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  1. Iven the bard

    In about 2016/2017, Dirt in the Eyes (accuracy debuff+blind) got merged into Ligament Slice (snare). The dev who was working on that was Prathun. He did a whole bunch of AA consolidations back then, with the intention to reduce the amount of AAs, which screwed a few of them, including the magician Elemental Form, where it removed the levitation effect from the Air Elemental Form (which was a separate AA), which is another bug.

    The Ligament Slice consolidation was a nerf for the already underpowered rogue classs, so I am asking for bringing back Dirt in the Eyes and the old Ligament Slice, which maybe had a different name back then, as separate AAs.

    Now to the problem/bug, and why that consolidation was a probably unintended nerf:

    The AA cannot be used successfully onto NPCs that are immune to snare effects. Like all those NPCs in HH Ruins of Old Sebilis. While that is ok for the snare component of Ligament Slice, it does also affect the accuracy debuff and the blind effect, which should not happen.
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  2. Beco Lorekeeper

    There are other combined abilities including snare, where, if the mob is immune to snare, the snare would not land, without affecting the ability of the other components to land.
    As this technical solution already exists, wouldn't it be better to just adapt the behavior of ligament slice to work like the other combined effects including snare, by just let the snare be blocked but let land all the remaining parts of this AA.
    The idea of consolidation of the aas was and is not bad.
    Just the implementation needs to be fixed, to work like those of the others.

    Example: SK Snare spell lvl 122 including dot
    [IMG] Vitriolic Darkness

    Slot Description
    1: Decrease Hitpoints by 6433 per tick. Max: 6433 per tick
    2: Add effect: Darkness III
    If I remember well, the necros snare and the bards snare have been changed to work in the same manner.

    So the abilty Ligament slice
    Ligament Slice XXXVI

    Slot Description
    1: Blindness (2)
    2: Decrease Accuracy by 250%
    3: Decrease Movement by 60%
    8: Decrease AC by 81

    should be changed at slot 3 to something like:
    3: Add effect: "rogues snare"
    which would allow all components of ligament slice to land and snare to be resisted/blocked by snare immune mobs, without blocking the other effects at slot 1,2 and 8.

    As all snare-spells / songs /abilities I know of have been updated in this way, I think it was just an oversight that Ligament Slice was not updated the same way.
  3. Knifen Augur

    And remove the blindness part we have no need nor desire to have the blind part on the disc.
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  4. Iven the bard

    In case of Ligament Slice it would be better to have it as the original, separate AA debuffs, as the rogue is a very tactical class, and because the unique dirt cloud animation does not make much sense for a snare effect that is called Ligament Slice. Maybe renaming it into Dirt in the Eyes would be a thing (Can a dirt cloud snare ?), but all those solutions are suboptimal imo.
  5. Knifen Augur

    Let me adjust my own wording, if the blindness is whats effecting accuracy, than somehow remove the fear/run away part of it, if the blindness is not whats effecting the accuracy, remove the blindness.
  6. Iven the bard

    As the rogue already has a blind spell line, that would be possible, and also seems somehow logical. Dirt cannot fully blind, right ? But it can decrease accuracy.
  7. Knifen Augur

    Not sure what blind spell your referencing, perhaps its an older one, but even if so I dont use it to my knowledge as the running away of mobs is not desirable.
  8. Iven the bard

    It can be desirable when moloing and for boxing, especially combined with snare. Two separate AAs would give the player more options.
  9. Knifen Augur

    Genuinely interested, give me an example, sorry not trying to derail just curious where the fear from blindness would help.

    I 2 box 2 rogues through multiple expansions, with multiple mobs at a time in camp. With 2 rogues I can keep one perma mezzed, another one near perma stunned while we both fight the active mob. Perhaps using just 1 rogue the blindess would be handy but not sure how.

    Now at lower lvls or tlps i cant speak with any good information on, snare is rarely needed anymore (for me) as most mobs dont turn to run (unless blinded)
  10. Iven the bard

    Blind can be used like fear kiting. Does not work for all blind effects.
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  11. Sissruukk Rogue One

    For another thread discussion, but I'd like to know how you do this!
  12. Knifen Augur

    Messaged you with what I use and how to stagger it.