Revised Standard 115 Necro Spellset?

Discussion in 'Casters' started by Petalonyx, Jun 10, 2020.

  1. Petalonyx Augur

    I'm a total Necro noob, and need some help.

    I'm looking for a suggested 115 Necro spell lineup for groups in current TOV content. I just want 1 spell set. It'll generally be alongside a Mage, Cleric, Enchanter.

    I understand we're mid necro dot revamp, so this may only apply for a limited period. What I've got loaded now is terrible. (Swift dots are out now, yeah?)

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions and advice!
  2. Silu New Member

    Something like:
    Lifetap (EE)
    Big Pyre Line
    Venom Line
    Pallid Line
    Longer Pyre
    Grip Line
    Decay Line
    Dissident Line (for GoM)
    Mana tap/share
    Utility 1 (pet block, combust nuke if slowing)
    Utility 2 (same as 1, or Inevitable line)

    If kill speed is slow, use shadow line too. Order may not be the best for recast timers, but that is about DPS order other than Dissident line)
  3. Beergoggles Lorekeeper

    Drop lifetap in groups unless your healer is just that bad. You can heal yourself with dissident or in a pinch dying grasp. Get rid of the 2 utility spells as well. Better options are swarm pets, for blood line for synergy, and sphere.
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  4. Raccoo Augur

    Would leave out sphere unless they have a tank that can take multiples. Don't need combust bones since most everything is undead in TOV, and they have an enchanter for real slows anyways.
    This is what my necro's current "Default" memspellset looks like.
  5. Beergoggles Lorekeeper

    i prefer sphere up over incite even single target. can drop sphere before mobs are in range. 1 pulse from sphere will outparse incite especially on a per mob basis as it is incredibly rare for all of incite's triggers to be used up on one mob while soloing much less in a group. of course there are times when using sphere isn't a good idea but for the most part i find it a much better dps option.
  6. Raccoo Augur

    Incite more of a fire and forget thing that hopefully will proc some EEs. :p
  7. Petalonyx Augur

    Thanks all, will try updating my spells today cause i have like 2 of the 12 you recommend memmed atm lol.

    1 of those 2 is sphere, which im accustomed to using now, and while i dont have a real tank, i do have three pets and a cleric that spams aoe heals a lot. I'll generally be killing 2 at once, esp since, well, necro. ^_^
  8. Sazxus New Member

    With the changes it seems to me Mourgis' Grip of Decay Is worth sticking in the line up. Or am i missing something?
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  9. Raazael New Member

    Thanks Raccoo, this was helpful. Did anyone have any other suggested variants or comments now almost in October?
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  10. menown Augur

    I have taken Dissident Paroxysm out of my rotation. It places below revamped DoTs and above non-revamped DoTs.

    Flesh to Venom is worth keeping up if you have prim/sec/range DD proc augs. FtV itself parses below what a DoT can do, but adds a lot more indirectly through these types of augs and can be cast between pulls.

    Depending on what type of mana using classes you have in your group, you may want to use Mind Erosion tap. This helps with your group's sustained dps with lots of mana users.

    Incite Ally is not a DPS spell, nor a substantial defensive spell. Incite ally has been a huge pet agro spell. Pets get full agro from both the DD portion and the heal portion. Use as needed.

    Remote Sphere is on par with spells like Venom with no burns and 2 NPCs in camp. About on par with Pyre of Klraggek with 3 NPCs in camp and no burn.

    The level 110 Mourgis' Grip of Decay is about on par with DPS and Mana as Venom. If you need extra burst, stop using Danvid's Decay and Grip of Zorglim.

    Call Skeleton Horde is a good end of line-up spell. Use /pet swarm to redirect swarm pets. Requires rank 8 of Companion's Discipline.

    Here is a blueprint for my Group setup. Fill in the extra slots with what the group needs most.

    1. Pyre of Klraggek
    2. Oblivion
    3. Mourgis' Grip of Decay
    4. Crystal Crawler Venom
    5. Dracnia's Pallid Haze
    6. <DoT>
    7. Call Skeleton Horde
    8. Assert for Blood
    9. Remote Sphere of Decay
    10. Mind Erosion
    11. Flesh to Venom
    12. <Utility/DoT>
    13. <Utility/DoT>

    For Kiting/Root Rotting. 1-7 is enough to kill non-summoning npcs in ToV for me. Add more if needed.

    1. Septic Wounds
    2. Cytotoxic Wounds
    3. Mortiferous Wounds
    4. Pernicious Wounds
    5. Necrotizing Wounds
    6. Broiling Shadow
    7. Danvid's Decay
    8. Tserrina's Grasp (For Restless Ice)
    9. Counteract Disease (Cures Restless Ice Infection)
    10. <Utility>
    11. <Utility>
    12. <Utility>
    13. <Utility>
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  11. Raazael New Member

    Menown, thanks for the details and suggested setups. I hadn't thought to stack the Wounds line; interesting tactic! I might give that a shot for my root setup (rarely do anymore) or even a very casual pet tanking ToV mobs while PL a lower alt lineup for fire and forget long fights.
  12. Raazael New Member

    One follow-up thought/question: why do you show Mourgis' for the Group setup, but Danvid's for the long haul fight? Looking at them, I don't see a reason to ever use Danvid's over Mourgis' with it's double dot affect/damage. What am I missing?
  13. Szilent Augur

    Danvid's Decay Rk. III 111 6937 3s 1.5s 72s+ Disease -50 Single Stacking: Chaos Plague 46
    1: Increase Disease Counter by 22
    2: Decrease Current HP by 8981 per tick

    Mourgis' Decay Rk. III 106 5830 3s 1.5s 72s+ Disease -50 Single Stacking: Chaos Plague 40
    1: Increase Disease Counter by 20
    2: Decrease Current HP by 7405 per tick

    one must be motivated by the double dipping on spell procs (Flesh to Venom) for immediate dps in groups to value the combo dot over the 1500 higher base damage for 2 minutes
  14. Raazael New Member

    I am referring to Mourgis' Grip of Decay, which applies both Mourgis' Decay as you outlined, but also Grip of Kraz, which is another 5287+ (rank 1) a tick on top of the 6716+ (rank 1). It's a two-fer.
  15. Raazael New Member

    Re-read what you said and I think I comprehend. Mathematically though, I would think even for the long duration, no FtV, MGoD would still be superior.
  16. menown Augur

    Mana efficiency reasons. You don't need both DoTs to kill with the above lineup, and the decay line actually is more efficient than Grip.
  17. Raazael New Member

    Makes sense, thanks. I gave the heavy wounds loadout a shot on the EW Ghouls and sure enough, plenty of firepower to apply and walk away, and watch them melt with no extra applications needed. Thanks again.
  18. Silu New Member

    If you group with SKs or Beastlords, your Grip line DoTs may be getting overwritten, making Mourgis not Mana efficient.

    I think Pyre, Oblivion, Crystal, Drachnia's, David's, Swarm pets, Mana Excursion, and Blood Nuke are required, then whatever else you want depending on the situation (more DoTs for slower kills, Soulgouge for EE farming, Frozen Leech for health taps, etc.)

    That wounds setup is $$ for kiting or root rotting

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