Retire TLPs

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Aenoan, Jul 11, 2016.

  1. Aenoan Augur

    Let's get a petition going to replace the TLPs for a safer Pokemon Go nostalgic server.

  2. Finley Augur

    Pokemon Go is dangerous, people finding dead bodies and
  3. Aenoan Augur

    Apparently people getting robbed too. Hence why dev team needs to give up on EQ and TLPs besides its clear no ones happy from what I see on these forums!
    So lets get a Pokemon Go server that uses Google Earth / Maps so no one has to leave the house and we can all be safe.
  4. ScarletLetter Elder

  5. Auedar Elder

    Looks legit. You could probably fit a snorlax in there.
  6. MabbuPhinny Augur

  7. Numiko Augur

    Just build Pokeman go into EQ! .. . Jenn, get on that will you?
  8. Raytheon Augur

    WoW already did that.
  9. Jaime Lannister Augur

    I remember a warrior named Scarlet. What happened to it.
  10. ScarletLetter Elder

    same van but with candy :|