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    I played EQ from 2001 until 2011-12 about. With CS help I was finally able to reacquire both my old accounts. But when I logged in, my level 65 Druid is now a lvl 51 Druid, my 1200-1800 AAs are gone, many of my skills have decreased ( example- all language skills were maxed, foraging isn’t high… ), all bags on my character are gone, all bank bags are gone, including mounts, my Druid epics, keys to zones and who know what else. The same situation is present on both accounts and multiple character ( I have not checked all characters- it too depressing ).
    the GM who responded to my help request only says they have no history of my accounts so cannot return anything. Daybreak had my user IDs and payment history when I was trying to recover the accounts, but nothing now? I was on the Tunare server and now on Tunare plus whatever server it merged with.

    anyone have any explanation as to what might have happened?
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    So many things. Tunare has always been Tunare. Others merged to it but it never merged out.

    Ref the AA: Those have been revamped numerous times since 2012 and when they revamp they take a lot away or merge them into other AA. There was a huge revamp in 2017 alone that cost many accounts a lot of AA before they learned how to merge them right.

    Its not a big thing any more because with auto grant you can get all AA up to your level now. They brought that out in 2014. But you do have to be a paid account but you can just pay for one month if you wanted and get them all to whatever level your at. Most folks wait till at least 85 to do it that way. Also AA are super easy to get now with Overseer, tasks and just how fast the game goes now.

    Keys: They also revamped how keys work so we no longer need the actual key. So what they did was if you already had a key then as soon as you zoned into that key'd area or picked up the key out of your bank then it would flag your character and delete the actual key and give you an /achievement. . The /Key command will now bring up a list of Keys in the Achievement window (that is in the Hero's Journey window. Or Under /ach look for General - Keys and Everquest - Progression.

    For missing items: A couple possibilities on this one. Sometimes for whatever reasons the items get sent to Parcels or Overflow. So Check "overflow" (/ /itemoverflow in chat line) and find a Parcel merchant to see if they are there.

    If ANYone and I mean ANYone ever knew your log in details they could have purged your account. For example you were in a guild that were allowed to log in so your character could do a raid or a friend could log in and do a quest while you were on vacation OR you have a vindictive ex partner. You could have lost levels if someone sacrificed you for EE.

    Epic: Ok on this one go to your /achievements - its a button on your character screen or type /ach in game. On this list scroll to General then Class and it will show which epics you completed. If it shows you completed them then I would petition again and send them a screen shot showing that window.

    I agree it is depressing.

    We do get all the Veteran Reward's from Day 1 now. Even your old characters have them all now. No more waiting 14 years for the last one!

    Edit. We don't have to eat roots anymore. There are player made food and drink that can give you thousands of hit points!

    Disclaimer: this list is possible reasons
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  3. Iven the Lunatic

    Either your mind is tricking you, and you had a second druid on another account, or an old backup got restored. A lot weird stuff can had happened after such a long time and there even was a mass account hack very long ago. I also had a strange experience after "my" account got restored. I thought that I had two accounts, but then all toons appeared on one account. The character selection is a little bit bugged since then, which still makes me believe that I had two accounts that somehow got merged into one. Maybe "just" the strange Mandela effect.
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    Around 2012 was when the hack happened. After accounts were locked at that time I can't recall how much rigmarole was involved afterwards for players to legitimately log in to their accounts other than using the email address linked with the accounts before the hack happened. It was interesting times. Now I am trying to figure out how to recover an account where the email provider isn't around anymore.
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  5. Iven the Lunatic

    It does work as long as you can provide other sensitive data. Like CD keys, old credit card infos, and old bank account data.
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