Returning Player w/Newbie Question, re: Loot Table

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Lockdown, Apr 20, 2020.

  1. Lockdown Lorekeeper

    I like the new loot window, which allows you to check the things you want to loot and X-out the things you will never want to loot.

    However, my problem is the old loot table is still there. Sometimes, when I leave things on corpses that I've already checked NEVER to loot, when I'm right-clicking to turn, sometimes I will unintentionally open up the old loot window.

    This has caused a few problems, such as interrupting spells, preventing me from casting spells and sometimes preventing me from fleeing an encounter that has gone against me. Is there a way to turn off the old loot table so it stops causing me problems?
  2. Heajol Elder

    There is no way to turn off loot tables; however, your problem may be solved with the /hidecorpse command. There are a few different /hidecorpse command options, but the one that I usually use is /hidecorpse NPC which will hide all NPC corpses so you can't accidentally click on an NPC corpse. I have an easy to reach hotkey set up for this - mine is Alt + 5. I find I don't always need to use this after every kill but every once in a while I do use it. You can also /hidecorpse all but that will hide player corpses as well and I usually play some kind of character that can rezz so not ideal for me. Also /hidecorpse looted is a thing but I don't think it works properly with the "new"ish loot system.
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  3. Lockdown Lorekeeper

    Thank you for the help. I think a hotkey to hidecorpses NPCs will be the temporary solution. Although I think the Devs should fix this. We do not need two loot windows.
  4. Xyroff-cazic. Augur

    /hidecorpse alwaysnpc

    Doesn't need fixed. Type /hidecorpse in game for a full list of these commands, including /hidecorpse alwaysnpc which is ideal for rezzing classes. Items in the advanced loot window are automatically removed and the corpse left open after 15 minutes. This allows for manually looting the old fashioned way. That is useful if you're hunting rots from a group who isn't leaving their items on corpse in the advloot window, or if something goes wrong with advloot (such as assigning a loot to the incorrect player) the item can then be looted manually.
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  5. CatsPaws Augur

    There is nothing to fix cause nothing is broke. :) You will see a loot window if you click on any corpse until someone takes all the loot, you take all the loot or the corpse poofs in 21 minutes.

    The loot you don't want has to stay on the corpse in case someone else might want it. If I run up to it at 14 min or less I will be given the option to loot what you left. It might only seem minor now, but when that loot is a prized lore item that you have to leave for someone else, or when your in a raid, then it will be clear.

    The other option is to turn off adv loot all together. Use the old style looting.

    The hidecorpse is really what everyone uses though, esp when your mass pulling and you have a stack of stinking dead mobs all around you

    Or use your arrows to turn.
  6. Lockdown Lorekeeper

    Well, yeah, it is broken. You simply don't need two loot windows. If someone else comes up and wants to loot something from it, they can get it from the new loot window, right?
  7. Whoops Elder

    They cannot. The new loot window only appears if you were in the group at the time the item dropped. Also, you could give "/hidecorpse listed" a whirl if you want to see other NPC corpses elsewhere, but not the ones you've created and dealt with. The "listed" portion will hide the ones whose loot has shown up in the advanced loot window.
  8. Xyroff-cazic. Augur

    Definitely isn't broken, please read the replies in your own thread :p
  9. Lockdown Lorekeeper

    Yeah, it's broken. We don't need two. End of...

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