RIP Shamans

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Millianna, Feb 14, 2018.

  1. Sokki Augur

    They won't even be worthwhile in specific situations, the cost to damage will make them pointless. I don't know what world you're living in but shamans cannot go "All Out" for 20 mins straight, more like 5-10 mins tops before having to use long recast mana tools. Soloing isn't even awesome XP as it is, this nerf will make me not solo anymore when bored, it just won't be worth it. Kill 1 maybe 2 mobs and then have to med to full again is not fun, I hate having to med every 3-4 mobs as it is.
  2. Corak Elder

    What percentage of the current customer base of EQ involves players casually boxing 2-3 characters in group gear? I suspect its a good share of population at this stage of the game, and it includes me. My view is that these DoT changes really marginalize the shaman class for such folks, and make the game a lot less fun if you have built up a shaman character you love.

    While I admire any Tucoh-style expert boxer running 6 accounts with everything carefully maximized (and appreciate them sharing their expert tips on this forum), and those who have mastered the use of legal third party software, that is not me. I three box War/Enc/Shm with mercs, messing around in group zones trying to farm some gear for my characters. The shaman is my original main from 2001, and I was thrilled when the DoTs were ramped up and it seemed to make sense to use the shaman in my box team again. If these changes go live, I will need to send my shaman back into retirement and use a pure dps class in her place. Maybe that is what the dev's want, but it isn't fun for me.

    It may be that a shaman or druid played as a single character in a raid environment with first rate adps running on a long named fight can do dps that is too close to real dps classes for the design intent. Fine, find a way to fix that. But in the game I play, shaman dps is not currently overpowered at all. The shaman can beat the Wiz merc by a bit in continuous pulling trash fights, then put out something between 160k and 320k on the named fight with my setup (looking over some recent parses). That is enough to allow me to use the shaman in a three box and still kill a named in a reasonable amount of time. It is fun and I want to keep playing this way.
  3. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    I live in the world where I can cast 3-4 rounds of dots using aa canni when it makes sense before I run oom, that takes me to about 7 minutes deep. then I can use spiritual channeling for mana free casting to get me to about 11-12 minutes, during which I fully recover mana... then I continue casting for another 7ish minutes before i'm OOM....... putting me at about 19 minutes... and that's if i'm not being my most mana efficient with GoMs n stuff......

    channeling can only be cast every 20 minutes though. so after that if i'm soloing I med to full and around the time I need it again it's back up..... plus or minus a minute or two. if i'm raiding, the event is over around the same time I run OOM, and I pay more attention to gift of mana and where my mana bar is at so I last the entire event.

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