    Going to prioritize my type3 aug farming to match Badah's magelo, so don't let me down sir!

    As to the 5 backstab augs, use as many as you need to max. And don't forget the tasty Relife aug from TBM challenger has +25 for rogues :)
  13. roth Augur

    I know of seven True Tears of Alaris in game.

    Six of them are (or were, back then) on my server, and between me and my box, I've got two of them. The seventh was on some other server.

    While it is a major project, it is also the only Defense skill mod in the game that anyone can use. It is worth getting for that reason alone.
  14. Maxxbuff1 Elder

    Finished tear, relife aug, and the other atk augs. I have a few final questions. What range of dps should a rogue fall within for a 2 minute fight? Longer? .... Rogues should be H-str , not H-Dex correct?
  15. SneakyFast Journeyman

    In the perfect scenario 2 minute fight, you should be 1-3 class wise in terms of dps. A lot depends on RNG. Wizards, rogues, and beserkers can all do really well in a short fight.

    In a longer fight necros become a factor and beserkers fall drastically. You should be able to compete with necros and wizards but the current content favors them slightly and having a perfect adps scenario is hard.

    I see rogues going both all Hstr or all Hdex. Everything that I have read points to Hdex being slightly better but I have not verified that myself.I am all Hdex currently.
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  16. Maxxbuff1 Elder

    I am looking for actual numbers in terms of dps, in a 2 minute fight, should we be 125k, or 300k? Same for a longer fight. My question about H-dex vs H-str would leave me to wonder... Is atk our best stat? or do procs overcome the atk since str gives atk, and dex does not? I think I have almost enough augs to try both sets out.
  17. SneakyFast Journeyman

    There isn't a "real" encounter, in current content, that is a 2 minute fight so its hard to tell. Grummus! is close, but you or your adps may have to run around depending on some fat guy chasing you. There are some phases in current content that require mass dps but those only really last 30 seconds-ish; Enslaver and CT hearts.

    On a longer fight, above 100k is achievable/good. Last night on High Bokon, I did ~120k and it was under 10 minutes.
  18. Skitch New Member

    Whoever told you this lied to you. I do everything I can and rarely get in the top 10 for DPS. I am constantly being beat out on burns by....necro, wiz, monk, ranger, zerker, beastlord (and on short group named fights..SK's). This is on events when I have the back of the mob the entire time, with rogues having a bonus to the mobs backs, where position does not matter as much for any other class.

    I am a believer that rogues SHOULD be the most melee DPS (especially when the mob's back is to the rogue the entire time), but that (to me) is only logically...and EQ does not do anything that would follow logic.
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  19. Bahdah Augur

    If you're that far behind in parse... you're doing something wrong. Show us a parse(s) where you're giving it your all but still getting rekt..
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  20. Kaliko Augur

    Rogues are in a pretty good spot right now DPS wise, although hybrids are kinda creepin up there in some cases but you shouldn't be getting knocked out of top 10 that easy unless you're doing something wrong. We need to see some parses :p