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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Kiran322, Sep 21, 2022.

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    Hey all, I'm a player that is looking for an active casual guild to start anew with. I have played off and on since I was a kid but I don't know too much about the game systems so I ask a lot of questions.The server doesn't really matter to me, thanks!
  2. Petalonyx Augur

    Could try The Dark Reign on Bristlebane. They are a large casual guild on an active server with many helpful players.
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    Welcome back to EQ :)

    <Time X Money> is also recruiting- we've had some folks who have returned..those new to the server etc. We are a GDKP guild (plat guild). Raid Tu/Th 10pm-1am est; offnights have been extra DoN progressions, epic fights, etc.

    Feel free to join there and ask whatever questions you may have! We dont require attendance for raids
  6. Kalela New Member

    Amiticia et Delectatio (on Bristlebane) is a casual guild of new, returning, and veteran players. We've been around for over 21 years and are now across multiple MMO realms. I founded the guild to have a place for fun without drama and no hard requirements for raiding. You play how and when you want to play!

    We have 2 main requirements:
    1. Be an adult
    2. Don't be a jerk
    Check us out in-game or our website -
    If you register on the site, you'll get access to our Discord server as well.