Returning player; please help me decide!!

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  1. RepPermaCharged New Member

    Hey folks! Long-retired player here seeking server selection advice. I know this gets asked a lot but I've been agonizing over this decision so please forgive me for starting another thread!

    I played EQ at launch in 1999 and quit sometime in 2003 during LDoN. My highest char was a 53 Necro and many others in 10-30ish range. I've experienced most content in Classic up to the 30s, a fair amount of Kunark in 30-50, and just a touch of Velious and PoP after that.

    Some criteria to inform server selection:
    • Primary motivation for returning: that sweet nostalgia hit. Relive some old memories while also experiencing some new things I never got a chance to properly enjoy (like LGuk!).
    • Playstyle: super casual; mostly 1-1.5hr play sessions, <=10hrs/week.
    • Want to duo with 1 box. Happy to load up EQ on a second laptop to Truebox. I've never boxed, always been curious, and think it'd be more fun to control 2 chars at once.
    • I may be open to occasional grouping, but mostly plan on running a powerhouse duo like Druid/Chanter so I can experience the most content in a self-sufficient manner due to erratic play times and short play durations.
    • ~75% certain I won't do any raiding.
    • TLP seems best. Level cap was 65 when I quit. Anything above that seems alien and thus not nostalgic. Serpent's Spine?? Yuck. Kelethin or Qeynos, please :) Mercs? Strange concept, slightly curious, but boxing seems more fun.
      • QoL improvements are desired and although P99 would be the ultimate nostalgic experience, I don't have the same expendable time I did at launch.
      • Although I will be mostly soloing, a large part of the EQ experience is to be immersed in a world of other players. Even if not playing with others, it's important I at least encounter some rather than being in a ghost world devoid of any activity and life.
    From reading other posts, promising candidates include:
    • Agnarr: LDoN-locked so comforting to know that there is no content past that which existed when I quit. Some reluctance in case some day I decide I want post-LDoN content... small chance I think.
    • Aradune: Seems to be have healthy pop + long-standing playerbase? Maybe I'm wrong? Some concern that I won't run into anyone in 1-60s range from Classic/Kunark/Velious.
    • Rizlona: More boxing flexibility / less boxing hate. Same concern about not running into anyone in early EQ content zones.
    • Mischief: Higher pop than Thornblade. Loot system seems like a fun new element without breaking nostalgic immersion. I probably forget what mobs drop what anyhow :D Concerned that I'm joining the party too late and that I'll invest the time to level up characters only to exist in an eventual dead/dying server once next TLP launches in 6-8 months.
    Do you think what I've ascertained above is correct? Have I weened the options down to the appropriate candidates? I'd be pleased to hear any feedback and suggestions to pick one of the above or any server!
  2. Iyacc Augur

    I'm uncertain if this sentence is for Mischief only or all TLP? If for Mischief only then the next TLP shouldn't have any more to do with Mischief than it will with ALL of the above you listed. Any time a new server is dropped, it has some sort of effect on any of the existing TLP. A new ruleset does bring back new players but in general each existing TLP will lose some portion of it's player base - more so on the newer than older existing, in theory.

    The concern about Mischief would be if DBG screws the pooch on the random ruleset with any upcoming specific expansion to the point that it drives people away/back to an older TLP/or to a new TLP. Some people are going to bounce to every new server - they like the first few expansions content OR they like to farm items and play merchant to accumulate krono, or whatever other reason.

    Since you seem to know what you want and don't intend to raid or play "keep up" then you should be able to have fun long term on Mischief unless the thought of random loot just turns you off. In some ways the tradable loot aspect of Mischief might make it easier for you to keep duoing longer just for the simple fact that you can save up some plat and buy specific items/spells/whatever a little easier than a normal TLP if you get frustrated at your duo pace or aren't able to get something you think is cool.
  3. Lejaun Augur

    Mischief/Thornblade would be my suggestion. It's so refreshing trying to guess what you will get. After awhile, you tend to get a rough idea of what random drops you may get, but its still quite a bit more varied than standard "Oh look, Frenzy. We get a sash or we get a ring."

    There is still a pretty decent population xping in places like Unrest and ToFS and then Velks. You also have the advantage of being able to scoop up older top tier no drop items for good prices, as they are tradeable.
  4. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Luclin launches 13th October on Mischief so there will be a lot of baby beasts around then leveling up. Also there are still many creating alts to level up on Mischief. I don't think you will have any problems finding others especially as you intend to 2 box so even if it is a little on the quiet side at times you will still be able to progress.
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  5. Alnitak Augur

    My crystal-ball prediction: you WILL want post-LDoN content sooner rather than later. In my experience nostalgia will get satisfied in a matter of days and you'll recall how fun this game is and will want more of it.
  6. Duckforceone Elder

    personally, i'd recommend mischief... it's new ruleset sets is miles apart from other servers, and it's the only one to keep me playing past classic...

    lots of people boxing that can help you, people always levelling alts, especially once luclin unlocks, and some good guilds and a healthy marketplace.

    Good start gear is easy to come by, and allows you to basically box your way to endgame easily.
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  7. Herf Augur

    Check out Agnarr. 'nuff said.
  8. Beretta New Member

    I enjoyed progressing on Agnarr when it was new. Joined an excellent guild. Then Mangler came out and we moved to go beyond PoP. It was a lot of fun!

    However, not long after PoP the game seems to lose it's luster. Things get progressively technical and too much to keep track of. And this seems to correlate with Mangler's population drop. I don't see why Aradune, Rizlona or Mischief will track much differently.

    So I returned to Agnarr, which is like a small town.. low population but friendly people who are helpful to new folks. As with most servers with a year or more, there is not a lot of new players pouring into Agnarr, so grouping can be hit or miss, as is the economy. But there are also no bot armies like the new TLPs. And there is a small /afk buff pile in PoK that is similar to older server guild lobbies. For raiding, there are 4 strong guilds. 3 US and 1 EU. On Agnarr you never feel rushed and you never fall behind.
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  9. RepPermaCharged New Member

    Sweet. Thanks for the replies, everyone! This has been very helpful and your feedback much appreciated.
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  10. Xeris Augur

    Ya I'd echo the sentiments of Agnarr. Especially given your casual play time, even if you get the itch to play content beyond PoP/LDON, it doesn't seem like you're going to be in a position to enjoy that content if you aren't raiding and don't play enough to be at max level/aa's and gear that'll allow you to enjoy more later game content.

    Also, if you want to interact with people and make friends, I'd also argue that Agnarr is going to be the best place for you. Most of the population of progressing TLP's are going to be playing the game actively, so while you might meet a friend at lvl 45 today, in 2 months that guy might be level 65 and raiding while you're level 48. The gap will only widen. It seems less and less likely that you'll encounter players in a meaningful way on a progressing server, especially if you're just starting now (unless you wait for a new TLP and start fresh with everyone).

    On Agnarr, you can be pretty certain that the same folks are gonna be around. So, while you may encounter someone while leveling and they might play more than you and hit 65 before you... you'll eventually catch up to where they are. And you'll almost always encounter people in your range, or players with alts in your level range, to interact and group with if you decide to group. In general, Agnarr is a significantly more relaxed-pace/casual environment that seems to fit your playstyle.

    Also on Agnarr there are casual/pick-up raids, and most of the guilds here don't have any attendance requirements or anything. So if you ever DO decide to raid, there will be opportunities for you to raid at your own pace on your own time. Plus, it'll be easy to get yourself starter gear and buffs to make the beginning of your journey quite self sufficient.
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  11. Xhartor Augur

    Gates of Discord is probably the best expansion on a TLP.
  12. Abrhum Journeyman

    If you're into pick up groups and dungeon crawls, join mischief for the nostalgia! Just keep in mind, krono has changed EQ into a pay to win game (early levels primarily). That random Twink you used to encounter back in the early 2000s is now more common than the untwinked player. Join a unrest group, and you may be the only one wearing cloth / missing gear in certain slots. Just a friendly heads up.