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    Greetings all.
    Backstory- I played live from just after Kunark release, up until around GoD(?) I know it was post LDoN, because I remember that expansion was one of my absolute favorites, but one of the last ones I got to actually experience. I was drawn in to EQ by coworkers who had played since launch and were able to give me a great intro to the game. I was hooked, and wished I could have had more time to play, but alas- it was not to be. I remained a 'casual' throughout all my years of playing live and never got to upper end content while that content was still current. I was always 10-15 levels below max, and could not allocate enough time to farm sufficient plat to outfit my toons with anything other than EC tunnel gear, or early bazaar gear.

    All that being said- I got a kick in the pants a couple years ago, and reactivated my account. Upon returning I was absolutely overwhelmed by all the changes and content that had flown past in the 15-18 years since I had last logged on. I played around with a few of my original toons on Bristlebane, (original server was The Tribunal but I understand the consolidations over time). It was fairly daunting and the learning curve too steep for me to re-figure things out on my own... I wandered away from the Live servers and into the P99 version of the game and have been playing there with some degree of success, just due to existing within a timeline that I actually have familiarity. The community is friendly, and I have no hard and fast reasons for wanting to abandon my ties there- but I still miss some of the options available from my original toons on Live.

    So since I'd like to re-engage Live EQ with my original leftover toons-- (those being a Necro around 80, a Cleric & Shaman around 70, as well as several 40's-50's alts of Ranger, Bard, Warrior, etc.) on to my question/request: What recommendations would you give to a player such as myself? Is there an established path to reacquaint oneself with missing lore? The concept of mercs seems intriguing, but I know I have no clue how to maximize their effectiveness for my purposes. What zones are worth exploring within the lost-time I spent away from the game?

    I know my role, and it would be that of a casual contributor. I tend to be very socially oriented, with a natural inclination towards organization and efficiency. However, RL would prohibit most long duration sessions, camps, or raids.
    I look forward to any constructive assistance offered, and welcome any suggestions the community may provide. I also know to expect the inevitable troll(s) so say what you will, helpful or otherwise. ;)

    Thanks in advance,
  2. dbStrong New Member


    I want to play Live EQ again. I have mid level toons on Bristlebane. Besides creating a new toon and going through the entirety of the tutorials (which, even those take some familiarity to navigate it seems) what is the best way to get familiar with 17 years of lost lore?

  3. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I would advise that you at least do the tutorial once on a class that is similar to what you intend to main just to refresh your memory on the basics & to get a short bit of guidance on how mercs work.
    There is also a Tutorial Quests NPC in PoK in the central area near the "Loyalty Vendor" and Special Mercs NPCs, this npc has a bunch of quests that will walk you through a whole range of helpful stuff and systems you may not be familiar with.

    After that there if you are subbed you can check out the "Heroic Character" TLP server "Miragul" which gives you a level 85 with AA up to that and some past progression AA such as MPG trials & Dragons of Norrath AA that each boost your character's stats to start off with. And you can delete & remake a new heroic there as many times as you like - though one day that server will be gone/merged with another probably.

    An Heroic toon "can" be quite overwhelming at first so take it slow, read all the tool-tips and try not to get too upset that your going to feel pretty inept & inadequate to begin with due to the "knowledge Gap" that you will have to overcome.

    Search on the web for "EverQuest Heroic Guide" and there are a bunch of different player-made videos to help with a new Heroic.
    Even if you choose to level the old fashioned way & not skip a few levels using a Heroic upgrade it can be a useful experience to see what the Heroic is like and a preview of your own class at 85 can be helpful if you aren't sure about that or are thinking of a class change for your return.

    I took a 7 year break & my first Heroic was like trying to digest the entire Encyclopedia Brittannica in one hour and I made the mistake of ignoring too much of the helpful info & trying to rush back to being "as good as I used to be" - it takes time. For me it took at least a few days to absorb everything & start feeling comfortable - I did have to read up on how to make macros for all of these new AA abilities & what to combine them with but found that the old websites with class guides that used to exist were gone (in my case - RIP), thankfully there are often new places to get help from other players.
  4. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    I disagree with creating an 85/Heroic. If you were lost a few years ago then popping right into level 85 would just be insane for you. You would have like 2000 or 3000 aa right off the bat, tons of spells you have no idea of what they do etc

    I do agree with the tutorial. And you don't have to do the whole tutorial. If you just do the quests from the npc in the middle then you can learn the basics of the find key, maps, mercs, augs etc. Make the new character and run thru that. You cannot get back in after level 14/15 but you don't need to keep playing the new character.

    The other tutorial Achievement: Tutorials - Out of Gloomingdeep can be done at any level so you could do anything in that on your old characters.

    Those two will give you a good base to start with.

    Also the Heroic journey is a good choice as Skuz says. It will take you thru expansions and you can do most of it at any level. You can skip around in it and just do what you want

    Allah and many other sites have tons of good info that you can use along the way. Fanra, Bonzz, Paul lynch, Almar and of course the 2 map sites, Goods and Brewells.

    Your play style seems more geared towards the TLP but there is nothing wrong with playing around on live with your old account and see how it goes. Your old account is free. TLP cost. But I think you would be happier on TLP.

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