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  1. HerdingCats New Member

    So it's been well over a decade since I played, although I logged in a few times over the years to claim free heroic toons. Please be kind.

    I originally came back to play Aradune/Rizlona but I lost interest after a day of killing bats and rats. On FV I have an 85 druid. I have two other accounts with mages (I don't know, that's what came to me when I was thrown free toons lol).

    I don't plan to buy the latest expacs any time soon, just want to catch up a little and explore. But it's been too long to remember some of the basics. So here are basic questions I have:

    1) Is there a website where I can see my toon's spells and what I'm missing that is available at my level?

    2) Are there PoK portals to the 85+ zones or does my mage always need a port?

    3) I tried giving my air pet armor and focus items but it wouldn't take anything but weapons. Is that no longer a thing?

    4) What's the best level 85 armor I can obtain to prepare me for leveling? (especially considering gear is tradeable for the most part in FV, but I don't have millions

    5) Is soloing for exp viable? I read that most people these days box if they don't have a group. Is kiting available to a druid? Root rotting? Or are they just too slow to level? Could the mage solo any better?

    6) Lastly, do I still need to find a cleric to rez my body when I die or are there more automated options to regain the exp?

    Thank you!
  2. CatsPaws Augur

    WB! It's no problem not wanting the latest expansion, I am always a year behind as I wait for the sale.

    1) yes...I google ranger spell 85 in eq. Or what ever your class is. This will lead me straight to Allah where you can look up all your spells for whichever class you want. Could also just go to Allah :) Keep in mind you can also go to POK and use your find key and look for magician spells level XX and there are NPC in the library that it will lead you too that sell 99% of the spells up to level 90 ish?

    2) All guild portal merchants have all expansions. If you don't have the expansion then you won't go there but yes you can use him to get there. There is a cool feature called "zone guide" in the upper right corner of your map screen. You plug in where you are and where you want to go and it will tell you which zones to go thru to get there.

    3) He will only take something that is better than what he has

    4) At level 85 the best would be HOT (house of thule) so collect those ambigous gems things and you can make it, or others can make it for you if they have that gem. I do that a lot on my server. Also you can also raise your faction and get rk II of your spells using minor dream things, if you decide to go paid account. Free cannot use rk II

    5) solo is not bad if you have the J5 merc but it then becomes molo. :) and you need to be paid account to have that merc

    6) yes and no - you can buy a stone in the guild lobby that will summon your body to you and if you have a cleric merc it will rez you and all your experience or if you buy rez tokens thru the loyalty vendor you can rez yourself - and there are usually others that will rez if you ask and not demand. You have max loyalty tokens and that is something good to buy.
  3. HerdingCats New Member

    Additional questions, what are "those ambiguous gems". Is that something to travel, or gear, or something for exp?

    My account is paid so I have access to everything. What are "minor dream things"? LOL

    How can I tell if my merc is J5? I bought a cleric merc way back in the day. I didn't realize she could rez. Thank you for that tip!

    Lastly, an additional question. I assume the best way to make some plat is selling stuff in the bazaar?
  4. CatsPaws Augur

    The Ambiguous and Abstruse are remnants that look like round gems that drop off named and other mobs in Feerrot and other zones in HOT expansion. Each one has a different armor piece it will make. The Abstruse are the most common and the first tier. A lot of players will make the "templates" you need and sell them in the baz. So you combine the Abstruse with the template and an type of agent in a shroud of dreams. The shroud is a box and is sold along with the agent by the npc Zande Vorich. Now she also sells some templates but they are upwards of 10k and you can make the armor much cheaper your self. This is a nice guide:

    The Minor dream things (sorry:)) are Lessor Nebulous Dream Fragments - these drops off mobs and you turn them in for spells - the rk II version which you can use cause your paid. You have to have faction build up but that is not hard after a few quests there.

    If you look at your merc info on its window it will tell you what it is, like apprentice 2 or journey man 4 etc. Pretty sure you would remember if you had one. You have to do one of these quests to get the J5 merc:

    No Heroism without Fear. Have to be level 85. This is very easy and the directions in your quest window when you get it pretty much walks you thru it.

    The other quest is available at level 75 but will need a group. It is a string of quests that take a long time in the Korascian Warrens.

    Don't worry about the quest writes up talking about the inbetween merc levels. Either of those will get you all levels but you only really need the J5.

    You can earn plat by doing the dailys from Franklin Teek. Each one you do gives you plat, bonus exp and 1 of 3 pieces of armor for that level. You can sell the extra armor to an NPC for about 10 plat or you can set up a trader in baz and under cut everyone else. This is handy to fill out some armor spots. Each task is kill 5 mob is a level equal zone. If you are level 85 you could get all of them up to 85, if you only get one then that is all you can do for 24 hours. So if you get the level 70 & 75 & 80 & 85 - you could do all those if you wanted to. The zones change when the server goes down and at the first of the month.

    Next to Franklin is his cousin Clayton. He gives daily quests also. These are called HA"s (Heroic adventures) His change everyday and there are only 2 each day. He will port you to the zone. Sometimes he gives you quests you cannot do, because you have not done the progression or are too low a level. Kinda hard to solo at lower levels.

    Other than that I just loot everything that drops or I forage. Then check /bar to see what some wants to buy it for and then double check /baz to see what others want to sell it for. Example Coarse Salt is foraged in DON zones and is needed a LOT, but in /bar they may only offer 5 plat but if you set up your seller you could get 2-3k plat each.

    A lot of this depends on your server and you mentioned FV which has slightly different loot rules so this is from a regular server

  5. HerdingCats New Member

    Thank you so much! That information is super helpful.
  6. Viiri New Member

    My opinions on the subjects vary slightly from the ones above.

    1) I don't like allah for spells, maeglo is a bit better if you google "eq :your class: spells by level" and look for maeglo's site usually just a little way down the search page it lists them in a much easier format (at least for me) and when you click on them the vendor is usually listed on the bottom of the page (where for allah I think you need a sub for that info).

    2) My brother and I ended up making our own guild for guild portals, that gets us pretty close to any destination we're aiming at. I also personally box a druid on a silver account for quick travel (he boxes a wizzy) to a few other places. Some guilds have annoying rules on who and when the guild portals can be used and this is the major reason neither of us are truely guilded even after 2 years back.

    3) Mage pets are summoned with armor already after a certain level so at that point your armor is only really good for others (which is not a bad thing) the belt and accessories though can be quite useful. I also give mine the elaborate combat belt you get for the dailies when I summon a new one since it's got haste....unsure if that's actually helping much however.

    4) Abstruse armor is indeed some of the best for that level but you'll likely need to find someone who can make the templates or it can be hard to make. Some of the remnants can be found at absurdly low costs (I got boots remnant for a friend for 10 plat two days ago) but the vendor items to actually make the item will run you about 2k each slot. At 92 or 94 or somewhere around there (can't log in atm so can't look) you'll want to upgrade to boreal which is made with fear touched (or prestige equivalents). Allah's guide on expansion armor is pretty good for older content if you follow their expansion wiki links.

    5) Druid root rots fine, especially with aa.....just don't try to rot a summoning mob....and there are A LOT more of those nowadays. I do box three characters normally but my druid usually sits there sponging xp (or did till he maxed it's just merc xp) while the merc does most of the healing work. He's really just amazing for travel though. My ranger is still getting leveled/built up so he's 106 in conflagrant crafted stuffs and is only really marginally useful. Mage will solo better (though I play beastlord primarily, same solo tactic basically - pet tanks, you dps, merc heals).

    6) No argument on the others takes on this so I've got nothing to add here.
  7. Reef New Member

    Also returning after years of being afk.
    Can you Rez yourself as a rezzing class?
  8. CatsPaws Augur

    Anyone can get rezzed if your running a healer merc. That is why people like to get two slots for mercs. One for damage and one for healing. You cannot run them both at once but you can switch.

    There are also "tokes of resurrection" available from either loyalty merchant - these allow you to rez your self or others to 96%
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