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  1. Wrekdal New Member

    I've been away for a bit and am behind the 8 ball. I'm looking for some guidance, suggestions on Raid burns, Group burns and solo stuffs. I lost all my info when I left at 105 now am 115 and looking in getting back into the swing of guild play and don't wanna look stupid :p

  2. Liin Edud (Tunare) Augur

    To loosely quote Zorro - The pointy end goes into the mob

    Sorry couldn't resist.
  3. kyong Augur

    Question for other rogues out there...higher ups..kinda related.

    Would you rather click your CoV BP and do about 1.1 million damage (I think?) without any modifier.

    Or wait...and use the lifetap BP from ages ago....who's 30 poison lifetap procs used during poison +dmg disc + belt + aug dmg + misc can twin proc + crit....for more than even our CoV BP does in damage over the course of 30 procs...and heal for up to half that amount. I feel like I've seen that click do 1.5m dmg over a longer time and heal for half that.
  4. Szilent Augur

  5. Cadira Augur

    Szilent's old post looks like exactly what I'd do except personally I'd use Twisted first instead of Frenzied on the 10m timeline, it appears to parse slightly better from the parses I've done taking full adps into consideration.
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  6. Szilent Augur

    The symmetry of having Naive Mark run on the 5s appeals to me…
  7. Cadira Augur

    Do we know if SPA 197 stacks? In theory you're going to have a Funeral Dirge with a 26% mod compared to Naive's 30% going already, doubt the 4% increase will blow Twisted out of the water unless they stack somehow.
  8. Winnowyl Suffering is optional.

    I run Twisted Chance, Fury, Spire, Dissident (cause I'm lazy and haven't done all the progression yet), and Focused Rake's Ramp. When TC drops, I roll into Frenzied Stabbing. After that, it's whatever is still up.
  9. Garwyn New Member

    Relevant parts copied from my setup:

    Mash Line:
    -Blitzstrike (can be tied to Shadow-Hunter line)
    -Shadow-Hunter's dagger (can be tied to Blitzstrike)
    -Cloaked Blade
    -Secret Blade
    -Vexatious Puncture (do not tie this to a hotkey. it is on the same timer as the smokescreen line)

    Mash line Dot: (Separated this from regular mash line to avoid use on raids)
    -Twisted shank
    -Jugular cut

    5 Min burns:
    -Dissident weapons
    -Naive Mark
    -Shadow Flanking (this is a group benefit ability)
    -Epic click (I would not click epic too much since the benefit may not be enough to justify the loss of DPS over the duration of the cast time. use wisely)

    5 min burn hot key: (note: add rk. ii, iii as required)

    /disc compisite weapons
    /disc naive mark
    /alt activate 1506 (shadow flanking)
    /disk knifeplay discipline

    Follow on from Knifeplay (if it makes sence):
    - Drachnid Blade + Chelicerea

    Main Burn 10 min refresh:
    -Rogues Fury
    -Twisted Chance
    -Spire of the Rake
    -Focused Rampage

    /alt activate 3514 (rogues fury)
    /disc Twisted chance discilpline
    /alt activate 1410 (Spire of the Rake)
    /alt activate 378 (focused rampage)

    Follow on burns after Twisted has faded:
    -Frenzied stabbing discipline
    -Ragged Edge Discipline
    -Weapons Covenant
    -Executioners Discipline
    -Chelicerae Discipline

    On a Burn call, you would hit both the main and 5 min burn hotkeys

    Monitor Shaman Epic and if it makes sense - click Glyph of Destruction as soon as shaman epic fades

    Other Skills:
    Keep Thieves vision on (this is a group benefit ability)
    Keep Practiced reflex on (Make a Gina trigger when it triggered) - zero DPS if yer dead.

    Other Clicks:
    -Sorcerer's Blade
    -Mana Charge (Crit rate and crit damage mod)
    -Breast plate (have this hotkey near your main burn button)
    -Grelleth's royal seal (stacking issues with envenomed blades)
    -Rage of Rofron (Circle of Power IV)
    -Group or raid version of legs. (for poison summoning)
    -Darkened Mrylokar's helm (aggro redux)
    -Blood drinkers coating

    Velium Assaulter Source

    Banestrike: (now automated)
    Work on slayers achievment to improve the recycle time
  10. Legionarius - Xegony Elder

    I usually start my burn with this macro:

    /pause 6, /alt activate 1410
    /pause 8, /alt activate 3514
    /pause 8, /disc Frenzied Stabbing Discipline
    /pause 6, /useitem Nightshade, Blade of Entropy
    /useitem Rhodium Umbrastalker Coat

    Or whatever you want to use for items...

    Here is a list of Rogue activates if it helps: (from eqresources, i had to modify the spire though)
    Absorbing Agent 1175
    Appraisal 536
    Cunning Disguise: Barbarian 846
    Cunning Disguise: Erudite 847
    Cunning Disguise: Goblin 849
    Cunning Disguise: Half-Elf 845
    Cunning Disguise: Human 844
    Cunning Disguise: Shissar 715
    Cunning Disguise: Troll 848
    Dirty Fighting 671
    Envenomed Blades 3515
    Escape 102
    Fundament: Spire of the Rake 1410

    Ligament Slice 672
    Purge Poison 107
    Rogue's Fury 3514
    Sleight of Hand 841
    Stealthy Getaway 789
    Tumble 673
    Twisted Shank 670

    I usually follow up with Focused Rampage, Phantom Assassin, Wide-Eyed Mark line, Hidden Blade, Asp Blade, Jugular Line, Gash line, Pinpoint line, twisted shank, and Intensity of the Resolute if i'm feelin froggy. Not necessarily in that order but I think most or all of those will work fine together.
  11. smocurb New Member

    It is absolutely worth it, 100%, click your epic whenever it is up.

    Undisc'd no adps with and without epic


    Full discs with adps with and without epic


    10% extra damage from poison spells? I'll click that on raid mobs all day.

    The rest is going to change based on who you talk to, but these 2 should be used all the time.
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  12. Szilent Augur

    spells or all poison damage? have you checked on its efficacy w/r/t buff poisons & weapon procs?

    Probably still real good for necro & bst & shm damage, I'm just curious about the detail
  13. smocurb New Member

    The description says "Increases incoming poison spell and ability damage by 10%".
  14. menown Augur

    Twisted Shank is worth using on raids for the additive effect with multiple classes. If multiple rogues are in raid, have them cycle this debuff to keep 100% uptime.

    Slash and Jugular Cut are not worth using on raids. Their contribution is not enough for the debuff slots they are taking.
  15. Garwyn New Member

    The question of the epic click basically surrounds the idea that while DPS'ing and transitioning to a burn, is it worthwhile to click the epic. Since DPS is lost during the cast time. keep in mind we're doing at least 100k DPS non burn. So my question is, on your parse did you preclick then make the measurement or click the epic at some point within the measurement? your parse shows a 9k DPS difference... is it worth it still?

    However, if you can anticipate a burn (e.g. Zlandicar) by all means click it.

    I should have added a disclaimer that this was written for rogues in my guilds raiding ranks. This is to cut down on boss buff slot use, All rogue dots are a no no. This comes from my raid leadership as well. These dots if used in raid also work against us as our alliance needs one of these valuable buff slots. Often times before I hit alliance I am also looking for an open buff slot.

    This really only applies to raid main boss. Trash for the most part, you can go nuts with the dots.
  16. Szilent Augur

    You've missed a 0 in reading his screenshot of guild hall tests. It's displaying a 90k dps difference under burns, 40k dps difference no-burns. With 2 minutes uptime out of 3 (matching duration of Rogue's Fury w/ FStab+Twisted), seems good from here :p
  17. smocurb New Member

    So just the backstab increase is significant, but overall dps increase is ~60k undisc'd, ~160k disc'd. You still have to factor in the debuff from the epic, which increases skill damage by 10%. Also, there is no restriction on the skill dmg taken, so any other class with skill attacks would benefit also. And it's a 0.5 second cast time, so not really missing out on anything.
  18. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    The 30m burn parse is solid. The percents that should not be changing under no epic/epic are basically the same.

    The 10m non-burn parse is a little suspect ... 5% more crits, 5% more luck with the epic when the numbers should be roughly the same across (like they are in the burn ones). I'd agree with the base assumption that the epic makes a difference, but you need a much longer parse with crit/luck numbers that are basically the same before I would start throwing how much better dps the epic is.

    All that said, it's very interesting to me the gain on the epic. Especially for a class who's epic has sucked since day one. Would be interesting to see how other melee classes gained from the debuff.
  19. Covennx Lorekeeper

    Re-ran both parses. Looking back at the with epic no discs parse, the dps was really weird at the start of that parse, so not sure if it was server lag or what. Also since it was so short, didn't really level out.

    No disc/adps, with and without epic. 21k dps difference.


    Full disc/adps with and without epic. 156k dps difference.

  20. kyong Augur

    Something else I'm seeing is that the epic's effect on triple backstab is still increasing attempts / hits for BS. Seems like we're close to max on triple backstab % of attempts but epic still adding a bit. A few % more.

    Also, epic debuff (which is proving almost all of this DPS) will almost always stay on a target dummy right? Sometimes takes a little to proc.