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  1. Ryche66 New Member

    I could respect the fact that SOE would make the only real decent xp quest related...only if the quest mobs you had to kill were actually there to kill. Spending hours roaming the zones looking for these mobs is NOT FUN FOR ME....I am not a tracker. I should not need to be one to get XP. If they were goin to basically eliminate XP grinds then ffs, please put a reasonble number of spawns in the zones so we dont all get f^^^^^ by the trackers...k thx.
  2. Kaushi Razorgrin Elder

    Ahh this is about the bunnies. Yea, it's awful, whoever designed the zone hates the players. Head to grelleth's to get partisans and merc tasks done, so much easier. My husband and I skipped EW for awhile, then came back to it. We still haven't bothered with the merc task.

    AFAIK, any animal can be a ph for a bunny, so find a good spot with animals and start killing. Someone might snag your bunny if you don't have a tracker tho.
  3. yaddab Augur

    You know someone else might also invite you for a quick bunny update if you say you are looking, and they have a spot. Someone one else may shout where a bunny is it they spot it and don't need. Its not all bad and all all players are NOT evil.

    edit: I left out a critical not :)
  4. Xirtket Augur

    the bunnies do suck, just /ooc and ask to join a group seeking them, or ask a tracker who might need them or wanna help to come along, also I think the griffons are the ph for some bunnies?
  5. Penasi New Member

    I agree - this is a difficult task without a tracker. However, very little in this game requires players to request help from a certain class anymore. I like a few quests that require a certain class. It makes many folks get outside their set groups for a change.

    Also - if you don't do the missions - is it really that big a deal? Don't do it. No zones are locked. No gear requires it. No AA's require it. There are PLENTY of other missions to do and get xp. Frankly, this expansion is so incredibly easy I'd hate to see them take any difficult element out.

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