Returning as a tank, but consider switching

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by Dalrek_MM, Jun 18, 2020.

  1. Dalrek_MM Journeyman

    Hi all,

    Returned to EQ during the forced corona break where I had to work from come. Worked back up from level 100 to 115 and geared up with snowbound armor and some GMM items, farmed a few TBM augs from decay etc

    But It doesnt really feel comfortable returning to a raidguild as a warrior,even with just social status. Whenever people ask if any tank LFG, it will always be in ToV and that in group gear and like 15k AA from autogrant

    When I retired I consider myself to be a top tank in our raiding guild. I think the skill are still there (even if a bit rusty) and my hotkey are set up to get the right defensive discs running and it works ok when I box my little own group, so far up to EoK. But it feels that groups are so dependant on the tank being wellgeared and all the right AAs, so I am considering retiring my warrior for good after starting him back in may 2000 , because my war if ok for my box team in older content, but I worry about grouping with others in current expansion. (or even returning partially to raiding)

    Originally I would never start a new main char due to the veteran AAs and various toys and illusion from old betas etc and all the old raid augs I would never be able to get again.

    But it really seems the gap between returning and starting a new heroic char might not be that big. All my old gear and augs were useless anyway and autogrant will help alot also

    So I am considering starting a melee char - probably rogue or zerker. I mean, when people ask "any dps LFG", its easier to jump in even with mediocre gear right? No group wiped cause you only do 75% dps, compared to dying as a tank and causing a group wipe?

    Wouldnt it make sense to start over? or should I just give it a go and see if people can bear with me not being a raidgeared tank like they are used to?
  2. p2aa Augur

    Isn't snowbound T1 ToV armor ? So you have yet ToV group gear. As you managed to lvl from 100 to 115 on your own, it should not be too hard to grind so that you reach the 15 k ish AA they ask with your box crew ? T1 ToV content is not hard, I think that you could even box there if your other toons are also lvl 110 +.

    There are AA that are more important than others, if you work the most important ones that give you best reward, then you will be faster ready.

    It seems to me that you aren't too far of having an efficient tank, and as it's a toon you like playing, i think it would suck that you give up now.
    If you had no box toon, and you were all alone, maybe you would need to reroll, but if you were alone, then you would not have managed to lvl from 100 to 115.

    Also regarding your question about if any DPS with mediocre gear is better ? if you knew how many people in pick up group who play a so called DPS class are just very terrible that my warrior is easily out DPS them with DW auto attack and no DPS disc used.
    The key is how skilled you are to play your class.

    And this would also apply to your warrior. The most important now is how you are using your warrior tools than how gear you are. A warrior with low gear but skilled in using his buttons will perform better than a raid gear warrior who does barely nothing. Gear helps smoothing out some of the hits in group content, but it's not the most important thing that will make you successful or not.

    So in conclusion I think you should stick to your warrior. And if you have difficulty in new content, then ask advice to some skilled warrior main guildies.
  3. Heajol Augur

    I would put like another month into it and see if you can't get yourself some T2 / T3 gear and some more AA. If you find you can't progress at all, then consider switching. I think even if you're a casual member of a raid guild that you should be able to find people who want to help you advance. Also maybe you could attend some open raids if there are any on your server? Even in older content?
  4. Cydonia Elder

    If you enjoy playing warrior, stay warrior. If you were able to level yourself to 115, you are more than capable of handling the group content. Just keep working on your gear and AA, and it’ll all fall into place. If you’re part of a casual raid guild, chances are you can tag along on raids and grab some raid gear.
  5. Raptorjesus5 Augur

    I recently rerolled from a Warrior main to a Shadowknight. My reasoning was more that I wanted a class that I could be successful on whether I was boxing or solo. I gotta say it took a lot longer than I thought to get back to where I was on the warrior. In some ways I still haven't yet gotten back.

    I would say if your reasoning is to be able to join groups easier, than stay a warrior. Warriors can always join a group as a pretty okay dps class if they need to. In my experience most people who even want to group really don't care about the class/gear levels of the other players anyways.

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