Returning after 17 years... I have a few questions...

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Gwenchanter, Aug 15, 2020.

  1. Gwenchanter New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I last played Everquest right before Everquest II was released. I played EQ2 very actively for many years. So today I logged my lvl 65 Enchanter in just to see if I could... wow. So cool to see her again after all these years. I would have been 20 years old last time I logged in EQ1.

    One thing that is odd to me though is that my back slot, belt slot, and finger slots are all empty. I was in a raiding guild, have my "epic" weapon etc etc and I'm positive I would have had all the best gear in every slot that a lvl 65 would have had back in the day. I checked all my bank boxes and inventory bags and I don't have any gear for these slots to wear.

    What's going on with that? How can this be?

    I'm a lvl 65 jeweler too so I know I would have had rings but there are none in my inventory.
    Any advice for going forward or explanations would be wonderful.

    Secondly, I'm guessing the amount of plat my old character currently has isn't going to buy me much in this day and age to fill those slots. What is the going price for gear these days? Please help me get a sense of the worth of money in today's Norrath. Perhaps I can make some rings for myself since I"m a jeweler but perhaps there are better things I can buy? I don't have tons of time to play so I'd love some advise on how to easily fill up my empty gear slots so I can at least go adventuring. Should I just buy some stuff on the market? What should I get? I have plenty of gems and my old Planar Jeweler's kit on me so maybe that would be an easy solution to my lack of rings. The missing belt and back item is going to be harder to fill I guess.

    Lastly, I'm pretty sure there is no one left in my guild <Na Koa> and I'd love to join a very casual guild. Having guild mates to ask questions to and get up to speed on everything would be awesome. I'm currently pregnant and I have a three year old son so I don't have a ton of time to research everything and not too much time to play either but I can't go out much due to the pandemic so I figured I'd play a little EQ! My character Gwendyln used to be on Eci' sever but now she's on Tunare.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. CatsPaws Augur

    WB! And welcome to Tunare. Its a good server.

    First off you mentioned you were in a raiding guild. Well one of the common things back then was to let others log your character on sometimes so you wouldn't miss the raid or whatever. Yes, against the rules - but not heavily enforced back then. So it could be, if your guild was like that then someone may have stripped some gear off your character.

    Or it could be they just poofed. If it was an item that is no longer available in the game then it might be worth it to petition if you remember the name etc. Other than that the old stuff is kinda worthless

    Don't spend any plat on armor just yet. Unless you have deep pockets and money is no issue. In today's game the armor and plat drops more frequently than the old days and just doing the daily hot zones will get you 3 items for your level (one is a belt)- or whatever level you do them at.

    Then as you progress along the expansions have their own currency that you can use to buy jewelry, weapons armor etc. Like Marks of Valor or Remnants of Tranquility etc.

    Take a minute and make a new level 1 character and run thru the tutorial so you learn about mercs and other new stuff

    Tunare has a couple guilds you could join that advertise in chat usually on the weekends, and there is an in game guild if you need one for just ports

    But don't be afraid to ask in general chat!
  3. Skuz Augur

    No idea how any items you had vanished and given how long ago it was you had them it might be impossible to figure out. Could be a friend / guild mate had your log in details?

    That said at 65 a couple of empty gear slots aren't the end of the world & while the bazaar likely has few items that level as most people will hunt in higher level zones you may get lucky.

    One option could be a Heroic Character upgrade (comes with a full set of gear & aa up to but not including House of Thule AA) which would also put you within XP range of the higher level players.

    Welcome back to EQ & I hope all goes well with the pregnancy.
  4. Sarkaukar Augur

    Even back then weren't most raiding gear nodrop? Possibility of having died and did not loot a corpse completely, or had more than one corpse. Hey dying during raids was and is still not uncommon :)

    As for Heroic Characters, here is the faq for purchased Heroic Characters.
  5. Gwenchanter New Member

    @ Catspaws - I suppose it's possible but I don't recall having given my login info to anyone. Thanks for the advise about not spending money on items... that's what I was wondering. At the time I had a respectable amount of plat but based on what I'm seeing now, it's peanuts! I will have to look into the daily hot zones, thanks for the tip! Good idea to make a lvl 1 and run through the tutorial to get up to speed on the new stuff, I definitely need to do that. It's amazing though, how much actually does come back to me after 17 years. Also, I forgot about the chat channels, I think that was actually a newer thing last time I played.

    @ Skuz - I don't think anyone had my log in info but it was so long ago, who knows. I won't worry about my items too much, it's such an odd adjustment going from the mentality to being " a little bit uber" and max level to just a lowly lvl 65, haha! I will research the heroic character upgrade but I might want to try adventuring a little on my own first to see how I do. Thanks for your kind words.

    @Sarkaukar I'm not sure but I don't think they were no drop items because those particular slots (fingers, waist and back) were not typically part of an armor set in those days. Most likely my rings were crafted and imbued if I'm remembering correctly. Actually I'm kind of wondering if they might have poofed if there were changes to the crafting recipes or something like that. In terms of looting my corpse, I remember many many times of not being able to loot it at low levels, but as a lvl 65 raider I don't recall that ever happening. Guilds would move heaven and earth to get corpses back from raid zones, and we would typically have about 60 raiders at a time (and a LOT of Necros). There were some pretty tough / crazy recoveries though especially from Nagafen's Lair and Kedge Keep!
    Thanks for the info link about the heroic characters.

    Now I'm thinking back and actually wondering if there even was a "back" slot in those days? Could that have been added later? In EQ2 I remember it was a big deal when cloaks were added to the game and I think prior to that there was no back slot so maybe they added a back slot around the same time in EQ1. Does anyone recall?
  6. RedDoctor New Member

    The only slots that have been added over the years have been Charm and Power Source, so the back slot was certainly there from the beginning.
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  7. Veteran_BetaTester Augur

    If you need plat, buy a krono in DB store, on your display is DB button.
    Sell in game for 2.0 million plat plus.
    You read that correctly.

    There are a few changes of 'welcome back' features in the game now.
    1)Veteran rewards are to everyone now. V key, special tab 1/1 in the list
    2) Heroic character is now available in DB store once again. It cost 3500 DB coin. Pay your monthly sub $14.99 in the DB store, and every purchase IN the DB store from in game is 10% off. That 3500 will drop 10% for you. As said above there is a link what heroic does. (instant 85 lvl ) You can use it on lvl 1 or current level. It gives you all spells, proper gear for 85, Mount, 2 bags and coin @15000 plat. (or 12000 , I forgot. check that link in the above post) You then can group with highest lvl players.
    3) IF pay to play "Gold" status, you can use the V key, Auto-Grant feature.
    This will give you all your AA's each level you level from when AA start,and including, 105 lvl automatically. So if you "Heroic'' 85 lvl you probably get about 4,000 aa's. And each level, free aa's .
    About 14000 AA at 105 total.

    The only bummer if losing your old toons, for those that have, is the /achievements of old raids etc.
    (I know this doesn't apply to you, but to those reading it may)
  8. vickster339 New Member

    Picked one hell of a day to return... Guild lobby crashed, tried to port out of camp with lesson running on 4 tunes, 3 chars crash to locked sever screen, last character killed by ooze repop... welcome home.
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  9. shroomie Elder

    Happened the day I returned also after an almost 20 year break. Take heart--it's not normal. Welcome back.

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