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Discussion in 'Melee' started by blackninja, Jun 17, 2018.

  1. blackninja New Member

    Greetings players.
    I'm considering returning after being gone for several years.
    I plan to return as monk/sham 2 box i ran before i left.
    I'm curious, what is the monk's current position?
    I remember them being at the bottom of dps charts. Has this improved at all?
    I remember hearing shaman actually do dps now, that makes me happy.
    I'll have several expansions to play through and I'm looking forward to catching up.
    Will i be able to play thought current content with just 2 boxing + mercs, and potential lfg pickup here and there?
    (i now the question relies on gear and aa heavily)
    Theoretically going into current expansion with max aa/group gear from previous expansion.

    I'm glad the game is still alive.
    Ty for feedback in advance.
  2. Cicelee Augur

    Not sure why it is important to be at the top/bottom of a DPS parse chart if you are just boxing. Having said that, a monk is going to have a very challenging time ranking ROS content. The shaman will help for sure, but if there is one thing I have learned... monks are not pure tanks.
  3. Denial_Sinfae Augur

    Shaman deeps got nerfed.

    Monk DPS is good.

    Won't be able to 2box everything. Not even progression. Some pick and choose named maybe. Most exp mobs.

    Pickup options depend on server.
  4. blackninja New Member

    Good stuff, thanks for feedback.
  5. kaedmon New Member

    Going to be hard without raid gear as a monk, with just normal group gear, you will probably die quite a bit. As the previous expansion you'll have the length of earthforce to survive most challenging situations. If you could work an sk into your team, you would do much much better
  6. Sagarmatha Augur

    I box a SK/Monk with a healer and DPS merc. Insane combo; there's almost nothing I can't take down. The Monk is just tough enough to take a few shots if my SK somehow loses aggro (which is almost never) or an unexpected add joins the fight.

    Feign death on both toons is really nice as well.
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  7. Pfaffe Journeyman

    If you want to start with the lower expansions to catch up, fair enough.

    IMHO is RoS the worst expansion to start with. Even the Overthere (Startzone) has trash mobs with 100kplus dots.

    I would personally choose Sagarmathas combo. SK is the best group tank. Monk (I play one myself) is good melee dps atm. Plus you can come closeish to Raidmonks sustained dps as you do your major dmg with abilities and discs, but not so much with your weapon.
  8. Snazster Elder

    Used to be top dps in my raids on a regular basis. With rangers having headshot, and rogues having assassinate (and monks still not having spinesnapping kick), and some of the insane dps a top mage can put out I now have accept the top one or two in each of those out doing me when there are a lot of blues around the boss, although I can still usually get first on the boss, providing he's not a crazed rampager like Cactiki or some such. Generally, the longer a boss fight goes, the better the monks will look versus other dps classes. It helps a bit that, if we watch aggro really closely and have quick responses ready, we die a lot less than most melee. Personally, I still miss the days when our skill at pulling was everything.
  9. Gnomereaper Augur

    With an SK in Conflagrant gear you can go through EOK progression quite well and level from 105-110.

    Staying in Frontier Mountain to drill XP and work Gorrowyn faction would make you non kos to Gorrowyn which is a sarnak zone in RoS.

    No idea what level you are, but you can skip around content and cherry pick too.