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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Crowknight, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. Crowknight New Member

    hey I'm returning to everquest after about 4 years and I'm looking for a new server and a new class to play so really i only have a few questions to ask

    =Between Firiona vale and Bristlebane which server is better in the long run?

    -which class is good for Solo/Molo and can solo older raids pretty well (Raids like plane of sky and Sleeper's tomb)

    -if possible I can buy points/sub through Steam?
  2. Fluid Augur

    Unless I miss something, no one can solo Sky to the end point who can't handle a 32k point death touch. Just means you need a pretty well advanced character to get there.

    I like Firiona Vie server. Combination of things like free trade allows twinking your own characters, faster experience, and good population. There are down sides such as the Bazaar there tends to be whack. I also have a good time on the TLP servers but they have a tendency to lose population over time.

    I haven't put in the time on FV recently because I have been feeding my TLP habit but it would seem to be your best bet because of where you want to be in game play. It also allows boxing which makes most things possible. With a 3 box set up plus 3 Mercs you can have a 6 member team to request things like LDoN missions.

    Also very much, try to recover your old account. If you just have a small bit of info like the email address you used there is a good chance you can claim veteran rewards. The veteran thing is just too good to pass up. You get a ~daily experience bonus and a buff monkey that follows you around casting haste and Clarity on you. Haste pumps your character up to ~176%<w/o trying>, so with the experience bonus and faster leveling on FV,I would say unless you have a character near 100 you would probably be better off claiming the veteran reward there on a new character vs applying it to your old character.

    The essential characters if you want to solo would probably be Druid, Necromancer, and Magician. Lot's of people like Beastlords but I don't have a lot of experience with them.

    If you do go with boxing I regard an Enchanter as an essential addition. A good set up would be something like an Enchanter, Shadow Knight, and Druid so you have crowd control, tank, and transportation. Lots of other combinations work too like a Magician with pet tanking or tank Mercs long as you have a good grasp on running the Enchanter.
  3. Crowknight New Member

    thank you for the help besides hybrids and casters out of the melees which ones are good for moloing?
  4. Fluid Augur

    I believe the consensus right now would be Shadow Knight. They get going fairly quickly in about 7-8 levels and have a sweet combination of perks. Mostly they get the Necromancer spells just a bit later so all the snares, DOTs, and life stealing/self healing apply. Their pet is weak for their level but still very useful, for example MOB casts a blinding spell on you and runs, you can't follow but the pet still stays on it. There's a few other odd combinations like automatic Riposte with a life stealing spell up that makes survival under attack a little better then other classes.

    Kind of cheap to run if you use something like an Ogre and don't mind everyone hating you. :) You still get Bash/stun when using a 2-Hander and 2-Handers are always cheap to buy. I started a Troll SK on Mangler and while I don't have the time to put into him, I found him fun to run. I moved him to the Ogre starting area which is hugely improved over what it used to be and bound him in Oggok. Lots of other races to chose from, even Gnome, but I am a fan of Bash so... YMMV
  5. Gana Augur

    If you want to solo/molo, I would go SK...maybe Paladin if you want to take longer doing it (but boy, look at that healing!).

    If you want straight melee, monk.

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