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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Venalin, Sep 19, 2019.

  1. kyong Augur

    Can this change just be rolled this back please.
  2. Veritas New Member

    Warpeace been playing 19 years always rolled with the stupid crap they did as well as with whatever people like you said just tired of elitists always saying that we do not mater. And that others who are FTP don't mater and should just quit playing.
  3. Fishlips_Jones Journeyman

    I never saw riposte as a problem. Fixing non-problems is a waste of time. Also, in 'real life' (RL) it doesn't work this way. In RL you don't know an attack is going to miss before you respond. But if you could know, then you would definitely get in the counter attack.
  4. Raivene Lorekeeper

    Thought we could use a summation of the various things affected or potentially affected. Some we won't know until the parsers are fully updated I suspect. Some of these affects are small... some not so small at least by some anecdotal reports... but here is my certainly not all inclusive list.

    • Riposte changes
      • Reduction in MT DPS and Agro generation. Reported by some to be more than just small.
    • Rogue Moloing DPS
      • Mentioned, but I don't play a rogue so no real clue. My Sig Other does play a rogue and said it was noticeable...
    • Type 18/19 "defender" augs, Slow belts, other items that proc off defensives (like sacred prayer shawl of the duke for instance)
      • Theoretically affected because the trigger of riposte, dodge, parry, block etc. All of these items should proc significantly less.
    • Strikethrough damage reduction
      • Theoretical reduction in damage. I haven't parsed this, but since strikethrough only comes into play after a successful defensive skill the reduction in the number of those should reduce the number of strikethroughs overall. You can't strikethrough a miss.
    • Mob Damage
      • This one has both pluses and minuses. Damage should drop due to riposte and strikethrough reductions. However in the group game the loss of player dps can make fights much longer and that offsets this, at least when you are tanking 2+,mobs. If raid bosses use the same methods we do, then there should be a noticeable decrease in spikyness as their ripostes and strikethroughs should be reduced as well.
    I'm not sure all of the above will be proven true, I suspect most will and I suspect there are far more than the above list still to be discovered. Individually a lot of them are mostly an annoyance. A small reduction in capability. But then you start looking at all the other effects combined and this potentiall is way more than a small change overall.
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  5. Dewey Augur

    No what I am saying is rogues use riposte to backstab.

    We do almost a guaranteed 4 backstabs when in the back of the mob every 6 seconds.

    When in the front we do 1 backstab every 6 seconds. When in the front if they ripost then there is a chance that we riposte their riposte. Doing a check for another backstab. This would have to happen 4 times every 6 seconds to be more dps than us being in the back.

    If we are taking the mob then the check needs to happen more than 4 times every 6 seconds. So rogues where all doing more damage from behind. However, this nerf reduction to our frontal dps. This is a nerf to rogue dps in all content including raids.

    For years rogues have asked to not use riposte to make up for missing the back arc. Yet that is what has been used to balance rogue frontal dps. Now this nerf is reducing rogue frontal dps where a it is an area where rogues already needed help in. It sets us farther back than before.
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  6. Poyzen Frawg Augur

    I have to agree that the developers need to make up for the loss of tank DPS ….. increase pure melee DPS plz, it will encourage grouping gain and bring balance back to raids. :)
  7. Warpeace Augur

    And where did I say any of that? I didn't say one word of that so again your point is what? Where did I say people like you don't matter? Seriously are you just fishing to try and add some ounce of importance to this? Multiple classes took the same nerf yet its basically another OH NO my SK ability to swarm got nerfed.

    I pushed back on a brand new forum account that posted for the very first time being a complete jerk with the FTP comment and even you should have been easily able to see that. How many forum rules did they probably violate with that one post? Why do you think it was a new account and they said what they did? They didn't want their main account suspended or banned.

    You didn't have issue with the very first reply to this thread or several other saying basically the same thing. So don't come at me all high and mighty as the champ of the little people. Suck it up and adapt to the new play style.

    Maybe people will get lucky and Daybreak will reduce the nerf but we know the history there.
  8. Cadira Augur

    Nah, new member.

    Dbg will be collecting your 5 subscription fees every month for the foreseeable future. And they look forward to the 5 expansions you are paying for before the end of the year.

    This nerf and the nerf to slow belts are laughably small and will have no noticably large impact on anything you do, get over it.

    I'm working hard at my violin lessons but it's hard to keep up with all the recent whining from people who have no idea what they're talking about.
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  9. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    It's ok, we can give you tiny violin lessons when you come in second (or worse) again this expansion and then whine constantly about how something was unfair and explains away the "loss". Forumquest powers, activate!
  10. Cadira Augur

    uh, alright?
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  11. Cicelee Augur

    Forum Quest. Where a thread about riposte changes can immediately turn into a guild vs guild epeen...
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  12. Sancus Augur

    This is embarrassing.
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  13. Eyezing Lorekeeper

    So sad... at least you're proud of who you are? Pretty sure your guild isn't lol
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  14. Allayna Augur

    Pretty cocky for a guild that constantly hits up my membership in cold call recruiting tactics...
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  15. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    About as embarrassing as the same 4 people from MS constantly lying, being hypocrites, pushing for unwarranted nerfs, trash talking casual players while at the same time pretending they are some kind of champion for the casual, and filling up long threads on these forums with 1/3 of posts, pretending their raid geared alts played in groups of raid geared mains and alts are somehow representative of the average non-raider, etc etc.
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  16. Eyezing Lorekeeper

    Put down the shovel, man
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  17. Voxynn Elder

    Any tank who claims to have lost agro to the point they are now now able to play the tank class because of the change to Repo this is the dumbest thing I've read on the forums in a very long time.
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  18. Raivene Lorekeeper

    Probably cause that's not what you are actually reading. Folks are saying it has an effect, not that they are unable to adjust to the effect.
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  19. Voxynn Elder

    Your right. Its implied.
  20. kyong Augur

    Let's get back on topic. Revert this change please.

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