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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by EQNecro99, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. EQNecro99 New Member

    Hi All. I recently returned to EQ after 8 years (not that its important), but i have a question regarding a situation im stuck with while trying to level up. I am a level 73 necro, i have a merc that heals anything in my party (I am soloing). I am out in the Steppes killing light blues and dark blues, well, not really. I Keep getting my target to around 50 percent health and they all of a sudden die, i cant loot the corpse or anything, they just....die. So for some reason when they are near half health they keel over and thats it, nothing can be done. Is this a game mechanic telling me i need to fight tougher npc's?
  2. huadmer Lorekeeper

    Very strange. Try looking around you may find a ranger close by and have stumbled in his HS spot.
  3. Diptera Augur

    "just dying" is... peculiar.

    There used to be a known bug where mobs would wander off and fall through the geometry, so they would still be on your target window, but would lose agro, and regain hp; but to just die unexpectedly is... odd. (the bug mentioned here more often occurred when a mob tried to run away, so was <10% health)

    As huadmer mentioned, possibilities are that somebody else is killing the mob, and either killing it outright, or by doing more damage than you (I'm assuming there is a corpse left behind that you don't have permission to loot?) If the mob dies and the corpse vanishes immediately, that would normally indicate than an NPC out-damaged you, so got credited with the kill, and the corpse insta-decays.
  4. Noobieguy Augur

    OP, I am guessing this is the case if there is a corpse and you can't loot it.. Have run across some pretty rude rangers, luckily there are ways to deal with them if play nice doesn't work.
  5. fransisco Augur

    trying to train a ranger in a headshot area is an exercise in futility. They can easily dismantle and kill the trains that would be brought to them.
    I'd try telling them your there. See if they back off after you talk to them
  6. huadmer Lorekeeper

    Unless one brings him a really nice present. There are more mobs in a zone that can not be HS than that can be.
  7. Theka Lorekeeper

    word of advise drop the merc as its eating your xp and solo yellows. trying to think of where i was at 73 i think icefall glacier and there were dogs by the zone line to valdenholm. pretty sure i went from 70 -75 in a day and a bit, after that genies in tbs Jewel of Atiiki were awesome

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