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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by PaydroSmokedro, Feb 22, 2019.

  1. PaydroSmokedro New Member

    <Reversion> is recruiting most classes on Selo server. We're a PST raid guild, we raid from 7-11 on Tuesday / Thursday / Sunday. We are currently farming GoD content, and getting prepped for OoW in a couple of weeks. We don't race open world content, our goal is to make sure we're progressing through expansions while they're current. We use a simple closed bid DKP system, with all mains taking precedent over alt characters. You become a member when you reach and maintain 30% 30 day raid attendance. We're especially interested in a few good tanks to join an experienced core, some solid heals (all kinds), and some caster DPS. If the more laid back, work life balance approach is interesting to you, or if you're a late night EST player looking for a competent raid force, reach out to a member with any questions, or join our Discord server and say hey.

    Site: http://www.eqreversion.com/dkp
    Discord: https://discord.gg/Zzkhmn8

    Apply Here: https://www.guilded.gg/r/CHMlv9MpZR?i=EdVrGJ6d
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  2. PaydroSmokedro New Member

    In the process of getting the website setup. Stop by www.eqreversion.com/dkp to sign up. Before Selos launches we're bypassing the application process, anyone who registers will be joining as a raid member. After launch we'll start to enforce an application requirement.
  3. Trackanon Elder

    There is a solid core of players already signed up. Don't wait too long to join~
  4. Xhieron Lorekeeper

    I just met these guys a few days ago, and I've never felt a warmer welcome. This is a really awesome community with deep roots and a phenomenal attitude. If you're looking for a team to let you really sink your teeth into the complete game experience while feeling like you're among friends instead of managers, I couldn't recommend them highly enough.
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  5. ForumBoss Augur

    Bump for what looks to be a solid guild forming with friendly players. There is a healthy mix of folks who know each other from past guilds, and some fresh faces. If you're at all interested in pst raiding, feel free to hop in the discord and check us out.
  6. PaydroSmokedro New Member

    Updated our raid schedule. We will be raiding 3x/week on Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday from 7-11 PST.
  7. Xhieron Lorekeeper

    Friendly note to anybody still shopping around: Reversion is still looking for people for everything. Paydro and Track have done a spectacular job getting things ready to go so that members can start gearing up immediately, and we've seen a lot of excellent folks both old and new. There are launch groups still being planned, so especially if you're looking to hit the ground running and haven't landed anywhere yet, hop in the discord and say hello.
  8. Trackanon Elder

    We still have lots of openings for classes that are usually very common. Come join our ranks!
  9. Errad New Member

    Still looking for a few more players to fill out ranks.
    Couple more clerics and some dps.
  10. ZeeK Elder

    Bump! Come check us out if you raid during our times 7-11 Pacific! Going strong into GoD could use a few more players to balance our force. Hit up any players in game for some questions and check out our discord for some more info about the guild. Drop an app in our discord!
  11. ZeeK Elder

    Bump! GoD dropping tomorrow and we are pumped for some new content. Looking for some more raiders who can play during our raid times 7-11pm Pacific on Sun/Tues/Thur. We farmed a good amount of Time/Elementals so newcomers will be able to gear up pretty quick.

    Join our discord to drop in and ask questions or apply directly through our discord!
  12. ZeeK Elder

    Happy 4th and belated Canada Day! We are doing an optional holiday raid tonight so we are ready to hit GoD progression hard on Sunday. Come check us out if you raid late night East coast or Pacific times!
  13. Vorkosh Journeyman

    These are some solid people, at least the core is as I don't know about the rest. I had the pleasure of grouping with most of them on Phinny. Sadly, I went Mangler this time around, but if I hadn't they would have been my guild of choice for sure
  14. PaydroSmokedro New Member

    We're farming GoD and looking for a few members to fill out our ranks. If you're looking for PST raiding join our Discord and say what's up.
  15. Gnomegrown New Member

    Bump. GoD cleared. Still room for more hoomans. We are now backflagging for newcomers. Very chill no drama guild. Great raid schedule you don’t need to rush home from work or ignore your families.
  16. Talmud New Member

  17. Talmud New Member

    Looking for a couple of high playtime warriors. Send Paydro a tell in game.

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