RoF T2 Downgrade?

Discussion in 'Tanks' started by Brosa, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. Brosa Augur

    I'm finding that now getting closer to being RoF T2 geared that attempting to get max potential from Hagi and Hdex gear, Strike Through mod takes a huge hit. I was several points over in this catigory for several expansions but now I am noticing this mod is 7 points under the cap now. I assume the added ac and hp from RoF gear will help ease my mind.
    I guess my question is Strike Through mod going to affect tanking on a large scale?
  2. Gladare Augur

    Aggro is generating by swings and damage potential (not actual) so no. I don't know if I explained that correctly. Say you have a weapon with 68 base dmg and 10 elemental dmg. It's the same aggro as a 78 base dmg weapon even though most likely 8 out of 10 of that elemental damage is going to be resisted. Whether your swing gets dodged or hits, it generates the same aggro.
  3. Nenton Augur

    Other mod2's (and even 3's with spell dmg/healing) are taking hits too and I'm a little curious what Chandrok's plan is here. From the outside, it looks like he's falling into the same trap with mods that he just got out of with heroics which is tying values to tiers. Even if the presumed RoF T3 caps all these values again, what are the mod2/3's on the next expansion's tiers going to look like? T1 low and then they cap out with the final tier again? Then you're running into the downgraded upgrade situation which was prevalent in VoA with heroics and seems to be happening with RoF mod 2's and 3's.
  4. Makavien Augur

    If you pick the proper pieces everything is capped . And the heroics all go up also.I have an alternate magelo with the warrior pieces picked out from tier 2. If you take a look at them the order of heroics is Dex > Agil> Sta > Str they all go up and all the mods are maxed.
  5. Brosa Augur

    I understand that I can mix and match the All/All gear in RoF to make sure everything is maxed. I'm questioning the fact that the intent of the developers to let us decide which direction to take our toons in (this case my warrior). I've decide, bar none, to get all the top Hdex and Hagi peices (to go max defense) at the expense of moving several levels below the max in strike through mod. As I look at all the top peices in that category it is obvious the devs gave those items a hit in Strike Through deliberately.
    I'm looking for confirmation from some one that Strike Through is not very important in tanking. I assume its primarily for melee dps. Will I suffer from a substantial increase in a mobs parry/reposte ect and take more hits thus effecting my tanking? Should I give up 12 Hdex and 9 Hagi or more to raise Strike Through?
    I lose .8% reposte/parry and 1.6% mitigation per level if I make the change to max out my strike through. If Strikethrough caps at 35% and adds a flat % chance for me to successfully connect an attack when any defensive check (parry/block, dodge, riposte in that order) is successfully made on my swing, then I would say no. Just want opinions from the other tank classes out there.
  6. Gladare Augur

    You should have the anti-riposte aa. I'm not sure what it's called for warriors. I'm guessing Warlord's Return something from the SoF expansion. It makes you no longer take any riposte damage, therefore having a chance to strike-through a riposte is no longer necessary. Strike-through is only a dps tool now. As I pointed out earlier, you won't have any reduced hate generation capabilities due to strike-through not being maxed. That's the only tanking concern that comes to mind.
  7. Abazzagorath Augur

    That sure isn't true for raid gear.

    I've lost so much heroic str/sta/wis its disgusting. Going from 95 to 100 and half geared in RoF raid gear, I have like 150 more mana than before, for example, due to the heroic losses. And the dex/agi really hasn't gone up much.
  8. Makavien Augur

    Why would I make an alternate magelo for group gear ? There is a piece of gear made specifically for your class for every non visible slot if you pick the wrong ones of course you will lose stats.
    From my stats right now I do lose 4 heroic str if I can make up 1 more that is all I need to get the effect from the stat anyway.

    Also gain 13 stam /31 agil /41 dex with all mod 2 maxed and using the best ac /tank item per slot.
  9. Makavien Augur

    But I do think the item stats were a little messed up from the very beginning. The way he did away with emblems but didn't add the heroics into the gear to adjust for that also and he under estimated the effects of the emblem + the increase for a new emblem we should of seen this expansion. But we are also in tier 2 only right now so we may see bigger increases in tier 3.
    The way the item code works here kinda makes it harder to make customized gear the way they tried to implement it . If we were able to adjust a set number of heroics on a piece of gear to reach the peaks at intervals when we get the gear we could make minor adjustments like my 1 heroic str I am missing to see the next benefit from it.

    Also attack didn't see any increase really , hp regen, damage shield they all seem to have been left out or lowered on purpose.

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