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  1. Aurastrider Augur

    I feel your pain as I have 8 combat accounts I upgrade every expansion plus 3 buff bot accounts I upgrade whenever there is a level increase or a significant buff added with a new expansion so if they do a level increase I will be upgrading 11 accounts. Overall it is pretty cheap entertainment though imo. I can easily spend what I would spend on expansion upgrades in an hour at the casino. Add another hour and that could have paid for my subs on my 5 accounts that I keep all access year rounds. Add another hour and it would pay for my 3 combat accounts that I sub here and there throughout the year. So basically a year of entertainment vs 3 hours at the casino. Obviously I have a gambling problem when I see the flashing lights and the smell of stale cigarette smoke mixed with cheap perfume from the old ladies putting around with their walkers but overall EQ is cheaper than a lot of hobbies I can think of. When you throw a krono here and there throughout the year into the mix it just brings the price down even more.
  2. Aurastrider Augur

    With the huge success imo of EOK do you have plans to continue the theme with rerolling older era content and bring new life to it?

    If there is a level increase how will experience in EOK zones be affected as we level. Will they still be viable to play and level in or will the content become mostly trivial from an experience perspective?

    On the note of experience will there be any consideration to things like the Alaran Tear and how it evolves. If someone reaches 110 (assuming there is a level increase) and they have not maxed out their tear the xp gained from killing Alaran with the increased level gap might make this even more difficult if not impossible unless one does so through only obtaining the tablets.

    Have you tested LON missions to make sure that players who achieve 110 can request these missions. I know there was an issue at one point with level increases and not being able to request them. If the code has been changed to account for future level increases than obviously this is a non issue.

    Is there any consideration for new epics? The Artisan's prize is like an "epic" aug in a sense but without any class specific abilities attached to it. It would be nice to have an item like epics and this that have a class specific special ability that can be useful for future expansions.

    Ok enough of the serious questions. You guys have worked hard all year on this for us to enjoy so what is your favorite part of the new expansion? Do you guys ever log in with alts and play along side the rest of us without us knowing you are there pretending to be just one of the players (assuming all of you play).

    To all of the haters who think celebrating a years worth of work and another year of EQ is a bad thing have a drink for me. Celebrate the hell out of this thing and be proud. I know I don't speak for myself when I say thank you for continuing on the EQ legacy and giving us another year of entertainment and pleasure.
  3. Brohg Augur

    They don't because you get to log in regardless
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  4. Rickoshay New Member

    Will there be an "alternate path" for players to get the 2.5 epic drops for their characters?
  5. Rickoshay New Member

    Will there be a replacement or upgrade for the "epic" nerfs of the cleric mana AAs and their undead AAs? As a raid oriented cleric, those nerfs really took away the feeling that I was a valuable asset to my raid alliance.
  6. Ryanxp Augur

    Yah It's definitely confirmed, as with every expansion that releases, the preceding xpacs become available. With 3 accounts, you should buy only 1 expansion first to make sure the next 2 will open up the 2 earlier editions. As far as I know, it's been this way on every single one, so catching up on the latest makes it easy to get back into the end-game.
  7. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    $34.99 for the Standard Game, $89.99 for the Collector's Edition, and 139.99 for the Premium Edition; this before the All-Access discount if it is applicable to you. I see no reason why they would change these prices.
    Daybreak no not quite, but SOE did for a long time (well $29.99). Also after the All Access discount the expansion cost is closer to $30 than it is to $35.
  8. svann Augur

    They should offer a slight discount for those that buy multiple xpacs to tempt the people that normally only buy it for their main account.
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  9. NameAlreadyInUse Augur

    I kind of wish they would, too. But DBG already knows that they don't need to lower the price or offer any incentives. The EQ fanbase is a bunch of junkies that will pay whatever DBG charges.

    The irony is that every time somebody gives a "reason" that DBG should offer a discount, what they are really doing is telling DBG that they already have a sincere interest and intent to buy. Since you just told them that you want their product, why would they lower the price?

    Marketing (and putting things on sale and releasing expansions) is about creating excitement more than anything else. DBG already set the arbitrary price of their virtual offerings. They make expansions free after about 2 years. Expansions are fun at the beginning, just like TLP servers, but quickly die out. By the 6 month mark, I bet 80% of players (that bought the expansion) have moved on, leaving the same players that never go away.

    The sad fact that there are people who will wait 1 year and buy an expansion for 50% off, only a month before the expansion becomes just as irrelevant as all of the previous free expansions (and 1 month before they get it for free with their newest expansion purchase), mostly shows that DBG knows just how un-savvy some of it's players are and that DBG are willing to exploit/milk them to the fullest extent.

    Anybody saying "I will buy the expansion for 50% off because..." after 1 year, is ignoring the fact that they get it for 100% off after 2 years. It is bad logic, when the real value of the expansion was the relevance and excitement it created in the community, which is more than 50% gone at the 1 year mark.
  10. NameAlreadyInUse Augur

    And then I remembered they sell $90 and $140 empty-ware versions, too. Selling just one copy of at $140 is the same as 9 standard copies at 50%-off. They really do offer their products to everybody, at multiple price points.

    @Svann, there is no reason they shouldn't offer a bulk discount. They just haven't recognized it as a sales opportunity yet. Maybe it would be viewed as an endorsement of boxing, and they are afraid that a public move like that would cost them sales to the anti-box crowd?
  11. Jhenna_BB Augur

    Please don't let this expac stink so it becomes "Ring of Fail" in the same vein as "The BROKEN mirror". "TeDiouS" and "Cloaks of the Forsaken" lol :)
  12. jeskola Augur

    How many of those did you pay for and play all the way through?
  13. YellowBelly Augur

    I have high hopes for this one after eok was decent.
  14. malicious rexx New Member

    Buying the eok collectors edition right now at half off is kinda nice some of the loot that it comes with seems a lot more polished then previous collector editions. I am glad to have a 2nd chance to get another flying sokakor or goblin familiar. If DB didn't reoffer collector edition one last time for some of the nicer toys it would be a shame since u may not know about them at launch. Hey DB how about some better descriptions of said loot? might make it easier to want the collector edition?
  15. Thalok New Member

    because it makes zero sense for them to.
  16. YellowBelly Augur

    It would make sense for them to.
  17. Lily Augur

    But would you pay $120 for a pizza big enough for 4 people?
  18. Kleitus_Xegony Augur

    Not if it was a single meal, but I would if that $120 pizza was going to feed those 4 people once per month. Even if you add in the monthly fees, you're looking at less than $20 / Month for each of those accounts. So yes, I would certainly do it if I could buy some magic $120 pizza that lets me also pay a small monthly fee to feed those 4 people as often as they want to sit down and eat.

    Comparing it to food is kind of silly - it's an entertainment expense. If you're going to the movies once a month, then you're likely paying more for that 2 hour long experience than you are for however many hours you play EQ per month. It's a much better deal per hour than Hollywood is willing to give you.
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  19. NameAlreadyInUse Augur

    I don't like going to the movies, but it's not fair to compare them in such a simple light. The "movie experience" doesn't begin or end with that 2 hour viewing. It also includes all of the related social activities, like conversations, that you get to participate in with other people, both before and after the viewing. So Hollywood provides an important outlet for engaging each other (and specifically for engaging with people we may not share other things in common with) on many levels, sort of like talking about "sports".

    In most public settings (including work, family, etc.), EQ has only provided me with shame. Instead of talking about what I've done, I find myself focusing on NOT telling people how I've spent my time.
  20. Nennius Augur

    And yet you keep playing. Hmmmm
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