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  1. Laronk Augur

    I think they generate a minimal amount of hate because when I play my warrior I can pull 3 mobs, be super lazy and not press buttons and my cleric won't pull agro on the adds with heals. So there's something but really tanks should press their buttons if they don't want others getting agro.
  2. sojero One hit wonder

    got a rune aug on any of your weaps?
  3. Laronk Augur

    I don't have a rune aug on my warrior I stopped doing that a while ago but like i said its minimal what ever it is, its not going to let someone ae or anything and cleric heal agro is sooo small with the chance to not even enter them into combat and then the 68% or what ever reduction in agro from aa.
  4. Mazame Augur

    Give it time. I am sure the good players out their will find new tricks. Every year their seams to the new ___________. Almost every class has had their day on top and become the new Flavor of the month. Mage beam kiting whole zone to Rangers Head shot, Chanters Rune tanking to Rogue swarming of the Library. Bards kiting to Monk avoidance people find a way to take their toons and push them beyond the limits. Other then see what they thought was impossible and soon everyone is making the next ______ class to try out the new _______ ability.

    Rather then posting here where no one is going to feel sorry for you why not just move on and get back on the saddle. Their new trick out there to find go find them.
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  5. Tatanka Augur

    If you can't riposte because they miss, just sit down. Then, they won't miss! ;)
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  6. Greymantle Augur

    Hmm did the GMM mission last night after the raid with the normal overpowered group, 2 rangers an SK , shammy, mage and BL. Preveously we could blow through the mission before lesson was finished with time to spare. And at that killing all the mobs up. They 'upgraded' the mobs in the mission. Most just seemed to be an increase in con, but they do hit more like the static zone mobs now too. I had put down the additional time needed, as the increase in HP. But had forgotten about the ripost change. That also has/had a big impact into how fast stuff died. Previously i could melle 5 or 6 at time with a real healer or 2 or more mercs. Now more than 2 and i am in trouble, due to how hard they are now hitting. Not complaining! It was to easy before, now is a challenge again. But being able to 'tank' 5 odd ment by the time i killed the one i had targerted, the rest were at about half health due to ripost and DS damage.

    Not so anymore, so be aware!
  7. Monkman Augur

    Was still able to solo this mission no healer, 10 mins left on lesson. What nerf?
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  8. yosco Augur

    ... and then definitely DON'T tell anyone because we all know it'll end up on these crappy boards and Devs who are too busy with the new expansion to look at persistent problems but have time to stamp out player creativity will need to nerf it.
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  9. Mazame Augur

    2 rangers an SK , shammy, mage and BL??
    But being able to 'tank' 5 odd ment by the time i killed the one i had targerted, the rest were at about half health due to ripost and DS damage.

    So with 2 Rangers, a shammy, mage and BL. Your Sk was doing 50% damage to 4 mobs and helping the group to do dps to 1 mob. So 4 dps class and a SK do 100% damage to 1 mob and at the same time the SK is doing 50% damage to another 4 mobs?? Just want to make sure I am reading your post correctly.
  10. Greymantle Augur


    No , heh, the SK tanks them we kill them, however on occasion i have duoed this mission being the only DPS/tank.
  11. Mazame Augur

    If the groups killing and the DPS was coming from the group then I not sure how the change to riposte would affect the group..

    He said " the rest were at about half health due to ripost and DS damage " this make it sound like the riposte and the DS was doing the 50% damage to the other 4 mobs. And before the change I could believe it because i been in groups where the SK riposte was doing most of the group damage when the sk would pull 10+ mobs. That is what the change was about because the Dps should be from the Dps not from ripost.
  12. Sathayorn Augur

    Figures. Riposte changed, affecting anyone who tanks, SK's complain it affects swarming.
  13. Solanli Journeyman

    I can confirm without a doubt that reposte generates agro just the same as "swing hitting" a target. As a 110 monk I can pull several mobs and let my shaman spam heal me - because my reposte damage generates enough agro to out do the spam heals.

    Moreover, your comment about current content hitting you more than missing you is 100% inaccurate. My monk currently is sitting around 6K AC and I am missed more often than hit.

    Your post contains many points which are simply not true.
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  14. Irongron New Member

  15. p2aa Augur

    That's cool story, but if it generate some aggro, it will be tiny amount, certainly not like swing aggro. There is only 1 person other than you that believes riposte generate a lot of aggro, everyone else is saying at best it generates small aggro amount. So everyone is wrong and you are right ?

    Defensive skill rate in group content are at best around the 20-30 % range. Look at parsers. So yeah, you are hit more than being missed in current content. It's you that is 100 % inaccurate.
  16. Solanli Journeyman

    If it did not generate decent agro ... why would a monk be able to reposte and hold agro off a spam healing shaman? Even if the monk 100% turns off attack, the shaman is still not pulling agro? If it is not the reposte damage ... what is it?
  17. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    I really don't think that would be the case as this change reduces the number of more expensive checks it has to do each time a melee attack is made. The fact that the mobs are living longer isn't relevant in this case as the lag is coming from having to do those checks after every attack rather than every attack that would actually hit the target.
  18. sojero One hit wonder

    Broken heal agro :)
  19. Solanli Journeyman

    While I may have misunderstood you - are you only speaking to true "misses" or are you including dodges / reposte's / Blocked / Defended? - I was including all these ... you may not have been.
    As that parse shows - a lvl 111 mob only managed to hit me 47.47% of the attempted swings that it made.
  20. Laronk Augur

    You know, we could just have a warrior pull a mob with attack off, tank it for 5 minutes without any buttons and have another person use an ability with a hate overide where we know the specific amount of hate. Then see what % agro they're at, count all the ripostes and get a rough estimate of how much agro we're talking about.

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