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    So I am returning after 9 years and very glad to see a lot of familiar stuff (including my toon and all his hard-earned gear!). I wanted to introduce my kids to the first MMO I ever played and found enough to be different that I was hoping to get some clarity here.

    Okay I left right after/around the Glooming Deep tutorial was implemented. I still remember meeting the guild master in your home city, presenting him with a item and he returned a class-specific item in return. I believe that now new characters need to do this in Crescent Reach? Can they do this turn in at their home city anymore?

    I'm still trying to figure out what has changed without literally investigating every new (or possibly forgotten) NPC, zone, item, system, etc. Is there a one stop web page that has a "History of changes in EQ" since the beginning? I assume that this is unlikely, but figured I would ask....

  2. Putrify Elder

    Welcome back!

    Here's one page I found helpful:

    It does have a list of expansions and links to info on each one for more info. And, in places where it is lacking, it at least gives you an idea of what to google for. I've been back two months, I'm still trying to catch up..... =)
  3. Raludar Apprentice

    You can still turn in the guild summons in your home city rather than Crescent Reach. When you create your character there is a drop down menu on the right hand side of the screen where you select your starting city. Just change this to the old home city instead of Crescent Reach. Crescent Reach is the default selection. There are Guild Masters in Crescent Reach as well so you can do it either way. I'm old school so I start all of my characters in the old cities but in the grand scheme of things it just doesn't make any real difference.

    This is sad to say and I don't mean any disrespect by it but your hard earned gear from 9 years ago won't get you very far these days. The Defiant gear, check Allakhazam for details, is your best bet until you get in the low 80s. It is pretty common and has a chance to drop from any mob in any zone.

    The gear you get from completing all of the tasks in the tutorial can take you a long way.

    I play on Firiona Vie and I'm on most nights. Once you get back in the game some and have any other specific questions feel free to look me up and ask. I like to help as much as I can when people are returning.

    As far as a History of EQ page I'm not sure. I've never looked for one. Good luck and welcome back!
  4. Yther Augur links to the release notes and covers most of the non-tradeskill stuff. Most of the tradeskill stuff was revamped between expansions. Of the tradeskills, Alchemy, Jewel Crafting, Make Poison, and Spell Research (along with priest, hybrid, and melee research) have all been revamped. Cultural Armor has been revamped. Quick cheat sheet on Cultural at and the linked pages from there. The cultural is probably also mentioned in the expansions page progression guides and/or release notes as both of those where done around an expansion release.

    The most notable Jewelry for lower to mid levels is Trio stuff with various cut Underfoot diamonds for the slot 11s, and Round Cut Peridot and Opal for the 10s for AC and HPs. See for a calculator and don't go more than 6 levels above your level for rec. level of the settings, due to the non-linear (extreme) sliding scale.

    Most any of the posts in this section should give descent advice, and the most frequent is to do the Tutorial, do all or most of the quests to get some good starter equipment so you don't have to worry about upgrading other than a weapon for melee and hybrid other than what just drops for you until the 50s. The trio jewelry isn't necessary, but if you're into min/maxing / twinking it's a fast way to go, and usually less than lesser twink items for cost, if you don't go hunt them with a higher level toon.

    Defiant the globally dropped gear, you will probably want to get a full set around 59, as it's pretty cheap in the bazaar. Do the hotzone quests from Franklin Teek in Plane of Knowledge to get shoulders, back, and waist items for free, along with alot of experience. If you're free to play, hotzone augs are nice as they work on bronze and silver level accounts. See for a chart of the different levels, and for a list of old and current hotzones and specialty items from those zones. Most of the items other than the long quests for each of the hotzones of a set aren't that worthwhile compared to defiant gear.

    If trio jewelry is too expensive / hard to obtain, the defiant jewelry vendors in PoK, Iason Yureska [Items 50+], and
    Keefe Stearns for the low level stuff.

    I feel like I'm leaving something out, but that covers most of the stuff, and might find it in some other posts, and / or guides linked on Crystillia and Borek-VS and other's signature.

    EDIT: Borek-VS's faq at the claims section is probably a very good start, as most returning players have some claimable items, and that page describes them.

    Yther Ore.
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  5. Borek-VS Augur

    The first thing you need to know is that the current Gloomingdeep is much bigger than the original version - and is very well worth your while doing.

    You can only hand in the guild summons at your home city, which is whatever you have selected at the character creation screen. Only Gold members can select the original home towns, Free/Silver are forced to Crescent Reach. The item you are given isn't worth having anymore, although the faction bump that comes from handing in may be - for some classes/races.

    What has changed? (See the FAQ, link in sig, but...) Potions for healing and mana regen; mercenaries to fight for you or heal you; Veteran rewards (including double exp for 30 minutes every 20 hours); hot zones with experience rewards for special quests; Defiant armour - random drop from any mob, anywhere. Probably a lot more. Beyond that, don't be afraid to ask questions.

    PS Yther: it's "decent" :).
  6. Beechwoodgrey Augur

    I always go through the tutorial when started fresh on another server otherwise I just twink out if I have higher lvl toons. The following npcs help fill the empty slots.

    For rings, face, neck and ears Keefe Stearns in pok .
    Shoulders, cloak and belt are offered as rewards by Franklin Teek.

    Defiant armor, weapons, augs and charms are dropped so can be looted, purchased from the bazaar or found on vendors if sold to vendor by player can be pricey or cheaper depending on the market. bad I should have read Yther's post lol...ahh well. Good post Yther :)
  7. Yther Augur

    I could of meant descent, as this is the newbie hell isn't it? j/k But yours is what I really meant. Thanks Borek-VS. And another reason to allow more than 30 min edit time. And thanks Beechywoodgrey, but re-iteration is often a good thing on forums to reinforce good advice!

    Since I'm at it, I'll restate the gloomingdeep tutorial quests are good to do not only for the equipment, but information on many new features and old features that you may have forgot about.

    Yther Ore.
  8. --Voodoo-- Augur

    You mean "could have", Yther. :)

    One thing often overlooked in returnee advice is Legends of Norrath. It's a trading card game, fairly easy to get the hang of it, at least enough to beat the scenarios. Some of those scenarios award loot cards that can be used in EQ, the most useful being potion packs. The Underfoot scenario gives you 15 exp potions, 25 harvest, and 25 healing potions. It's pretty easy and uses a pre-built deck. A few of the others also award potion packs, usually early on the campaigns so you don't have to do too much. There's some other stuff like illusions, items, and ornaments available too.

    Also, if you're a gold member you get 5 free cards packs per month. Rarely the packs will have useful loot items.
  9. Trazzlo Elder

    Or he might've meant could've, but either way he was clearly descending into grammar hell at a decent rate. :D
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  10. Mithrandyr Augur

    Is there a page somewhere that lists all the rewards? I've done the scenario for Chilandria's Fang and would like to do more of the loot scenarios; i don't really have time to play LoN regularly.
  11. MundoBot New Member

    What is this double xp for 30 minutes every 20 hours? Why can't I find it?
    I think my account is 12 years old... rather, one of my accounts are....
  12. MundoBot New Member

    Oh, it's a Veteran AA. (Found It!)
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  13. --Voodoo-- Augur

    Not that I know of, but here's some:
    Underfoot as I mentioned awards a bunch of potions. Should be at the very bottom of the scenario list. Pretty much anything under "Other Campaigns" awards loot. Just have to check periodically. They're usually only available for a limited time.

    Ethernauts #1 - 5x Harvest/Heal potions
    Ethernauts #7 - Valik familiar
    Ethernauts #10 - Hooded Scrykin illusion
    Against the Void #5 - Bixie illusion
    Stormbreak #3 - Harpy illusion
    Stormbreak #5 - Zombie familiar
    Travellers #6 - Tear of Tranquillity
    Vengeful Gods #3 - 5x Harvest/Heal potions
    Doom of the Ancient Ones #3 - 5x exp, 10x Harvest/Heal potions
    DotAO #10 - Orc merc skin
    Dragonbrood #3 - 5x exp, 10x Harvest/Heal potions
    Legacies #3 - 5x exp, 10x Harvest/Heal potions

    There's a few more, but it's stuff like weapon ornaments, bind potions, or outdated gear. All the loot as far as I know comes from the campaigns above, and the special ones under "Other". Nothing from regular campaigns before Ethernauts or after Legacies.

    You do have to unlock each scenario (aside from "Others", and Ethernauts #1 of course), so it may not be worth it for some of them. Not all of them are easy enough to beat without building a deck, but I think all the potions should be doable with the Wilderness starter (I'm pretty sure everyone gets that one).
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