Rizlona: 5 box suggestion b/w my brother and I: necro or monk AND paladin or ranger?

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  1. bird. New Member

    Between my brother and I, we run 5 accounts: I run three and he runs two. The classes below are lined up in order of which account they're on. So, on my enchanter account, I'm debating either the monk or necro, etc.

    Presently, we have the following:

    Me: enchanter, cleric, mage
    Him: shaman, mage.

    Since we're nearing 50, I was trying to plan out our next set of five.

    We've settled on the following:

    Me: (necro/monk), shaman, (paladin/ranger)
    Him: Monk, bard

    The Paladin seems a better match for this group: monk/necro, shaman, monk, bard while the ranger seems a bit better to match with enchanter, cleric, and whatever my brother plays. With the Paladin, I get heals, some cleric buffs, a rez, etc.The Ranger has better dps than the paladin, snare, good for hunting rare mobs when I want.

    Regarding the choice between the necro or monk, the necro seems like it has better synergy with the shaman, it brings a snare, charm and the rest of its toolkit if I go with the paladin. I also won't have to reposition as much, which is a bit easier, but I keep reading about Monk dps/ease being superior. My brother is going to handle all the pulling.

    I don't expect to play beyond PoP. Paladin+necro seems to take a lot of pressure off having a solo healing Shaman, but Ranger+monk seem like overall stronger classes?
  2. Rizlowned Lorekeeper

    enchanter account -> paladin
    cleric account -> necro
    mage account (yours) -> shaman

    shaman account -> monk
    mage account (brother's) -> bard

    you don't want to have your shaman and cleric on the same account (for the eventual day you realize having access to both at the same time is strong). don't forget that necros will be able to rez as well. since you worry about repositioning, play the necro instead of monk so you can focus on tanking and casting with the two other boxes.
    you shouldn't have to worry about paladin vs ranger in dpsing rare mobs with these classes, you would have to worry about paladin vs ranger dying while dpsing rare mobs. so choose the paladin.
    with kunark coming out in a month have you given thought to finishing up your main group first then making all ikkys and holding out doing the 1-60 grind in kunark? you would have to reroll the paladin to sk or warrior and make an evil bard.
  3. Tarvas Augur

    Five accounts: Sk, Cleric, Mag, Enc, Wiz....and add a ranger.
  4. Rizlowned Lorekeeper

    well damn, if we are going to name a bunch of classes he already levelled and didn't want to play I would go with...
    war/clr/brd/shm/monk/monk !
  5. Duality Augur

    2 bards shall not be refuted.
  6. bird. New Member

    We're lvl 46 right now. Should be finished very soon.

    I've done an iksar monk-shaman-sk combo with my brothers on Ragefire, which was fun, but just trying to do something a little different.

    I've never played a tank in EQ, but what I've read is that either ranger or paladin can tank anything that's groupable up through SoV. Ranger just seems kind of a fun class if I have nothing else going on. Track seems quite useful to kill some time when my brother can't get on.

    I have two yaks / mithril 2 hander + jewelry and some decent enough gear for either the paladin or ranger. I think I will just stick with the paladin. But your point about the Necro seems spot on. I really don't want to reposition on multiple boxes.
  7. SomeRandomGuy Journeyman

    Melee are far easier to box. You don't have to reposition. Make a macro that /follows then /assists. Melee always go to the back of the mob. Plus you'll get accused of being a cheater because people never think of using /follow. after a little bit of time getting used to it you'll realize this is way easier than having to cast multiple times during a fight, especially if you're trying to fight hard mobs.
  8. Bewts Augur

    Ranger aggro with a bow is near zero, and you’ll be wasting that DPS potential tanking in SOL/POP. But leading up to that - a ranger serves as a solid tank, especially if a shaman is slowing harder hitting mobs. And even with Torpor? Flame lick rules the day for aggro there.

    Paladin is amazing for aggro, and brings some cleric buffs that a shaman doesn’t, along with ghetto rezzes. But you’re just gonna be a meat shield casting stun, and hitting taunt. Dirty job, but someone has to do it I suppose.

    I’d honestly go with a MNK SHM RNG for you and MNK BRD for your boy. I’d say BRD / SHM is OP for any melee centric group, but your timeline sort of limits that statement a bit by stopping in POP as each class just gets more and more OP with expansion. Through SOL you’ll mostly wreck house long as ya can keep up with running the top 3-4 weapons per DPS from the era.

    Ya might also get a bit limited in POP without a tank; but it sounds like that’s not as big of a concern for you given you expect to stop there about anyways? The fun in POP for me was EP, but I was also running roughshod for months through Fire and Water with WAR CLR BRD RNGx3 in elemental bows and random Time drops across them all (main was CLR, one RNG was 2nd main in near full time gear).

    I suggest ranger simply because ping pong aggro between monks necro and sham is gonna wear ya out. Ranger flame lick, taunt and snare for where mobs run is gonna serve you far better than a chain stunning paladin with 10 dps.
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  9. Kiaro Augur

    5 box wizards.
    You will not regret this.
  10. bird. New Member

    I thought I should be running 5 bards.
  11. Gnothappening Augur

    Five rangers and one bard... always wondered if that would work. Could run faster than all the mobs and just bow then down once luclin dropped.
  12. JSEQD New Member

    I've recently been using a paladin to more or less stun-lock a mob. Stunned mobs don't count as moving, nor rooted, for rangers. 1 paladin plus 5 rangers would destroy a lot of content. Non-stunnable mobs...well, you have a lot of rangers to heal you.
  13. Kiaro Augur

    Bow damage is crap unless the mob is tanked, woudn't work very well in classic era anyway, as rangers don't get good archery damage until Luclin AAs. That being said, you could probably kill stuff before it did any real damage with that setup, just rotate which ranger is tanking each mob, with the regen from bard songs you'd probably be topped off by the time you got to the 6th mob.
  14. Kiaro Augur

    A paladin can self heal through nearly any content in classic (I was soloing PoHate undead on mine without problems at 50)