Ring of Scale Expansion Stream - Weds, Oct 25 at 10AM PT

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  1. NameAlreadyInUse Augur

    What does that have to do with anything? We weren't discussing my personal preferences, and obviously, any of us posting anything in this forum are here because we like the game.

    Could you expand on whatever you were trying to add to the conversation? I was posting in response to the discussion about the relative values of different purchases in life.
  2. ~Mills~ Augur

    Since its all but been confirmed that this will be a level increase expansion will you finally be doing dot revamps for necromancers and shadow knights during the beta period? So you actually have time to get tuning set over a few months period. This would be the best time to handle this and its been 2 years in the making.

    The debuff cap issue this was aimed at fixing has only been worsened by making it so classes that didnt previously use dots now do and since you added alliances and tons of other debuff eating items. Its been 18 months too long addressing the class that requires 20 debuff slots on a mob to function in raids and boosting group dps drastically via swifts.
  3. Kleitus_Xegony Augur

    I don't know what you're getting at really, but apparently, I've had the opposite experience. The last movie I saw probably lead to about 15 minutes of conversation with a couple of people from work. I only used going to the movies as an example because of the costs. I've known a lot of people who complain about the costs of EQ but have no problem going to the movies a few times a month. They just spend their entertainment budget differently.

    As far as the social aspect, EQ has provided a way to talk about things from sports, movies, politics, hunting, fishing, families, etc... with people from different states, countries and cultures. Whether it was someone serving overseas, making cakes in Belgium, working as a model for NASCAR, or just someone coaching soccer in Canada, they're all people that I would have never had the opportunity to talk to or even get to know on any level except through EQ. I could go on and on and on.

    I don't get the shame that you have, especially with the family. Instead of goofing around online with 53 of your best friends that you've never actually met, you could be out at a bar getting drunk, hitting on random strangers, getting into fights and arrested, etc... There really are a lot worse things in life than playing a game online. Why is it more shameful than playing Candy Crush for hours on end? At least EQ is with other people. Is it really worse than watching TV for an hour or two each night? You just sound like you're afraid to embrace your inner dork and deal with what someone will say about playing EQ. So what, you kill orcs and dragons in your spare time. How is that worse than Farmville, Clash of Clans, or any other game really other than it's with other people? It's ok to play Madden or Call of Duty against people online but not EQ. Makes no sense to me. They're all ways to entertain yourself.
  4. Aurastrider Augur

    I am not sure why playing EQ has brought you shame unless everyone you know dislikes gaming and thinks you are wasting your time. Is it EQ in general that brings you shame or the fact that you spend your free time gaming? I know people that don't understand why I game (non gamers) and people that game but don't understand why I play EQ because its an old game. As long as you are not neglecting your real life responsibilities there should not be any sense of shame. This is harmless entertainment and provides an escape from the daily grind. Everyone should have an escape and they should not feel shame in that escape unless in fact it is having a negative impact on their life. I have never once entered a conversation where I felt shame for playing this game because it is something that brings me much joy and pleasure. If someone shames me for that than they are probably not someone I need to associate with. Now if EQ consumes my life and I start to neglect my responsibilities that is something to be ashamed of.
  5. YellowBelly Augur

    Are you for real? You must have incredibly shallow friends and family. If I can't talk about my favorite pastime (playing MMOs) with people close to me I wouldn't want to be around them.
  6. NameAlreadyInUse Augur

    I'm feeling pride in being able to elicit such a strong physical reaction in you, just by stating my feelings. I feel like a real magic user now! :)

    I was trying to point out that movies have other benefits (some of which are social) that EQ does not. Perhaps some of you live with gamers, work with gamers and only talk to gamers and that is all the social activity you need or encounter. But if you are only talking to fellow EQ'ers in all of your life (because you only live, work and eat with people that play EQ), then you are lucky and living in a very small bubble.

    But if you ever talk to or want to do anything with other people, who don't play EQ, what do you do? I'll bet that movies will come up as either a topic for discussion or a suggested activity. When talking to REGULAR people (the other 99.99% that doesn't play EQ), you will need other topics to discuss. Or you will sit in a corner by yourself the whole time thinking about EQ.

    When talking to normal/average adults, yes, I do feel insecure about my past time. I'm not skydiving or doing something else exciting. I'm not even doing yardwork or raising kids or something else considered "productive". As far as most adults are concerned, there is no difference between playing Candy Crush and playing EQ, except most have forgotten that EQ was ever a thing.

    I play EQ and enjoy it as much as anybody here, but it doesn't mean I'm gonna stick my head in the sand and pretend it is more than it is. Please feel free to attack my feelings some more :)
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  7. Aurastrider Augur

    Not trying to attack your feelings at all but I think its sad that you feel shame for playing this game. I am a male nurse and almost all my coworkers are female. Not a single one of them play EQ or really even play video games and I still have plenty to discuss with them. None of my friends play EQ but most are gamers. Some are even video game developers and EQ still does not come up and yet we have plenty to talk about. My wife does not play EQ and neither does anyone in her family and yet we still manage to have conversations. On the flip side I watch movies and rarely do I have any in depth conversations about a movie. In all honesty there is no movie I have ever seen that would spark more than a couple minute conversation leaving the remainder of the time for conversing about other things. Even if some of my friends did play EQ I am not entirely sure how significant regular conversations could revolve around the game. Once you have discussed anything that's new and things you wish had changed there is only new achievements to discuss. You can only go back to the "remember that one time in EQ" conversation so many times before it becomes annoying. In reality you have things in common with your friends or at least I would hope. It is these common interests that should provide you with topics of conversation. Just like EQ makes you different from others in your social circle I am sure they have things that set them aside from everyone else and those differences most likely rarely make it into conversation unless someone is trying to get others interested in something they enjoy. As I stated before as long as real life comes before EQ there is nothing to be ashamed of. EQ is no different from reading a book or watching a movie except you actually get to participate in the journey and help determine the outcome of the main character which is you.
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  8. NameAlreadyInUse Augur

    I think I am starting to see where all the negative reactions are coming from :)

    I read your post, and I think almost all of it is very similar to my own experience: lots of conversations and activities with non-EQers that are NOT about the game. And that is really the heart of what I was trying to say originally: the value of the $ spent on the movie (or any other activity, really) does not end with viewing the movie. There is more to the journey, not just the destination. In the same way that you can't really put a price on your happiness, you can't define your happiness by the price of something.

    I've made posts in response to people complaining about the price of EQ that, I thought, put the price of EQ squarely in the "negligable" category, when compared to the cost of other activities. But, in hindsight, we also give up a lot of things when we play EQ (sunlight, real life, etc.) - and those have a cost to them as well.

    I did not mean to attack anybody (or myself) for being a gamer or loving EQ. But that doesn't change the fact that that I'm going to feel silly when speaking to somebody who is very active or productive or successful, if I can't tell them I've done anything except play EQ. I would feel the same way if I could only tell them I watched movies, too.
  9. Korsen New Member

    Asking for freebies makes no sense
  10. Flat Toad Journeyman

    As to RoS cost (again)...Computing "true" cost is an individual matter, starting with whether an individual has skipped earlier expansions and will be gaining all catch-ups. Bonuses have mostly sucked lately.
    More interested in reading OFFICIAL confirmation of raised level cap and what will/will not be unlocked either with/without purchase of RoS. Heh,...be kinda a kick in the head if 110 requires RoS, eh?
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  11. Brohg Augur

    Level caps have required expansion purchase constantly since 1999. It's mysterious to me that you would think of it being otherwise
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  12. Mortium Elder

    Can we have new power sources that are current to the new expansion so we don't have to farm the expansion from 5 years ago to keep our abilities constant?

    Better yet, scrap power sources completely.
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  13. Yinla Augur

    For those without facebook, will the stream be available else where?
  14. Reht Augur

    Yeah, i am a little disappointed in their decision to use facebook for this stream, hopefully they will post a recorded version somewhere afterward. Unfortunately for me, facebook is blocked by group policy at work.
  15. Intenso Augur

  16. Intenso Augur

    but yea facebook saves live streams and you can watch them again
  17. Reht Augur

    Haven't found one that they haven't blocked yet, but i might try some newer ones - good idea though, thanks for sharing.
  18. Stephsanity Augur

  19. Reht Augur

  20. Grove Augur

    Seventeen minutes past start time and no information.
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