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  1. Sicarious New Member

    I feel like if day break would update the graphics on this game, keep pretty much every thing else the same, this game would be huge.
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  2. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    If you are focused on the graphics then the purpose and primary "game" at hand has eluded you. It's questing, character progression, combat\skills\abilities\class synergies that predominate.
  3. Sicarious New Member

    I know what the game is about, I played it for a few years. I am just saying it would attract a bigger audience maybe... so leave the salt on the table bruh. <3
  4. Flatchy Court Jester

    Sorry for the extra salt but it seems like this gets bought up time and time again. I think they are doing very well with what they have to work with.
  5. Buri Augur

    I'm OK with it the way it is. Other MMOs like EQ2, Age of Conan, LOTRO, had much better graphics, and look where they are now.
    You really wanna see a game this applies to, check out Anarchy Online. Excellent game IMO, but the weak 90s graphics have been hurting it for a long time, and are a big turn-off to potential new players.
  6. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    Prettier graphics will entice newcomers...for a time. Until they begin to look dated. Then those players will move on to the next pretty game.

    EQ is far better off marketing to former EQ'ers for the nostalgia and friendships. They spend more, they stay longer, and they are better community members.
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  7. Zakalis New Member

    Prettier graphics will entice newcomers ... for a time. But a bolt to the heart will silence them forever. Oh, wait. Sorry. Wrong reference. Carry on. :)
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  8. Peat Moss Journeyman

    I would rather they not, because that would increase the lag. I already have to hardwire to the internet to play the game. Wifi sometimes works well enough, but never on Fridays, Sats or Suns.

    Sometimes I even have to turn the advanced graphics off.

    And no, buying a new laptop is not possible.
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