Returning vet -- does this 3-box work?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by kenshon, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. kenshon New Member

    Hi folks- -- I used to play back in 99, been back on and off for a while -- probably made it to level 90 at most.

    Question #1 -- Wondering what you think of this box team for group content: WAR / RNG / SHAM. How would you change this up?

    Rationale below:

    WAR -- my understanding is easiest to box, but less utility than PAL/SK
    SHAM -- heals, slows, debuffs, melee buffs
    RNG -- have always wanted to play one. snares, track, bow dps if im lazy

    My thought was for WAR to grab aggro, hit a macro on sham, and then focus on maining RNG to max DPS output. What I don't have is great any-zone CC or split-pulling, travel/ports, or burst DPS for named.

    Question #2 -- If I was to add one more char to the 3-box above, what would it be? My thoughts...

    BARD -- easy to box, split-puller and CC, melee buffs
    MAG -- pet can tank (not really CC, but it helps in tough times), much dps, COTF

    ENC is interesting, but has overlap with SHAM, plus is probably better for caster DPS?
    WIZ is interesting, but MAG seems to have more utility.
  2. kinadafz Augur

    I'd swap your shaman for a bard (bard can slow, haste, CC, pull, snare, etc) if you are on gold. J5 cleric merc is awesome, but free cleric merc is OOM almost instantly.

    I'd swap the ranger for Zerker - easier boxing (auto attack, auto ability, burn on named).

    My 3 box is a monk, bard, cleric currently (lvl 65 to 68), but they are catching up to my 87 war and mag. I pull with monk (silver account) who has a tank merc (pretty damn good) who is the MT. I swap to bard, hit the 7 key after positioning (/assist monk, /attack on, /melody 1,2,3,4 which is slow, haste, overhaste, mana / health regen), then swap to cleric and play cleric, but pop between all 3 often.

    For my suggested 3 box id pull with warrior, swap to bard, hit macro key, swap to zerker, hit auto attack, then watch stuff die. If no gold cleric, then I'd swap the zerker for a druid - heals, ports, damage.

    But, ultimately, whatever is funnest to you is what will be the best. if you like Ranger more than Zerker, then play a Ranger. I personally like minimal interaction while boxing, and rangers have lots of stuff they can do :)
  3. Zardifo Stonefist Elder

    I 3 box a few different toons so take this with a grain of salt. Also most are all lvl 105 and subbed accounts. I seap the main around but box the shaman and druid.

    Shaman box I use a healer merc. Dps is great from dots, slows, buggs etc. Can ghetto CC with AA roots, last for like 3 mins.
    Druid box, caster merc, dps from dots, track, ports, damage shields, extra heals if need be, ghetto CC also.

    Main and mercs
    Monk, tank merc... great dps and single pull dang near every time.
    Pally, wiz merc, ghetto cc with aa root, tanks great, can tank a few at a time if need be.
    Ranger, tank merc, fluster and Bluster root get me singles just about every pull, try to stick to headshot-able mobs for more dps. Over all I love this combo.

    Boxing a bard and trying to cc mobs is tough as you will lose the other spells to keep said mobs locked down. Not saying it isn't feasible but easier I think to use a diff class or tools of the trade to pull singles.

    For me, why box a wiz when you can use wiz mercs and not need to get spells or gear...

    If you run a tank class and try to off tank with a pet class the dork healer mercs tend to focus on the flowers growing then healing... basically someone will die...

    Zerkers are good, and so is a rog for boxed dps, just get the macros set up.

    IMHO, to 3 box you need a tank, tracker and some form of cc/slower. Slow is necessary but man it helps.

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