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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Itachi, Mar 31, 2024.

  1. Itachi New Member

    Hey all I'm wanting to get back into EQ. EQ was my first MMO player it from release in 99 till late 2004 when I switched to EQ2. I mained a monk back then on Veeshan server. I'm looking for suggestions on what class to play that would be useful to groups so I'm not spending days LFG. Also any recommended servers for a new player that could find a guild and doesn't mind helping a new guy out. Last would it be better to start fresh or should I just make a heroic character at 85? Thanks for any advice ahead of time and looking forward to meeting new people and having fun in the game that got me hooked all those years ago.
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  2. Itachi New Member

    Sorry not sure why it posted my thread twice
  3. NinjutsuMMO Augur

    I would get ready for the new tlp server coming out in may if I were you…

    In the meantime the in game mini game called gems helps to pass the time
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    Suggested path for returning players:

    Try to recover your old account. Yes, it is possible and they have a set up to go thru it:
    How to Recover Your Account

    It will be free with 28 expansions. So either that old one or make a new one on a live server which will also be free.

    Now download your maps. These are also free - Google Brewells eq maps and Goods eq maps, most of us use both

    Next, create a new level 1 character on a live server (so its still free) and play thru the tutorial. Once done with that tutorial then go to POK and continue the tutorial from Secalna Galnor [Tutorials]. None of these tutorial are that long but will teach you a lot.

    You can create various level 1's to see what you like playing. There is not a lot of preference as to what class is better in a group anymore since groups are so hard to find that pretty much any well played character is welcome. And mercs help most players solo thru levels.

    There is a new TLP (time locked progression servers) coming soon. You have to have a subscription to play on these but groups are much more common.

    Things not to do:
    Buy loads of armor and weapons from the baz - it drops like flies now days and is easy to come via quests by on live servers for lower levels

    Spend a lot of money on the latest expansion - its level 125 and unless you want to go there and die or forage (2 of the Rangers favorite activities) there there is no need for it yet.

  5. Itachi New Member

    Thx the TLP does look like the way to go for me ill be looking for it and just kill time on other servers for now to get back into it. Cant get my old account back i had given it to an old guildmate when i quit.. Already paid subscriber. Was looking at makeing a Necromancer or a SK maybe even a rogue
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  6. Owch Crotchety SOB

    I would strongly advise you not to start a rogue on the new TLP, especially if you're a new or (in your case) returning player. Rogues are absolute trash in the early game and there's no relief in sight. SKs are nothing special for a while either.
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  7. Itachi New Member

    Man so Rogue never got fixed up that's a shame. Guess I'll go with the Necro then.
  8. GnomeGnomeGnome Elder

    By the way, if you are a paid subscriber, then you have a free Level 100 heroic on your account for your 25th celebrations. So dont pay for an 85 heroic if you want to see what high levels look like.

    But, that comes with a warning, if you start a 100 character, you will be totally out of your depth. it will take ages to work out all the AAs etc. and the mobs appear to become extremely powerful somewhere after 80 (I never got that far myself). So even with a level 100, you will still be a total noob.

    Also, take care to pick a good server. My personal opinion is that Firiona Vie appears to be the most lively, but that might just be the times i play. Some other servers are very quiet.

    Finally, pick whatever class you find most fun. Dont listen when people tell you some classes suck. If you are just playing an Ench or Cleric to please other people, then you will find it boring and quit. Pick what you like, you will get on fine if you are having fun and stick around.
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  9. Itachi New Member

    Thx I made a Necro on firiona vie.
  10. Rijacki Just a rare RPer on FV and Oakwynd

    Welcome to FV :)
  11. CrazyLarth Augur

  12. Exmortis_MT Augur

    Could not have picked a better time to return really. Just enough time to get your feet wet again, try a few toons, and then jump into one of the new TLPs.

    Just a side note, if you want to get a little "classic" feel to a new toon do not do the tutorial and do not buy any gear from the bazaar. You can always just stay on FV if you find yourself at home.
  13. Everdork99 Lorekeeper

    We all are coming back for One Last TLP! Again lol! We Return We return! The Krono's are coming! The Krono's are coming! Sounds the Trumpets throughout the land! The Krono's are coming!

    I mean I like to kid but honestly I don't think I ever got such a great value for the little bit I spend on EQ for like a year or two after the launch of a TLP.