Rogue 2.0 Problem

Discussion in 'Melee' started by Wrekdal, Mar 20, 2021.

  1. Wrekdal New Member

    I am trying to get the very first task from Liprin, Head of Affairs. But I am not getting one.

    I hail him and the walk thru says I am then saposed to get a task in which I must confront the deserters, but I get nada.

    Tried going and doing the first protection one with Lairyn Debeian. Did it got the head and gave it to Lairyn then took the Bloodied torn parchment and turned it into Liprin. Gave it back to me saying he has no need for it. I know its because I do not have the task, but cant get it.

    Any ideas ??
  2. Karliv New Member

    There are no tasks here - 2.0 came before tasks were a 'thing' (99% sure). You already have the 1.5 in your inventory, right? Does Lirprin give you dialog that the writeup on Zam says it should?

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