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  1. CaptAmazing Augur

    What are the numbers with which people are beating these "easy" raids with? T1 or T2 I mean.

    12, 24, 36? Can half a raid of group geared players eke out a win on one or more events?

    Innocent question, nothing more.
  2. Xnao Augur

    Half a raid of group geared players who will cry and quit after one, two, three, four wipes? Not a chance.

    Half a raid of group geared players who do not want easymode and will work hard? Possible.

    For Velishan? Two groups of the first type.
  3. Derd Augur

    So easy that no guild that wasnt into voa t4 has a win, and ten guilds that are or were in t4 have yet to beat Calling Phantasm. So its just a walk in the park obviously.
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  4. Xnao Augur

    Chances are that guilds who are not in T4 VoA have chose to either

    A.) finish VoA
    B.) Farm Candyland

    I know for a fact that multiple T4 guilds have chosen B. I know of T4 guilds that say NToV is so easy that they cannot entice people to do T1.
  5. Hatsee Augur

    I wouldn't expect half a raid of group geared toons to do well in this expansion.

    Not that this stuff is hard, they just added in too many AE's that will probably one shot half of you. I hardly see the danger to some of them sitting at around 108k hp buffed, no cleric etc. But groupers should be just barely above surviving a few of the big ones.

    Sorry, you'll probably be screwed here until open NToV raids start up and even then you'll probably be restricted to 4-5 of the easy dragons. Possibly a few more if you tag along with the top guilds on your server that can push through this stuff with all of you dead, no chance on a few of them though especially Vulak.
  6. Gragas Augur

    Really doubt you can 2 group Velishan at this moment just because of the fear.
  7. Derd Augur

    Well, the point i was making was not that t4 guilds had either moved onto dragons or t1 rof , and i didnt compare the lists but i'd assume no wins for dragons for any guild that wasnt already into t4 voa before Rof. So taking into account the levels the aa's the gap between the top 30 to 40 guilds to the midtier, did not narrow with Rof, so saying the raids are "easy" is only a perspective gained by being in the top echelon of raiding guilds.

    If we saw a handful of guilds that had been stuck in t3<beasts> and passing gear to alts in t2, on the Dragons win column or Rof t1, i'd agree with you. That the top guilds steamrolled Rof, was expected. I do hope to see win's soon though, we've seen a lot of activity our members seem to really enjoy the Rof group content and we've stuck our toes into both dragons an Sl raid.

    Even the most jaded of the upper tier has to realize that to make raids that would have made them stumble would put all but handful of guilds into a limbo of doing only old content or beating there heads against a wall. That's not a put down, it's just fact. Call it easy all you like :) i'm fairly certain it was for you.
  8. Mellifleur Augur

    I wouldn't necessarily call the events easy, as, talked about during an AA chat or two during the week Elidroth hosted them, was some guilds find ways to glitch through specific events like Xorbb 1...

    Events being easy and events being exploited are 2 different things.
  9. Siddar Augur

    Half a raid of group geared players wont get past Aary. Half a raid of T4 VoA geared raiders would.

    A full raid of group geared players maybe. Two groups of T4 VoA raid geared players maybe.
  10. Elricvonclief Augur

    NToV was initially to be for mid tier guilds to catch up with those who'd beaten VoA, to help ready them for RoF Tier 1 events. Difficulty was said to be roughly T2.5 VoA.

    Some folks whined it was too easy, (they posted loudly and often), so the devs upped the difficulty to at least T4 VoA or higher.

    So much for helping the mid tier guilds catch up... /facepalm
  11. Siddar Augur

    The NToV from the end of beta and the NToV that is now live are not the same thing.

    NToV is basically T3 VoA difficulty.

    If you can beat Resplendent Temple or Beasts Domain without using pet tanks you can most likely beat almost all of the Dragons in NToV.

    So its about half a tier above it original tuning target in its current form.
  12. Pirlo Augur

    No, not even remotely close
  13. Siddar Augur

    How so?

    Compared to Resplendant Temple there are maybe two Dragons that are harder Lord Vyemm and maybe Vulak`Aerr (haven't got to him yet). Everything else falls between beasts and Resplendent Temple in difficulty.

    My guess is that Vulak`Aerr at level 100 will be easier then Rubak was at level 95.
  14. Nudia Augur

    Partially true. Mechanics-wise, they're very easy (minus Vulak). The melee on the dragons, though, stretch the difficulty; some of them hit extremely hard.
  15. Kreacher Augur

    WTF - it's not even close.

    Aaryonar hits for 40k AND Flurries. RT you have one mob that flurries and hits for around 32k - Avatar of Ladrys. Even then i did actually complain that he Ladrys hits too hard - most mid guilds actually lurch tank this now.

    Here's a thought - honestly - Have the dragons in ToV hit through defensive/burst of anger/deflection/ws/etc. And then we'll have a proper reading.
    The main problem is the dragons were bumped up in melee only - well 1 week of beta left they were tuned T2.5, and then Eli decides to bump them to T4.5 - You'd normally expect that sort of thing would take months of planning etc - but nope - 1 week is all the need to tune properly. The AE/DD remain the old ones, so the AE/DD is trivial. Folks are just ganking them through full mitigation disciplines. Remove it.

    Aaryonar prolly is 3 groupable tho. But then so is every raid that does not involve adds. It doesn't mean that it is undertuned tho.
  16. Noobieguy Augur

    I know of 1 guild that has beat every dragon except for Vulak, and they had just gotten into T4 VoA. It's possible for sure. Not sure they have even tried the T1 progression raids yet though since, well, you don't need to do anything to get access to NToV.
  17. Noobieguy Augur

    If everyone is group geared, I would say no. Need a raid tank and rampage tank or you better have like 20 healers spamming to keep them alive (when defensive stuff drops). Some of the AEs are pretty rough too, not bad in raid gear, but would be horrible in group gear.
  18. Derd Augur

    Well, unless its a guild that doesn't report the only guild i can see that sort of fits that description would be Firestormers. Farmed beasts for 6 months it appears, and we all know what fun that is after awhile. Got thru t3 6months later then in sept broke t4 and ran thru it very fast most all the wins coming in november. And it appears they ran thru dragons pretty well, Congrats :) I'm sure that will help them immensely, still wont help the other midtier guilds that struggle with the insane dps from aary but it is nice to see a guild that was able to keep on keeping on. Of course it still backs up my comment that no guild that wasnt into t4 to my knowledge had beat a dragon :) as they'd made it all the way except the final boss. Hopefully the gear from dragons helps them go back and get us another guild finish there.
    Maybe thats where i'm different i consider Eq and us game not a us vs. them. The more us that progress, win raids, help others the more reason to spend money on eq, the fewer us's can only in any sane business enviroment equal less money spent.

    The only point i've ever tried to make is when you limit the number of people actively being able to raid and win, you can only limit the amount of dev time spent to make content for those few people. So when you keep pushing them to be exclusive to only to the best of the best, actively pushing the ntov raids out of reach of mid tier, then dont complain every expansion that there are less and less raids for "YOU"
  19. Siddar Augur

    If your guild only beat Beast in VoA you may or may not be able to beat NToV.

    If your guild beat Beast and Resplendent Temple NToV is tuned exactly for you. You may have to work for it but you will eventually break through.

    If your guild beat Rubak before RoF you will find yourself killing dragons in NToV faster then 20 minute burn Disc/AA refresh.
  20. Tegila Augur

    in what way? lol teh GEAR from BD and RT is the same tier. the only difference is teh emote-fest of RT, which is absolutely irrelevant to NToV. The problem with NToV is teh dps from the bosses, and that wasnt an issue in RT. I know I had no issues whatsoever tanking in RT even on the "mean and nasty" version of the boss, while our warriors with full defensives could only last to 92%. Even if we had 5x teh dps we have, thats not gonna cut it unless we have 10 max-geared-for-our-guild warriors to rotate through, and mid-tier guilds do NOT have taht. Guilds and tanks in t3 voa, and presumably cultural voa raid armor as that's t3.5, are geared to do t4, wehther htey get past emote-fests or not, tehreby NToV IF it's aimed at these guilds stuck in t3 (not t2, not t4) then they should hit no harder than the worst mob in voa t3, and that's not the case.

    These dragons hit a hellofa lot harder than t1 rof raid bosses do too, and these are suppsoed to be bridge-content, go figure. So they should hit a little harder than t1 bc of the lack of 600 emotes to follow, but they shoudlnt hit liek twice as hard, which they sure seem to. Tanking the boss in SL long as i dont get overrun with adds or something, i can nearly keep myself up just with taps, and 1 live healer makes sure i can live through tanking him, without full buffs etc (after a battle-rez even) but NToV putting 14healers on a defensive warrior and cant keep him up kinda tells me it's overtuned for its target audience.

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