Returning Player - Couple quick questions

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Gaen, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. Gaen New Member

    Hello All,

    I am on the Prexus server and I have a 90 SK with his 1.0 epic and I havent been back for years. My questions are below:,

    1.) Im probably going to be solo or maybe duoing a shammy what are some good hunting grounds if I cant get a PL?

    2.) Is there an up to date Aug guide because last I played I was struggling a bit trying to grind AC augs and i want to make sure my info is accurate

    3.) To successfully play will I have to run complex macros or can I manage to activate all of my abilities AAs and discs manually without the extra complexity?

    Thanks again for any assistance provided!
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  2. Qbert Gallifreyan

    1.) You could try some heroic adventures in Call of the Forsaken. Added bonus: the currency you earn can be used to buy some of the augments from older expansions that you might otherwise want to camp. Depending upon your gear, you will need that shaman and bring two mercenaries, to make it relatively efficient. Based on your introduction though, I would recommend knocking out our epic 2.0 first; it is quite important to you.

    2.) You can check various lists for ac augments. One thing to consider is what heroic statistic to focus on (heroic dexterity, presumably). We are also very close to the anniversary period which offers some limited time augments that you may want. This list, for example, I set to level 95 focused on ac/heroic dexterity, and you can see where they are acquired on the right side.,8&class=ShadowKnight&level=95

    3.) You absolutely do not need to use a single in-game macro to be successful (and out-of-game ones are prohibited).
  3. Eggolas Augur

    1) At 90, I would recommend The Grounds, Valley and CotF HAs.
    2) for sure.
    3) Macros on your Shaman will be helpful, but really you probably only need two or three five-line socials. One for your SK to grab aggro and engage, then one for Shaman to send in pet, debuff/Slow and ADPS (Panther line for example). If you need help with that, just ask. You can also social your DoTs.
  4. Gaen New Member

    Thanks All thats very helpful. I did have a little issue when I last played clearing some COTF HAs with boss mobs just because I couldnt kill them fast enough before my discs aas and healing had run out. Maybe its because I dont have my 2.0 yet or have crap AC

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