returning player: 85 Warrior (new heroic toon)

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    hello EQ community!

    I've returned home, woohoo! Just a little background, I played a warrior back when PoP first released, played intensely for a few years raiding with one of the top guilds ("Assent") as a tank, & retired shortly after DoN released in 2005. After a long (12 year) haitus, I'm back =)

    Anyway, I always played a warrior, and will always be one at heart. Now, I'm back playing the same class... & oh yes, the fun & nostalgia is definitely strong here. I'm also boxing a couple of toons, plus I got my daughter playing a wiz (FV server). Anyway, I would love some tips on where to start & what's the best way to gear & level up. Here are some questions to start:
    1.) Do I need to do the warrior epic quest, or is it no longer one of the top weapons that I can obtain considering I won't be raiding (well, isn't most gear available at the bazaar since this is FV?)
    2.) I don't mind farming xp by camping a particular spot/zone old-school style, or would it be more efficient to run an instance (ie. Heroic Adventures)? I don't like doing quests that involve a lot of running around... I like chain clearing/killing or camp a named more for some rare drop =)
    3.) what do I do for getting some augs at this level... or should I not bother with that and just keep leveling?

    Been playing for a few days now, and getting the hang of it. Our little group can clear trash mobs in Toskirakk just fine, as long as we don't get more than 2 mobs at a time.

    Thanks in advance!
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    The best experience for the two of you would probably be Heroic Adventures by quite a bit. The only thing that would out distance these would be if you could get a EoK group, but this would basically be level 105 characters power leveling you so not really something I think you should be searching for. (But if the opportunity arises).

    However, I think you guys can familiarize yourselves with a lot of the game mechanics in the House of Thule expansion. At 85 you should be able to do Feerrott, Lower Floors, and the grounds pretty easy, and grabbing some easy Augs along the way. Also complete the quests, they give a nice xp bonus especially the kill quests (mercenary) where you will probably be fighting those mobs anyway. The Partisan quests are also interesting.

    XP in these zones pales compared to what you would make running Heroic Adventures, but I think HA's will get old fast. From those three zones you can easily move up to Erudin Burning, the Library, and eventually move up to the House of Thule Upper Floors and the connected zones. Its a really great expansion from 85-94ish.

    Finally you may want to ask specific questions on the warrior board about what Disciplines to be using during a multi-pull. Multi-pulls will soon become the norm.
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    No need for Warrior epic.
    At 85 leveling spot really is The Grounds.
    I would buy a Krono for $$ and sell it to get yourself some plat (2.4mil - 2.5mil).
    Think of it as an investment. The faster you level then the more plat you can make back, and rebuy that Krono :)
    At 85, you don't have to go overboard, 100k or so should get you fitted out in most spots, it's important to get the tank fitted out as much as possible. Set a max price of 10000 and lvl of 85, and sort by HP in each of the slots. A lot of that 85 gear sells below 1k.
    Do the Journeyman T5 merc quest in The Dream Ferrott (mana /mana regen is hugely different) - should almost be first thing to do after upgrading gear.
    The TBM gear (buyable in poTranq) with the Augs (Sturdy for tanks) results in some of the best AC for it's level. You would have to get someone else to buy the augs for you (or look in /baz, but there isn't a lot of 85-95 augs). You really want to be buying these augs when you hit 95+, b4 that they are not so important., but 95-105 you'll be wearing these items with type 9 augs.
    Go full on for levels, the only thing I'd stop and AA for is the Weapon Proficiency which is 5AA's and I think is lvl 95.
  6. Khaliss Augur

    thanks all for the feedback, I'm just really stoked to be playing this game again... will check out all the links and relearn everything I can! =)
  7. Robomax Elder

    House of Thule! Even the T2 Armor isnt Bad the T3 and T4 are little harder to get And Augs are common drops their.