Riposte is out of control

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  1. Allayna Augur

    I think I figured out the issue. You see me contradicting what you are saying as “crapping” on your posts. Go back and reread them, all I did was say that’s not the case, I’m not dying to my own riposte.

    I also left the definition of regularly and routinely from Cambridge since you are hung up on my choice of adverbs. I think they were apt choices.



    /ˈreɡjələli/ US

    at the same time each day, week, month, etc. and usually fairly often:
    Sales managers regularly compare the performance levelsof their sales force with performance forecasts.
    The US is hoping to use the regularly scheduled talks to push for better access to European markets.




    regularly adverb (REPEATEDLY)

    at repeated times, with equal or similar amounts of timebetween one time and the next:
    We meet regularly each morning for coffee.

    regularly adverb (OFTEN)

    by doing the same thing or going to the same placeoften:
    She appears regularly on national TV.

    regularly adverb (EVENLY)

    with equal or similar amounts of space or time between one and the next:
    We meet regularly to discuss progress on the project.
    The competitors set off at regularly spaced intervals.
    The best advice is to eat regularly and get plenty of sleep.





    regularly adverb (OFTEN)

    She regularly appears on TV talk shows.
    Accidents regularly occur on this street.
    Experts say that the product, if eaten regularly, could be harmful.



    /ruːˈtiːnli/ US

    regularly, as part of the usual way of doing things:
    Toys are routinely tested to make sure they comply with safety standards.



    /ruːˈtiː UK


    used for describing what often or usually happens:
    Health and safety rules are routinely flouted/ignored.
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  2. Ozon Augur

    If you get anxious on Dusk/Dawn, with Centi, or however you do Centi on Bridge fight, maybe Door event regular adds, or spiders, can get crazy with adds on Crystals raid. So it is possible to pile up adds, shrug. I can't say Aallayna was simply popping flash and waiting for someone else to peel everytime I can say that they have tanked 6-8 mobs for longer than flash has lasted in this expansion and ToL, that's not a knock on the rest of our tank crew, just a statement of fact. Sometimes we were in recovery mode, or low on tanks, or whatever. Its happened enough that it's accepted as a regular thing we all know Aallayna can handle it. No one freaks out, it's an expectation of our tanks, if a new app can't do that, honestly they probably won't pass their app. Shield flash, or deflection not withstanding.
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  3. TsiawdMS TittyGOAT

    Great tanks don't leash mobs. Twice. =p Moreover, sks without adps should be doing 850k+ on majority of nos events with multi dotting potential. Especially if you are letting a paladin tank 6-8 mobs. I'd love to play an sk and just focus on dps.

    I have tanked 8 grimlings on pit fight for the duration of the entire wave after deflection ended. It was about 450+ swings at an average hit of 37k. Glyph stacked with new impertinent was used. So I do believe it is doable.

    @maderhos I also saw sith's tank parse from t1 shiknar. He had like 90k dps incoming. Was one of the most insane tank parses i've seen.
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  4. Allayna Augur

    Think Kagg clocked me at 115k inc dps last cycle.

    I’m not sure how to view that yet in the new parser.

    Leashes suck, they happened and we learn from it. Despite killing her twice we still came in 3rd.
  5. TsiawdMS TittyGOAT

    must be nice getting those sk epics on demand hahaha
  6. Ozon Augur

    A couple of our SKs do more than that when not tanking, to over 1million. Especially with new weapons which are just dumb fun ratios.
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  7. Maedhros High King

    Maybe thats it, maybe we have a language barrier issue.
    In your world, briefly tanking 6-8 mobs during a wipe or before other tanks peel them means regularly and routinely.
    Regularly and routinely by the definitions you just shared means that you INTEND to tank 6-8 mobs on schedule and I really can't imagine why that would ever be a thing to intend to do when there are 8 tanks available.
    The only word that properly describes what youre doing in my world is briefly.
  8. Proximoe Elder

    there a time limit on briefly and regularly? for science
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  9. Ozon Augur

    I suppose if it's that big a concern we can make Aallayna tank 6-8 mobs at raids on a scheduled basis. I for one could use a snack break.
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  10. Robnie Augur

    cause paladins can

    It's not about if we should, it's about why not sir. Sks can take their snack breaks and warriors can play /gems while mages go pew pew pew
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  11. Emilari UI Designer

    Yes, I do. From RoTE alone I follow Zaknaffein, Marquele, and Findictive. I was watching Fin's stream on launch day.

    I follow approx 40 EQ twitch streamers, at least 30 of whom are raid streamers from live servers. I also follow several others on youtube, again including Marquele and Findictive.
  12. MyShadower New Member Adjacent

    All the ripostes in the "Riposte is out of control thread", ForumQuest gold.
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  13. Syylke_EMarr Augur

    Results... inconclusive. Rune proc on the weapon probably skewed things, and I forgot to account for it. But, here's the data I got.

    Grabbed a random yard trash from Under Siege raid instance and soloed it for ~10 minutes with standard sword/shield setup and then with snowcone/shield setup. (Died twice doing the snowcone one, hence the "combined" header.) I did not use any discs to avoid their impact on anything.

    Standard sword and shield setup:

    Snowcone and shield setup:[IMG]

    What I found most interesting was that the mob made a fair amount more swing attempts per second when I was using the snowcone. Why? No earthly idea, unless it was just really, really bad RNG luck.
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  14. Maedhros High King

    So with having seen other guilds streams and seeing what they do, what do you think accounts for the necessity of tanks in RA to ever be taking 6-8 mobs on raids?
    I am not talking about an emergency or during that very brief gather phase when new mobs spawn and tanks are looking to peel at least 1 mob each.
    We know there are not any raids with 48-64 adds on them.
    I assume that other tanks are not just standing around and letting Aallayna tank 6-8 mobs so they can take a smoke break.
    Excellent tanks are going to identify that mobs are up, and if there are 6-8 mobs on the etw and only 8 tanks, the ones that find themselves not tanking are going to be looking to pick up a mob.
    Its just how it is.
    Even on a full ETW, that means that none of the 8 tanks ever really needs to be tanking more than 2 or 3 mobs max on any given event. If 1 of the tanks is constantly tanking more than 2 or 3, there is a problem that needs solving. Some tank is apparently taking a smoke break after all.

    This leaves us at the only logical assumption that Aallayna was exaggerating, and twisting the conversation to suit an imaginary narrative, for.. whatever reason. Fun I suppose.
    Also known as crapping on a post.
  15. Allayna Augur

    The names were changed to classes since I didn't receive permission from them to post their parsing.
    Only melee damage was included in tank parsing.

    T3 Launch - All 9 targets
    Combined (322): A cliknar nymph in 4343s, 1.44B Tanked @331.44K, 1. Warrior = 188.33M | 2. Paladin = 184.04M | 3. Aallayna = 151.02M | 4. Warrior = 108.42M | 5. Shadowknight = 100.53M | 6. Shadowknight = 89.81M | 7. Shadowknight = 71.05M

    Easy to see why we ran lower tank numbers if we can get our SKs to DPS on race day.

    2/16/23 - 6 targets available
    Combined (390): Mutable Monstrosity in 6271s, 1.82B Tanked @290.62K, 1. Warrior = 242.22M | 2. Aallayna = 213.02M | 3. Paladin = 190.36M | 4. Shadowknight = 149.50M | 5. Warrior = 146.22M | 6. Shadowknight = 106.81M | 7. Paladin = 95.84M | 8. Warrior = 82.06M | 15. Warrior = 29.80M

    T2 Launch - 6 targets

    Combined (369): A cliknar nymph in 5697s, 1.49B Tanked @260.74K, 1. Paladin = 186.72M | 2. Aallayna = 178.75M | 3. Warrior = 146.05M | 4. Warrior = 112.48M | 5. Warrior = 93.32M | 6. Paladin = 83.97M | 7. Paladin = 64.69M | 8. Shadowknight = 59.45M | 10. Shadowknight = 45.80M

    This post isn't crapping on any of our tanks, this is showing that our strategy revolves around allowing our paladins to tank more mobs, continuously to allow higher dps tank classes to squeeze more dps. It also allows mages to beam more adds at once, dotters to dot multiple targets...and so on. It also shows a more ....continuous tanking of multiple mobs, not flash, not deflection.

    So I think our definitions of briefly are vastly different. Parses aren't exaggerations Maedhros. Our strat is different than yours, but if you'd like to reach out and learn how to hold aggro, stack discs, survive better, I'm available.
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  16. Maedhros High King

    It was never a question of if they can.
    I've tanked 6-8 things on raids, any good tank has.
    Why not? Its your guild, if thats how you want to roll, who am I to judge?
    I'd just wonder why you have so many tanks on your roster if Aallayna is just gonna tank all the things.
    Why not have all the other tanks swap to dps classes right?
    Maybe that extra dps would get ya over the hump to catch SR and ROI.
  17. Allayna Augur

    9th place giving 3rd place pointers. >.<

    I never said I tanked it all. You seem stuck in this...only 6-8 mobs are up at a time mentality. Apparently RoTE doesn't push add waves to get multiples up so that their DPS isn't wasted on 4 adds.
  18. Maedhros High King

    You're definitely right about one thing, you guys must be the only guild in the game that the SKs are being out tanked by paladins.
    Different strokes for different folks I guess.
  19. Robnie Augur

    paladins op fo sho

    Thousand/Aa-dog when the boss on door is at 70% and none of the adds have spawned
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  20. Nudia Augur

    We did and it was at least trending in the right direction until we screwed up other things... Whoops!

    For real, riposte has been jacked since the change some time back, but it's been years, and it's just part of EQ at this point. It'd be great to see improvement, but I doubt it's going to happen, especially on the raid side of the game.
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