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    Hello Dev team,

    I am returning to EverQuest after 20 years and so much has changed. Your customer support team was graciously able to find my characters from the year 2000 - thank you! I have been hoping to play on the Agnarr server since it is closer to what I remember for now. However my characters are on the cazic thule server. I read on the daybreak website that transfers to a special rules server like agnarr are “typically not allowed” and the GM recommended I post here. I certainly understand that transfers into these servers from more advanced servers generally doesn’t make sense but given that I have not played for 20 years I do not have any in-game advantage (and do not wish for one).

    So my question is under what circumstances would this transfer be allowed? And does my situation qualify?

    Thank you for your consideration!

    Hoping to play on agnarr.

  2. Soulbanshee Augur

    Youll only get anwers from players here. You got the default answer so that CS doesn't have to provide you an answer.

    Ive heard of no special circumstances. They aren't going to do that because they would spend too much time auditing every item on every character for anything that wouldn't be available on the target server.

    Everything is laid out here under server to server transfers, live servers can only transfer to other live servers.

    Theres new TLP servers starting soon.
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    You old server can transfer only to these:

    Cazic Thule may transfer to: Antonius Bayle, Bertoxxulous, Bristlebane, Drinal, Erollisi Marr, Firiona Vie, Luclin, Povar, The Rathe, Tunare, Xegony, Vox, Zek

    I am not sure I ever remember anyone being allowed to transfer TO a TLP.

    There is nothing stopping you from using that old account - once you pay for a subscription - and make a new character on Agnarr. There won't be that much difference between a new character and your old one. You might even be able to name it the same.
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  4. Iven the Lunatic

    Have you ever played on Drinal and AB ? I knew a Dan there.

    My recommendation is that you should just start a new character that is capable to solo on Agnarr. That server has a very low population. When Agnarr does get boring, just switch over to your old toons on CT. CT has a medium high polulation.

    Another idea is to start a fresh account on CT. Then create new characters that you could box later with the characters from your old account. For a few duo boxing ideas, check out my Newbie Quick Start Guide

    Servers and their population count