Returning to play on Aradune but I can't log in

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Darafel, Jun 1, 2020.

  1. Darafel Journeyman

    I've been waiting in a queue for 2 hrs. It doesn't tell me where I am in the queue though, and every time I click play the estimated wait time increased.

    What is going on, does anyone know? I've cheched the twitter account and the last post was on Saturday telling people to play in the middle of the night. Is there anyone official here that can provide an update? I'm not happy that I've paid for something I'm not getting.
  2. Healiez Augur

    The time you originally got is the best estimate of what your queue will be. It doesnt give you a real time position.

    If you click play again it shows you the current queue time, but it doesnt reset your original place.

    For the most part I have found the queue to be accurate to around +/- 15 minutes
  3. Darafel Journeyman

    Ok, thanks for the info Healiez.

    I'm logged in right now, yay! But I worry about tomorrow. And then day after that. Etc. I guess we'll see. I'm somewhat troubled by the devs silence. I realize that the worlds a wacky place right now, but keeping your players informed isn't asking that much.

    Anyway, on with the fun!
  4. Healiez Augur

    They did make a post last night, about the best time to avoid the queue and that they were adjusting the AFK kick timer and monitoring the situation.

    The got crucified for it.

    Honestly unless they say "We are opening a new server" people dont want to hear anything from DBG and will cry about it.
  5. Monksy New Member

    recheck the queue every few minutes and do a few estimates. If the queue is 100 minutes but it is increasing by 3 minutes every 10 minutes (maybe at the start of prime time)... that means that you'll have to actually wait around 130 minutes. If it's going towards prime time, it's actually longer than 130, if it's going away from prime time then it's less than 100 minutes. It really doesn't help you much except to tell you right 'now' unfortunately.
  6. Popknot New Member

    Healiez has anyone ever asked you, if you work for dbg?
  7. Healiez Augur

    Many times, but alas I dont.

    I like how I am seen as a DBG fanboy and white knight, there is a difference between white knighting and simply pointing out sensationalized or outright false information.

    People say DBG isnt communicating, that is false.
    People say this is the worst TLP launch ever, thats a point of view, imo it was ragefire.
    People demand a new server, I never said I was against that, but I have reasons for not wanting that.

    Never have I outright praised DBG for how they are handling things btw, although I have given them the benefit of the doubt more than once.

    Also I am bored!
  8. Frodlinn New Member

    So once I click "OK" to the (you are now in Que) window and im sitting at the character selection screen, its working as intended? I will automatically get logged in?
  9. TLP4Reject New Member

    Why don't you just play between 3 AM and 10AM EST?
  10. Healiez Augur

    I am guessing you mean server select screen, yes you will
  11. birisu Elder

    lol they basically told people to play at hours where most adults are sleeping. They deserve to be "crucified" for such a post, like why even bother?
  12. Healiez Augur

    That is all people READ on the post... They also mentioned they were monitoring the situation and put in a better AFK kick function...

    Thanks for making my point
  13. birisu Elder

    the afk kick function is functionally useless. It kicks you after 45 minutes (I timed it). All anyone has to do is get an auto clicker to click a button once every so often and it completely circumvents the entire thing. Why whitenkight such an obvious fail?
  14. Healiez Augur

    Not white knighting, just pointing out that people pick and choose what they want to hear!