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Discussion in 'Melee' started by Shriek, Feb 7, 2022.

  1. Shriek New Member

    Does a poison proc on a rogue dagger, like injection of poison have any advantage over other procs like Vector of sickness? Just wondered if the poison on the proc would work with AA/mods for the rouge and be more dps?
  2. zachison Journeyman

    The only weapons that have it, are the rogue only daggers with the best ratio. If you aren't main handing it, you aren't rogueing right
  3. Jeraldo Rivera New Member

    The ratios are all pretty much the same(raid 299/19), with the exception that the rogue only one has +1 to poison damage and 1 more backstab damage. But for your offhand it doesn't really matter. Ideally if you are looking at the raid weapons the better choice for most of the time would be the Luclinite Coagulated Hooked Dagger over the Luclinite Coagulated Rapier because of the procs like you asked. The Rapier has the stunning proc which could generate unnecessary aggro. I haven't noticed any difference in the procs as far as crits and stuff go, but I have that all going to a spam filter. If you use the staff of viral flux for debuffing that works on both poison and disease so either will work fine with that.
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  4. Shriek New Member

    Well I just wondered if it was wise to make a rogue only dagger with my Ore or make one that I can use for my ranger or bard if needed also(on FV so can trade raid weapons). The extra 1BS damage isn't really worth creating a rogue only dagger for me alone, but if the poison proc would synergize with some rogue disc or ability, then it might make it worth creating that instead. Do you know if there is any benefit for rogues to have a poison proc over any other damage proc?
  5. Stabbyman New Member

    As far as I know, there is no benefit for the injection of poison proc over another proc like vector of disease. I've got all the AAs, but I looked at my parses and I'm not seeing it. But I won't be surprised if someone smart like Szilent comes along and corrects me.
  6. Szilent Augur

    Calling me out to chime in on rogue things is a bit out of left field, but sure: benefits from Twisted Shank debuff

    Twisted Shank XXXVII - - 0s Target: Single
    Resist: Physical -400
    Duration: 60s (10 ticks)
    Hate: 4
    1: Increase Spell Damage Taken by 13% to 18% (v296, Before Crit)
    2: Limit Resist: Poison
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  7. Stabbyman New Member

    Sorry if I sounded like I was calling you out. Lack of sleep maybe. No, I just find your posts super informative and suspected you'd know more about this than I did. And I wasn't wrong.
  8. Sup Rog Elder

    Yeah, was wondering if Twisted shank worked with it and if there was some aa or disc I was missing that allowed the poison proc to do more damage than another. Thanks guys!