Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Crabbus, May 29, 2020.

  1. Crabbus New Member

    The state of the game is ridiculous

    Servers were down for 8+ hours on Aradune/Rizlona launch. This has been the worst TLP launch day in history.

    We pay money to play this game (inb4 you toxic krono farmers start getting mouthy) - we can't play the game because either the servers are down, queue times are stupid high (90m+ wait on Aradune right now) and there is little to no communication about why queue times are so high, why the servers were down for so long, nothing. I've wasted 3 days of my paid subscription trying to log in. Either refund me my money, or reimburse us in daybreak cash before I start reporting DBG/Darkpaw to the BBB because this is a display of complete ineptitude and the result is a service that is unusable 90% of the time.

    Its been 20 years - hardware prices have gone done considerably. There is new technology and strategies to prevent this kind of crap. You can split the servers. There is no reason 8 hours of waiting for queues should be this big of a problem.
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  2. Crabbus New Member

    Even the queue timer is a joke and provides no reliable insight into how long one can wait to get into the server. Why don't you just tell us our position in the queue? Asynchronous polling is incredibly easy to implement
  3. WeezFv Lorekeeper

    yeah its sayin im at 115m avg wait timer lol
  4. loaks Journeyman

    apparently the timer is for the entire queue, not you specifically, so generally you are in there toward the back, which at this point makes sort of sense to me, but the logic behind that is so dumb and it is very unhelpful and irritating
  5. Fornow Lorekeeper

    remember when they let u know how many people was on each server :) good old times.
  6. Fumoo New Member

    Been in que since about 4:50 est , EST. time was 114 mins , it is now 8:03 and still waiting......
  7. loaks Journeyman

    That is unforgivable. Daybreak is taking so much time from all of us due to their cheapness and ineptitude. I have 3 hours to play. I have been waiting in queue for 2.5 hours now. Thanks daybreak DAY 3 AND I have absolutely nothing to show for it. Everyones subs run out and we all hear crickets by you guys and get screwed. Trust me this isnt going away, not for me or any of my friends who quit already.
  8. Fumoo New Member

    going on 4 hours and counting
  9. Galanth New Member

    100% agree ^^. There really needs to be some sort of compensation for this. I was super excited to play again, EQ is THE mmo that got me started with countless hours of future online games. But to have 100+min of unknown queue times is just Ridiculous! most days i cant even play unless I start my queue hours before I know i'll have time to play, but that is still a gamble.....

    Please fix this. put in an actual numbered queue, make a 2nd server with free transfers, increase the limit of players per server (most are no longer in the newbie zone anyway). You have plenty of options....
  10. Elsewhere Elder

    Must admit, I dont usually join in the "we are not happy" threads, but despite not touching Arradune for days 1 and 2, started playing today. Was OK for the morning, but then......

    Finished up dinner at 6pm. Sat down to play EQ, and over 2 hours later, am still at log-in staring at a queue. Its getting to the point that even if I got in right NOW, I would have less than 2 hour play time before going to bed.

    Seriously, over 2 hour wait times? on day 3?
    Add to the fact, its laggy as hell, and every 5 seconds I get a half second freeze, despite being able to 3-box on Live without incident for hours at a time.
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  11. Herf Augur

    Since I can't get into Aradune I periodically end up dropping into the chat rooms at the server select screen. Those feel a lot like the old EA game Spore; I think the natives are evolving into different life forms :) I think they're currently at the Tribal phase.
  12. Tandwan New Member

    I am having lots of fun. Thank you EQ team :)