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  1. Nightops Augur

    Yeah, sorry I didn't add up the exact comparisons between raid gear vs ToL group gear. I took an approximate average of 150ac and 3k hps per item. I would assume since augs are from the group game that a group-only geared player would have those aug sets along with similar trib, food, and power source. Raid focus vs group focus is very little for tanking and item click buffs are very little overall too. But I will add in another 150ac difference... so I gotta take off 3k ac and 65k hps while using a group shield & 1h.

    And yes, the game should be tuned vs already geared characters from the last expansion at a minimum. And imo, non-lvl increase expansions should have mobs which are more difficult because everyone should have their max level, their current spells (be it rk2 or 3) and majority of AAs. Giving out more AAs, gear improvements, and spells should result in the content becoming harder instead of easier.
  2. Zunnoab Augur

    They tried to tune that way for Underfoot and it was a catastrophe they outright apologized for. What you describe is a minority of the player base.

    It's a pity they don't have the resources for difficulty modes. That would be moot for the non-instanced content anyway though.

    I don't know much about numbers and I'm sure you have a much better grasp on them than I do, but the game would not survive if tuned that way.
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  3. Treiln Augur

    While this may all be true…what he said is true too.

    It “should” be tuned assuming you completed the previous expansion (which would be group gear at the highest tier), all spells, and all/most AAs. Should
  4. Fian Augur

    A lot is being made about me being raid geared. However, a raid geared enc with pet tanking doesn't have much of an advantage. Sure I have rank 3 of a pet, but that gives a piddly increase, as does a rank 3 slow. The bottom line issue is that mobs in a non level expansion should be harder than the previous expansion. That is to reflect better gear given to players. They should probably also give pet improvement AA on non level expansions instead of the level expansions. That way enc pet, for example, can tank new content stuff.

    Please don't make this into a raider issue when it isn't.
  5. Flatchy Court Jester

    All I know is I box 3 toons with 3 mercs or 2 mercs and Hinan (a mage) along. I have macro keys on my shaman and Beast , the first says DOTT the second says BOOM. Usually I go through my 3 (yeah there is a start button lol for debuffs, pet attack etc) and by the time all 3 spells on each of those macros is done, the mob is dead. I find myself going through those macros sometimes up to 3 times on these new high HP mobs. Just seems a tad high. I have max aa, rk2 spells and the correct focus augs.
  6. Thufiir New Member

    Deepshade is very aesthetically pleasing. The colors pop and it is impressive for the age of the engine. Good work on that.
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  7. Nightops Augur

  8. Nightops Augur

    Maybe part of the problem is your spell bar / macro set up? I only box a shaman and I'm far from a complete player with the sham. But why not make 1 macro to cast your 5 dot spells (7 dots total with the 2 combo NoL spells)? It sounds like you only have 3 casts per macro for your dot and dd macros?

    If you block the HoTT from the clr merc and use your sham HoTT, you might be able to get away with just 1 clr merc, or 2 if you only focus the shaman for dps.

    I was boxing a necro & shaman yesterday and together they were doing fine. Sure, it took a while to get the dps up, but things were going well and dps was still respectable with 2 clr mercs.
  9. Beco Journeyman

    If raiders are bored with group-content why not simply disable raid-gear in group-zones like ftp-chars get prestige-gear disabled. The "mechanic" exist already and it would maybe not a very difficult task to do.
    It's not only HP and AC. It's all the defensive and offensive foci, multiplied with Rk III spells and abilities combined with tanks using their dps-set as no group-mob offers a challenge, to even improve more the dps-output.
    Do the group-content in group-gear if your raidstuff makes group-content boring.
  10. Act of Valor The Newest Member

    What a dumb idea. Okay, does that mean group gear can't be used in raid content then?
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  11. Beco Journeyman

    I wouldn't care. But logically your idea doesn't make sense in any situation. If someone not raiding jet wants to join raids, the group gear will help to survive while the fellow raiders help to gear him. I think it's common sense: a char in pure group gear isn't of much help on raids anyway as it is now.
  12. Marton Augur

    How many group geared people have you seen complaining that raid events are too easy for them?

    I'm all for it tbh. Disable raid gear outside of raid instances. Maybe people finally shut up that mobs are too easy for them.
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  13. Velisaris_MS Augur

    I agree 100%.

    When it comes to beta testing new expansion content, the group content (which is basically everything outside of raids) should never be tested with any type of raid gear whatsoever. Toons that copy over for beta should be naked and all benefits gained via raiding (like AA) should be disabled. Give them a way to be outfitted in full T3 gear from the previous expansion. THAT is how group content (tasks, missions, named, trash mobs) should be tested and tuned.
  14. code-zero Augur

    I thought that raid gear making group content easier was one of the perks of raiding
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  15. Rolaque Ancient

    It's like complaining about the weather. We can't do a thing about it, but we can make sure that everyone else knows how we feel about it.
    And with that thought in mind, trying to learn about Commander Yaminshavraylin's path was one of the more interesting and frustrating things in quite some time. Keep up the good work, Devs.

    And just remember what it was really like in the beginning. As in no in game maps. What would this expansion be like if mapping was disabled. Can you even begin to imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth? These are minor inconveniences compared to that.
  16. Lyyr Lorekeeper

    I'm 100% group geared, and I find NoS mobs too easy. CoV group content was much harder than NoS. CoV may actually still be harder, I should go check that out.
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  17. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    As long as group content is not forced and leveling, AA, etc can be gained in raids I could go for this.

    I have lost interest in the group game, it is all same old stuff we have seen years ago, the upgrades in both raid and group are just a copy of the previous expansion with a stat increase.

    I've done very little since NoS went live, I've been had a TA to 3 missions and taken part in the same 3 missions once, I've collected the ground spawns in Shar Vhal and I'm already bored of it, another Luclin expansion does nothing to make me want to play. I blame this constant recycled content at Hollys doorfor not noticing TLP players and Live players want different things. While TLP servers like the nostalga and want to play the same expansion over, and over, and over and players want new places to explore and die.

    Best recent expansion for new content was TBL, while the difficulty was questionable, for brand new zones it is way out in front compared to other modern exapansions.
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  18. Nightops Augur


    I just completed all merc and partisan tasks in NoL using my alt shaman & zerker combo. Full disclosure, they do have some raid gear, but also are lacking in other areas. My shaman has 7 raid items from ToL and 1 from CoV while my zerker has 1 from ToL (weapon) and 11 from CoV. They have no rk3 spells/tomes from ToL worth mentioning. However, neither character has epic 2.0 (yes.. sad, i know) and their AAs were very lite prior to NoS if I were to compare to a main character. With NoS release, both were aut0-granted TBL general AAs like CS, CA, GS, ND, and AW along with most focus tab AAs for the shaman (except for dot focus lines). I don't know where they were at prior to NoS, but with the TBL auto-grant on release day (6 dec), the sham went over 45k achievement (now at 51k) and the zerk went over 40k ach (now at 44k). Additionally, other things are lacking on both like no tribute, no stat food/drink, no current power sources, and from my side, not a good general knowledge of each class with their secondary AA abilities and best dps combos.

    Back to the point. I completed the NoS merc and partisan tasks using those 2 alt characters. I needed help with only one spot for the paludal caverns partisan #3 (big mushroom). That section doesn't have a friendly combination of quick repops, tight spaces, bad pathing, and uncontrollable merc tanking.

    I did die a few times, but there was no other part which I felt it was going to be hard. Shar Vahl had some issues, but being prepared before engaging was the key. Even my shaman pet tanked a few trash mobs in deepshade while I chain pulled; and I took out a named flower in darklight with my tank merc.

    Honestly, the raid gear which I do have mostly benefited with dps output, not survivability. And the increased dps output was only a factor to get done with the individual kills faster. Outside of the PC mushroom partisan task and SV partisan 1 with the 3 spawn grimlings; everything else could have been killed slower and gear/focus was not a factor.

    I'm not going to try the group missions with a merc tank. I'm sure I could pull off wins in the ShadowHaven mission with a merc tank but it would be hard if the slightest thing went wrong because mercs don't like to avoid AEs. The other 3 missions would need real players and not mercs.

    Sooo tell me again, what is hard in NoS group content? If I had a real person as a puller or a tank in group, I would be able to do hunters. Group content isn't (or shouldn't be) designed to be solo'd. The idea with this game is to get together with people and have fun. Raids in groups of 54, group content should be done it in a group of 3+.
  19. Buds Augur

    It should be. I love being OP in the group game. Some people just want difficulty high enough so they can do it but others can’t.
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  20. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    How many people with raid gear do you see that are not complaining that group content is too easy? You will always have people complaining about content being too easy/hard but that doesn't mean that they are in the majority that feel that way.
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