Returning Necro ,looking for solo spot suggestions

Discussion in 'Casters' started by Toruch Fleshrot, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. Toruch Fleshrot Elder

    Hello all.
    I have played EQ from 2K until 2011-12. Pretty much soloed my Necro to 85 before my retirement. Just started again , and just got level 86 soloing in the hills of shade , because it was a favorite of mine . Looking for solo area suggestions in all the new content since the hills of shade era. I have all expansions and decent equipment. Thanks for any ideas. One thing I will say , I was looking forward to finally getting a new level after all these years. But was really kind of bummed out buy the Necro 86 spells.thanks again.
  2. GoneFission Elder

    If I recall correctly, I did most of 85 to 90 in Toskirak on the ramp up to Korascian Warrens. A little in the warrens themselves, right of the zone in, and back among the frogs. I also spent a lot of time clearing names in blood fields and ruins on dranik or something like that.

    Low 90s I was killing undead in the Valley of Lunanyn graveyard. Better than that is the roots mobs in Beasts Domain. Zone in from Argath and levant to the Sarith zone line. Kite or root cook the mobs down that ramp. That's good to about 100 before they turn light blue.
  3. Felicite Augur

    I just did 70->101 (still working on 105 ;p) since I've returned during the holidays. Almost entirely solo/molo placing a few hours and there. I prefer to aggro kite, but I will root rot or molo/pet tank when I must to accomplish something.

    #1 tip: Until 95ish do the daily Franklin Teek adventures. They are usually moloable (at least) and if you do the one ahead of your level it is a nice XP bump, by 95 the reward is meh.

    Here are the spots I remember:

    At 86 I was heavy into House of Thule zones. My first good spot was in Feerrott, the Dream using the strip of land across the river from the House of Thule: Lower Floors zone out. You can snare the Tae Ew and kite them between Shalma and the wall and back (Whisperwind for the win). I also decided to molo all the partisan and mercenary quests for this zone (for faction and change of pace).

    Another good place was House of Thule, Lower Floors. You can kite the snakes and rotdogs in the yard right where you zone in, and you can get a kill quest from Ruppoc Rockjumper. I also decided to molo all the partisan and mercenary quests for this zone (for faction and change of pace), note the all the drops for the "Potion" quests can be pre-looted, I would often do a circuit of the Lower Floors collecting drops for these. I did the Potion quests a bunch of times.

    I spent some time moloing in The Grounds (seems like everything summoned) and Erudin Burning (and did one cycle around Fear Itself for old times sake). And you can also kite the klaknaks right around the zone area in Al'Kabor's Nightmare.

    Veil of Alaris

    Everyone says the Beasts Domain is the best spot (and you are super efficient and effective against plant mobs).

    I did a couple of levels at the village of undead "wraiths of Arelis" in the Valley of Lunanyn. The only other roaming mobs in the area are oashim that do not aggro and do not assist the wraiths. And you can pull them out into the open (and flat!) area around the village.

    I also spent a lot of time kiting outside the walls Erillion, City of Bronze with the animals and plants. This was perhaps my favorite spot in VoA (some people the mobs are too spread out, but I think it's a very relaxing place to kite). Bonus: Guild Hall to Shard's Fall, Levant, 180, zone into City of Bronze.

    Rain of Fear

    I wanted to like Shard's Fall, and there are some OK places to kite.. but nothing flat and open. Lev off, line of sight issues. Lev on, and you keep creeping up and suddenly you warp your mobs to you. I finished all the mercenary quests, though (many need to be moloed.. mobs summon and/or are immune to snare).

    My favorite RoF spot was in East Wastes, Zeixshi-Kar's Awakening at the Ry'Gorr fort above the Crystal Caverns. Tag one, kite the mass on the big flat space outside. Beware the Coldain, they summon. When I got one I would root park it to the side and use Death's Effigy after the pull was done to reset them. I spent a couple of levels there (and saw a number of the zone wide drops which are great) and I expect there are other places in that zone (there certainly were in the original Eastern Wastes).. although the Coldain and the Giants summon.

    Beyond that.. are places I am still using ><
  4. Toruch Fleshrot Elder

    Thanks for all the advice. Quick, stupid question: moloing= I assume soloing with a mercenary? If so, use a healer or tank Merc?
  5. Toruch Fleshrot Elder

  6. Felicite Augur

    At this point, healer mercenary with a tank pet (the level 82, 87, 92, 97, 102 one). Journeyman Mercs help.. having the best focus you can helps too.
  7. Rhaage Augur

    you may want to get up to 90+ ish first but the Sanctum Somnium giants are fun to hunt. You're off in no-mans land with only giants and kobolds and they are KOS to each other.
  8. Calamity Lorekeeper

    Can you out dps a kobold? Train a giant onto a kobold and let it tank for you.
  9. Siddar Augur

    I did most of 85 to 90 in HoT expansion in instances. Also did some questing is HoT lower zone where you kill creatures to do mercenary quests. 90 to 95 were done primarily in two zones beast domain and pillar of alra in VOA. 95 to 100 were done by doing general quests RoF there are big exp rewards for completing the overarching quest lines in a zone.

    My experience is limited to having done leveling in expansion where level raises occurred. Maybe better way to do things once you consider later content in the same level range.
  10. Toruch Fleshrot Elder

    Speaking on the Wraiths of Alrelis. Do the faction hits from these get to be a pain for you in Argath of anywhere else?
    Also , where in the Valley are these MOBs located?
  11. Tinyfeet Elder

    VOA has several good kite locations for that level range - valley has plenty of non-summoning mobs, as does the grounds on the outer edge of resplendent temple (also a hotzone depending on the hotzone rotation).
  12. CrazyLarth Augur

  13. Toruch Fleshrot Elder

    Thanks. I know where they are now and have been killing many. I'm mainly wondering about the faction hits. Will they hurt me in any other locations?
  14. CrazyLarth Augur

  15. Toruch Fleshrot Elder

    Alright guys, I've used the info here to get to 103. Now looking for solo suggestions to get me to 105-110.
    Thanks for any info.
  16. strongbus Augur

    lets see can do ha in cotf. or go to FM in eok(bears/trees/snanks) or OT in RO(snaraks/dog looking mobs) there are mobs that can be rooted rotted or kited round.

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