Ring of Scale, tier 2 armor

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  1. Red-Liner New Member

    I’m happily working my three toons through EoK Hunter, progression and group tasks and missions.
    I think I only have the last two missions for EoK to finish all group stuff, Droga and Atrebe.

    I’m also working through the early solo and group stuff in RoS, along with Hunter.
    My play times are limited, but I’m cool.

    I have three full sets of T1 armour obtained from The Overthere and Skyfire.

    I am now venturing into the T2 zones, with the intention of upgrading my armour.

    So I’m politely asking, which of the 4 zones is easier to farm?
    Not specifically which is the easiest named to kill. But more from an ease of camp spots.

    I found areas in The Overthere, where I could kill two or three PH’ers from two or three different named mobs. The spawn rates generally meant that a named usually popped quite often, and extremely often in bonus spawn times.

    Which of Veeshans, Gorowyn, Howling or Sathirs off the best opportunity to keep several named camps in rotation? Although my trips into Howling so far, suggest that easy travel in this zone is challenging.
  2. Qbert Gallifreyan

    You can reasonably cherry-pick a whole bunch of placeholders for lots of named at the same time in Gorowyn and it is a bit easier to move around (some things see invis, most don't . . . and you can levitate over most things that might give you trouble).