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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Hiasdamoon, Apr 16, 2020.

  1. Hiasdamoon New Member

    Can I pay someone to tailor Rustic Cap of the Conjuror for me? Or do I have to grind the tailoring level up?

    Haven't played in years, so have forgotten all the subtleties. Thank you.

    If I have to grind it up, I have found a few guides to follow, but wasn't sure if scribing ahead of my level would help get there faster.
  2. 05KRYSTI New Member

    Ive not made this, and it may depend on what "type" of server youre on, but you could pay someone to make the 'Fantastic Silk Cap Template' component for you. It isnt NO TRADE (at least not on live servers) It seems the Rustic Cap isnt in and of itself a tradeskill item- just the template.So, once you have the template you should be able to do the combine yourself. What server are you on?
  3. Hiasdamoon New Member

    Ok, I am on Luclin...gonna hop on the discord and see if anyone has it. Thank you!
  4. DillyBar Elder

    The quest may say “create” in whichcase you would have to tailor it yourself.
  5. Lilybeme Lorekeeper

    Just need the template made for you, then it's a non-tradeskill combine

    From EQ Zam

    Fantastic Silk Cap Template


    [IMG] 1 x Fantastic Silk Cap Template


    [IMG] 4 x Fantastic Silk - Quested, Dropped
    [IMG] 1 x Reinforced Filament - Bought
    [IMG] 1 x Silk Cap Template Pattern - Bought
    [IMG] 1 x Silk Curing Chemicals - Bought
    [IMG] 1 x Simple Sewing Needle - Bought, Returned on Failure, Returned on Success
    Rustic Cap of the Conjuror


    [IMG] 1 x Rustic Cap of the Conjuror


    [IMG] 1 x Consort Adorning Agent - Bought
    [IMG] 1 x Fantastic Silk Cap Template - Crafted
    [IMG] 1 x Rustic Headdress of Argath - Dropped


    Skill: Non-Tradeskill
    Class: ALL
    Recipe Created: 2011-11-23 03:13:16
    Recipe Last Updated: 2018-09-17 22:57:28

    Portable Containers

    [IMG] Reliquary of Refinement
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  6. xxGriff Augur

    there are several sites that have "wiki" for expac's. from progression thru to spells and Armor. how to make, the drops needed etc. i.e. if you type EQ VoA you should get suggestions of Progression and Armor within the 1st 2 suggestions, and then links to said wiki's. one example pertaining to VoA (Rustic/Formal etc)
    this holds true for most expac's. with Group, TS'd and Raid tiers all explained =)

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