RoF Raid gear lacking?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by bosspgp, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. bosspgp Journeyman

    Currently half of my guild does not want the RoF T1 Visable raid gear and are even iffy on the RoF T2 raid Visables. This is based on their comments and lack of bidding on raids.

    When they look at the RoF gear they see what they lose. In my case it took 3 pieces of T1 RoF gear to make up for the emblem lose.

    I have had to make the case several times that the entire set is better then the old t4 set. However the difference is so marginal that most intend to skip it. Was this intended? The line from the expansion made at least me think we would see greater differences, not marginal ones. But I guess an "increase" never meant anything more then +1.

    New Linear Item Progression – Stats on armor collected will increase as you move up from one tier to another.

    Maybe I am alone in thinking this gear is..........lacking, but I figured I would post and see your thoughts.
  2. Qbert Augur

    The powers that be succumbed to those that complained that any given item wasn't an upgrade because of the heroics/mod3 losses on a slot-upgrade. So, instead of returning to the days of relatively random gear with one or two good stats per piece (the way it used to be), they decided to follow the horrible pattern established by standardized foci. There should never, ever, ever be a single choice to upgrade per slot, which is what this +1/2 per stat per piece per tier system encourages.

    I remember fondly raiding Time, Tacvi, Anguish, Demiplane, and Frostcrypt/Ashengate when they were current and having to plan which items I wished to upgrade with. Picking one slot (say . . . belt) because of a unique focus or very high stat caused me to balance it out with other choices. Those choices are gone from both grouping and raiding. In theory the all/all gear should have returned us to that paradigm in RoF, but they didn't make all/all gear . . . they made the same archetype gear they have for the last few expansions and stripped off the class restrictions. Points for trying . . . but it's not at all the choice that so many have been clamoring for in gear.

    Ever since the standardized focus effect on a per-slot basis was implemented, gearing up has been boring and not fun.
  3. Tarvas Augur

    I picked up my first piece of T1 gear last night, a BP. After making it I was bitterly disappointed in the stats as it was a loss on everything across the board. I should have looked closer but it never crossed my mind until too late that VoA T2 BP (w/ emblem of course) > RoF T1 BP.
  4. Coruth Augur

    The Spell Dam/Healing are worse on ROF items than on same slot VOA items.

    So for people who look at that stat the most, its almost impossible to bid
  5. Explicit Augur

    Get 1 or 2 more pieces, it will indeed be an upgrade. Having gone from VOA T3 to ROF T1, I can say with 100% certainty that, as a set, it's very much an upgrade (with noticeable gains after having just 3 pieces - 1 of those being a BP). Removing emblems is probably one of the better decisions they've had in regards to visible armor.
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  6. Crystilla Augur

    Chandrok's posted at least once or twice that because of this change, going from VoA to RoF is going to see a smaller return and some inconsistencies because of the prior VoA stats versus the new (highly desired by players) system. But that going from RoF to future expansions things will be an upgrade on every piece.
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  7. Imrahil Augur

    As posted already, emblems will get replaced and rigthfully so, as in the next expansion no one will have to complain about losing stats because of the emblem when changing to the next gear set.
    Also I think it is about time to reduce the increase from one expansion to the next a bit, mudflation makes all expansions before the current one obsolete and that is bad. Now only the focus decay needs to go (or at least keep the last expansion's endzone foci on-par) and you have a lot more raids for mid-tier guilds to do (although they have NToV this expansion, which should help).
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  8. Ronak Augur

    Heroics are even worse than VoA. I can only assume it's an intended change to continue to stagnate heroics? Oddly enough, most of the best heroics items in game are in ToV, not RoF.
  9. Derd Augur

    Well a bigger point may be and this is in relation to tarvas's post as we're in the same guild. The chest aug we can only assume is why bids on tier 3 items are so low. I purchased hands for 30, headslot's gone for under 50 twice recently, and this was before we started getting Ntov wins.
    The real problem and the one they adressed with the no aug change was a detriment to gearing up
    when it forced such a system where wearing older gear was perceived as the only choice by many.
  10. Stubar Augur

    I'm not really understanding this least from a beastlord point of view. Here's what I have found with some research.

    VoA T4 visible totals--important ones(including Emblem)
    Heroic str-109
    Heroic wis-105
    Heroic Dex-109
    Heroic Agi-109
    Spell damage-184

    RoF T2 Visible totals--important one (hurray for no emblems)
    Heroic Str-128
    Heroic wis-97 (OOOOOHHH NOO!!--bottom of the importance list)
    Heroic Dex-116
    Heroic Agi-122
    Spell damage-221

    VoA T4 non visible totals (would vary some, however I favored str/dex)
    Heroic Str- 161
    Heroic wis-131
    Heroic dex-136
    Heroic Agi-141
    Spell damage-269

    RoF T2 non visible (again I chose str/dex/SD as most important)
    Heroic Str-159
    Heroic Wis-115
    Heroic Dex-134
    Heroic Agi-140
    Spell damage-247.

    Grand total

    VoA T4 -------------------RoF T2
    Hstr-270 -----------------Hstr-287 +17 overall
    Hwis-236 ----------------Hwis-212 -24 overall
    Hdex-245 ---------------Hdex-250 +15 Overall
    Hagi-250 ----------------Hagi-262 +12 overall
    SD-453 ------------------SD-468 +15 overall

    While the upgrades aren't IMMENSE, they are there. The only one the bst really takes a hit on is heroic big deal really. It's what we sorta asked for.

    With all the new augs, you can easily customize your toon even more. I personally like the way the itemization has been done for this expansion. If I want to be a caster bst, I can be. If I want to favor melee, so be it. It may not be perfect, however it's a step in the right direction IMO.
  11. Loratex Augur

    let's put it like this...
    QB for team A. has Amazing stats say 400 pass yards 100 rush yards 3 td.
    QB for team B. has lesser stats say 252 pass yards 60 rush yards 2 pass touch downs

    team b scores 3 rushing touchdowns...

    Team B wins even though Team A qb has better "stats"

    The gear is an upgrade regardless no matter how it "looks" this was talked about 1000 times in beta. Reality is Heroics were too high in voa cause they kept getting scaled up if things kept going the way they were next expan they would be in the 40's plus...
    the All/All on Non visible is just a joke and a teribad idea though =)
  12. Hatsee Augur


    I had heroics of at least 15 in a relevant stat at least as early as SoD, VoA went as high as 18 I believe. On non-visible items.

    The fact that they are now capped at 15 means the heroics are nerfed and there is little reason for it. Adding about 3 to all of them, on all items, changes nothing in terms of power in relation to one another but it makes them all clearly an upgrade. With how things look now to pass the old stats we are going to wait 1.5 years or so, that's silly.
  13. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    How is All/All on Non-Visible items bad? While I think that the current set was poorly done (by not actually creating the items like they would if they were not going to be all/all) there is nothing bad about making them All/All in and of itself. It does just what Stubar says, it let's people choose if they want to be; more caster or melee, tank or dps, healer or dps. The only change I think they need to do is that in the next set actually MAKE the item ignoring the All/All tag and do it as if they were making it for the specific classes they intend it for and leave out the stats that those classes would/could not use: an item intended for only pure casters/priests has no need for endurance; an item intended for pure melee has no need for mana.
  14. Loratex Augur

    i realize it opens up to some classes that would prefer it a different way, being a necro i think it works great cause we can get more hp! problem is people see an upgrade and get it... they dont look and see that the "melee" based one isnt really for casters. People dont pay attention to what they are actually looting. when the gear was designed class type specific with 1 or 2 options people did better. Now there are clerics bidding on stuff that is obvious for a rog but hey... its an upgrade so what does it matter.
  15. Stubar Augur

    Wow, then your loot officer/s should step in and say..."wouldn't it be better if you waited for an item more suited to your class? Xxxx player would benefit more from that item who is also bidding on it." However, if you are in a DKP guild, players should be able to get what they want.

    I tend to only bid on things that I feel would benefit the guild as a whole (unless it's rot loot of course), however I've always been a big picture kind of person.

    Again, DKP is DKP so my argument here is weak at best.
  16. Hatsee Augur

    I doubt they went for the rogue item, it was probably a tank item, unless they are randomly after anything that drops or they want heroic strength.
  17. Loratex Augur

    people just look at hp and mana.. not at the heroics is my point.
    and item that says all/all is made for well.. "all"
  18. Loratex Augur

    cause a guild where people sit for 3-4 months and not getting any gear is soo much better...
  19. Hatsee Augur

    It's not all/all, the items were made for very specific classes but then to be 'cool' they made them all/all. Which is confusing and terrible.
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  20. Stubar Augur

    Yup, would suck to be in one of those guilds! I'm just lucky I guess!

    Not sure when this got off topic, however it was stated that RoF raid gear was lacking, I merely posted hard facts about gear and some oddball reference to football somehow that derailed the thread. I'll go back to my original statement that the system is far from perfect, I do however feel it's a good start to something that could have potential in the future.

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